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Thanks again for the opportunity and support!!!

Super excited to share more cannabis content and really excited to grow things.

Apparently I have to write this on hive. Blog however that's just fine because the community means more then small little issues do.

One day until the Portland drum circle and Hive Meetup.

Today is looking really awesome and tomorrow is looking even more beautiful.

Portland Oregon is one of the home areas of medical marijuana and one of the first places in the world to allow cancer patients as well as the medically in need were allowed to have access to a simple flower.

The Oregon medical marijuana program had 20 years worth of success. As well as 20 years of community connection community service community support...

the state of Oregon ever since it has legalized cannabis has gone on a campaign to smear abuse and vilify medical marijuana patients as well as their growers.

Well finally we have the ability to build a platform where we can advocate against such things as the Oregon liquor control commission being in charge of medical marijuana!

Funny thing is that the liquor control commission was voted out of a job so they had to have something to control...

And that would be the reason why medical marijuana patients ended up getting screwed over so badly.

Yep that's right not only do we have the recreational taxes. But we also have the metric system as well as all these massive amounts of fines for even the smallest violations.

You have medical marijuana patients getting your limit cut down and more restrictions and controls being placed upon your medicine and the access that you have to it.

Honestly liquor control commission believes that the only benefit your medical marijuana card should have... Is that you don't have to pay the extra cannabis tax....

However to buy this logic a medical marijuana patient needs to stand in line to get their medicine behind college students and the regular public...

How is this caring for your community in the very least?

It absolutely isn't.

Originally the law was 24 plants. In whatever stage of life.

Then it was reduced to 18 with only six being allowed for flower. And the 18 has to be under a foot in dimensions...

Currently right now if you have a medical marijuana card you can grow 6. And if you are growing for another medical marijuana patient that lives on the same property you have a total of 12 plants and if you grow anymore you are now required to report to the liquor control commission and they are to send out people to examine your grow...

Nowhere in the law does this action actually have any basis in reality. The excessive overreach by The liquor control commission here in Oregon has not only destroyed medical patients but it is also has completely destroyed most of are the medical growers.

We are pointing this out so that more people in the world are aware what regulation does to medical patients....

I must remind everybody that this was all done by bureaucracy. The original law still stands. However the state of Oregon cares not for the laws the people passed....


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Awesome post! I am happy as well to see so many beautiful places that allow Cannabis to be used freely by citizens.

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Very cool to see! I'll be sure and share with my contacts as well!

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