Tent Update: Ladybugs, Transplant, & Growing Pains

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What's up Weed Nerds! Hope your week has been treating you all good. Been taking it as easy as I can with the internet. Just been in a little funk the past couple weeks. I have been a little bummed out about my mistake on my Big Mack testers. I have Thrips, and I made a solution of Dr. Enzymes a little to strong, and then burnt the leaves. I really thought they where goners, but I just let them be, and then cut off the damaged leaves, and now they are showing signs of life. I really need to take more picture's of my mess ups, and document them here on the Chain. Mistakes happen, and that's where the real learning takes place, at least for me. The spray I use, Doctor Enzymes is great for pest control, and mold. I just got a little to confident, and made the solution way to strong. These damn Thrips though! ARGH....

So yesterday I let it up to Mother Nature to give me a hand. Not so sure if Lady Bugs are good for Thrips. Quite honestly so far I give this solution a big thumbs down!


They are not even on my plants, and most of them are just chilling on the walls of my tent. Maybe I need more? Unsure, but if that's the case that's more$$. I would rather spray some natural pesticide like more Dr. Enzymes, and Green Cleaner. Which I will once my plants establish themselves more. Or perhaps there are better bugs I can use for Thrips? Please let me know. These bugs are such a pain!

Besides the thrips, this grow is going fairly decent so far. The transplant should really heat things up. Especially for the BM testers.


I went ahead and transplanted all the fem seedlings into 1.55 gallon pots, but for the reg seedlings, I just put them into .75 gallon pots. This way I can sex them before putting them into bigger pots.


  • Rainbow Chip (F)
  • Dirty Little Secret (F)
  • Helena x PBB (F)
  • BMX (R)
  • The Big Mack f2 (R)
  • The Big Mack #3 F1 (C)
  • The Big Mack #2 f1 (C)
  • Silvermac (R)

That’s Right!

SilverMac is now undergoing testing! The only other person with these seeds is Mr.@loonatic! These are very special to me, as well as to Weedcash. You see a while back I received a package from the Netherlands. In this package contained something that really surprised me. It was a pack of Silver Haze! With the 3 seeds I managed to get 2 nice plants. 1 was used for the #5gallonchallenge, and the other I used to hit with a bad ass male I found within some F2 Mac and Cheese.


As you can see, they are showing their Sativa side

I would love to get these in the hands of a few more Weedcashers to spread the same love that I received from Loonatic, and I think this place can surely use a moral boost.


More BMF2 seedlings

My Reveggin clones are finally showing some good growth. Here soon I will cut out all that bud.


I did cull two of the Bm #2’s to make some room. I figured 1 would be enough to do what I want to do. Besides the #3 is the true champion out of the bunch.


That’s all for this update. All I’m worried about is maintaining the humidity at a safe level, which I have my Inkbird set at 56.6. Ian not giving any plant me any NPK since the soil is good Togo for 2 weeks. All I am giving them is Cal/Mag with a 0-0-0 NPK, and a dose of Mammoth P once every week. I do believe I will choose a SilverMac to take up @drutters organic challenge. Which I am already there minus the Pk booster, and artificial light. This will be an experiment. Since my compost is finally ready after a good year! Should be a cool one. Until next time my friends, ✌️





Sorry to hear about the thrips.. thing seem to be going okay other than that!

Yeah there not so bad, definitely don’t want them though! But I will eventually get a hold of them, at least when your in flower, they die because it’s to sticky.

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the siver mac ® If it a good. Name it loonas silver mac and let many test them to my friend
the siverhaze Is one of duch fines haze if grown proper. Need lost of light It is from senciseeds® and therye good
Before I found brother in farms I got my seeds from them.

The crystal candy is for next year and will send you a new strain whit the wine I will send you. Wil be there before the end of 2021

Ian in the process of germinating the CC, and guess what? I have 2 auto flower males! If I make seeds, I’ll send you a shit load:)

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from me image.png
from google image.png

Lace wings are great predators.. I'll be hatching some in the greenhouse soon

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I hear they are attracted to marigolds.

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damn you've leveled way up and evolved, I am just growing some staple foods but have had some problems with pests and found surrounding an area with peppermint oil seems to help, sorta have some blends depending on the issue, good to see ya' doing awesome m8y

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Thank you! And I wish I could grow more food, just don’t have a great spot for outside

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That sucks about the over cook, It's happens tho we all do it.

I don't think Lady bugs do thrips but hey if you had spidermites or lots other things they are dead 🤣.

I would look into predatory mites to be honest.

What's overcook?

Over cook, Over mix the spray

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I think ladybugs are actually predatory mites, but yeah I have learned ladybugs are not good for thrips, back to the drawing board...

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Check these out, I am ordering some and people in the organic group love them.

Ladybugs need aphids that’s what they love.
For thrips you want this guy Amblyseius cucumeris.

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Good looking! I might order some.

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