Look what I got for my birthday...

in birthday •  17 days ago 


Replenished my stash!

I'm a first world high class toker now HA HA. 'Merica! Welcome to the NEW West! Where we all puff on these things all day long instead of puffing on grass like in the old days. Our shit is 91 - 94% THC now.

I've been vaping this medicine called Gushers for the past month and a half now. I love it! By myself this thing lasts me a good long time. Saves me money and is better for me.

This brand even comes with some shitty spiritual advice printed on the back of the box Ha Ha!

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."

Funny, it doesn't say who said that?


Ok so, this was my real birthday present. Not one but FOUR of these things Ha Ha! That's right I'm a stoner prepper HA HA! This time the cartridge is a black tip TKO brand. I got two Lime and Two Watermelon. I took one puff from the Lime and it tasted so much like Lime it was incredible! Mellowed me right out too shortly after HA HA. I love these things!!!

Thanks for looking and,

Happy Vaping!!!

Stay high y'all!

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Happy birthday Hippie. I like extra strong. Wonder what is the warning on that one….

Thank you!

Happy Birthday form @naturalmedicine... kick back & enjoy.

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Happy birthday!

Thank you!

I'm not a cartridge fan.. Beth loves them tho.. the lime one sounds pretty tasty tho

What I like is I can take it everywhere and nobody cares nor even knows HA HA. I can stay stoned all day puffing this shit. I haven't tried the watermelon yet. And the lime is very tasty! My new favorite. The high you get from the lime is incredible too.