New home! We have a working vehicle to live in and great news today.

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saying my blessings for an amazing future!

Well yesterday was very stressful in a lot of ways however I got stop leak in my van radiator as it wasn't a huge hole it sealed up easily.

So then I used Facebook marketplace because currently Craigslist really sucks for the entire buying and selling vehicles now.

Well that's okay.

And with my constant being super poor my savings is actually been raising and growing.

So when I finally got a chance to get my balance available for getting a new vehicle I had found out that I am doing pretty well.








so the van is going up for sale and I'll see what I can get for it if it does not sell in the next week I have to drive it down to the wrecking yard and scrap it out.

However in between here and there we will see what's all going on and I do have a chance to try to liquidate that.

Super excited and we can see what's going on but so far things are looking a-okay.

Not sure how many days until puppy dog had I'm going to try to not drag out this entire event but I have a feeling I will look it up here shortly.

Somewhere around the 10th of October is going to be puppy snuggle day.

And I think after all the stress that has been going on due to this I am going to be very happy to take a few days off and just spend dog time with my new puppy.

Which preparations on moving into the van have definitely included establishing multiple areas for this puppy dog.

I definitely have to keep space open for the co-pilot seat puppy dog area as well as next to me as a bed area.

Funny thing my new vehicle has a lot less space inside of it than the van does.

Who would have thought that I can't pack everything into a smaller vehicle that was taking up space in the van.

Well we've got a bunch of stuff to take care of today like paperwork tags cleaning the van out and posting that up for sale as well as figure it out and cooking.

Oh and what I'm going to do with my tomahawk because it apparently really enjoys flying around this vehicle.

Which if I'm thinking about it I do believe I've got just the perfect spot for it.

Fast and reliable access as I'm opening the door.

Well I need to get this sharpened up again as it is at that point where it definitely needs a little bit of attention.

Well everybody thank you very much for all the blessings the votes the community as well as the hope for so many people that there is going to be the ability to get things taken care of and become financially solvent.

So far we are just going to sit back and send some more money as well as put delegation on the Zeus flat sack account to grow that principle there in hopes that the one day the price will come back.

We did take quite a hit here.

However I'm completely optimistic that things will work out just fine very shortly.

That is one thing that will kill a human being is when you take Hope from them.

And then on top of it it is looking like hopefully we will be able to get to class tomorrow morning and continue with my learning process and journey.

It has been a couple of weeks since I had class. And I'm really feeling the itch to learn more as well as refine my skills for the module 1 information.

Anyway thank you very much everyone and I need to start my day.

Which I really hope that your day is going to be as awesome as mine is projected to be.


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Update for regular authors

Are you looking at buying another van if you sell this one? I hope you get it sold instead of scrapping it to get more money out it.

The areal shot of the van, that looks awesome, was it taken with a drone?

I absolutely am hoping to sell the van and get way more out of it than what I would get for scrap.

And I have a DJI mavic 2 zoom drone that is a part of my prospecting gear and is invaluable tool.

I absolutely love that thing.

and I really should start looking into getting another battery for it because I only have one

That's nice toy you have, I probably will be taking areal pictures all day with

u need to make videos about TELSA and get tesla stock buyers to also buy weedcash man haha just tweet

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