A Tale As Old As Time.....

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What's good Weed Nerds! So today I was so happy to finally chip away the old growth on my Monster Cropped Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese #3 F1. In case you are wondering what Monster Croppingis, it is when you take a clone from a plant that is in flower. Why would you want to take a clone while in flower? Well there are many reasons. Some people prefer this way, because a clone that has been Monster Cropped grows more dense, and bushy. My reason is because I was not planning to clone, but once I saw what I was working with, I knew I had something special, so I had to keep it.

Look at those knuckles!

Pretty hideous right? After I took off this old flower, I then sprayed with some Green Cleaner, which is a organic spray for mold, and pests. I do not want to take the chance of some spores lurking in there, after all that flower was there for a good 2 months! Maybe even more, I have not kept track of time for a while, and it has been working out for me, living by the moment.

But wait, what do we have here? It is alive! I am so happy to have this cut back in my life. This #3 pheno from the F1 seed of Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese is just an all around great plant. Strong. Resilient, and most of all, FIRE!

I will let it grow a tad more before I begin to Supper Crop this little beast. I also have a plan to pay it back to the breeder of this strain. He lost everything to a raid from the Feds last year, and is planning to set up shop again in Oklahoma. I want to give this bad ass pheno to him for all the work he did for Fire Relief in the Santa Cruz area, and beyond.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the other day the have more of @loonatics seeds going! This one is Crystal Candy, a reg auto.

I have somehow plans with these, assuming I have any females. Once they get to a good size, I will put in my backyard. I really need to clear out some space for my SGROG. I can not wait!





The plant looks so healthy 😊

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Thanks tony!



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Okay, question time.
If you had a seed you didn't know the origins of... and grew it out...
And loved the flower that appeared, and the terps, and fell in love... kind of as you have...
So you monster crop it...
And it works, and you grow it out into a vegging adult female again...
I assume you can then clone from it, normally?
Part 2 of the question...
Once you've got it back to veg, grow it nice and big, and then flower it...
You could hit it with some pollen from another strain you really like, and take your chances with a cross...
And could you even try and make it go herm, so you can get seeds from it, that are 100% the same genetics as the original seed you started with?

So now that it is in veg it is just like a reg clone, but with a strong ass stem. But you see the knuckles on it? That is how this plant was from the start! Which is why it is a great strain. If I manage to pollinate this one, it will be a sure fire winner, which i will use it to work in the Big Mack strain, before I even begin to release it. It is going to be a long process, but so much fun along the way, and having people enjoy growing out seeds for fun as well, and hopefully they can find some great phenos as well.

But can you try and make it go herm, so you can get seeds from it, that are 100% the same genetics as the original seed you started with?

In other words, is it possible to go from a single seed to a bag full of identical seeds, by intentionally herming it and pollinating itself, kinda like I did with that Steem OG last year?

Oh yeah I could, if I get colidiol silvers spray, at least I think that’s what it’s called. I’ll have to look into selfing it, it would be a great one to do. But I still might want to work it up more before doing that

Cool, just wondering if that's possible. Genetics/breeding plants is pretty amazing. You can get good at the basics and yet still have a lot to learn. There are nuances and little skills to be picked up. It could take a lifetime!

Nice one, The monster crop looks great. Now the slow process of vegging that plant

Yeah and so far its going great, it is crazy how bad I was fucking up my plants with the low humidity.

Yeah I find this to be one pain. You get temps good than humidity is off and vise versa.

I think this may be why my autos never did good. I couldn't get the humidity and temperature right

Looks good. Congratulations on holding a cut down that is important, hard to do sometimes on a monster clone.
I like the not tracking time myself.
Covid took the watch to. Lol.

LOl, man you know what's funny is i always consider the time I have worked at my job 5 years, but it is actually longer, Yesterday I caught myself saying 7, but in all reality it is 9! I don't know what's happening to me, but I kind of like it. Now I just need to put this practice to ageing my wine.

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