The Year Of B.I.F!!

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Assorment of @bifbeans gear, including a BIF flower, White Grape F2


What's up Weed Nerds! As I am writing this post, it is a gorgeous sunny Californian day. When the warm weather gets here, I get the gardening bug. It is strange that I do, considering that I grow indoors for the most part, and it is usually warm here where I live. All though it has been cold that past couple weeks. It could be because during this time of the year the sun starts to hit my back yard. Each day it shines even more, and currently I am actually able to start some seed on the edge of my fence. This year, my back yard garden adventures will be the year of BIF!

That’s right! If you have been following my outdoor series, then you would know that I have struggled, due to the lack of sunshine. After 3 years of studying, and trial and error, I have figured out my micro climate. Or at least I think 🤔


Ghost Toof by SwampLizard

So what exactly have I figured out? Well, I have figured out my backyard sucks for growing cannabis! Unless I do a light dep during the months of June and July. But quite honestly, light dep is to much of a pain in the ass for head stash.


Cabernet by Belenos

So this year will be nothing but Auto Flowers in my back yard, and these Autis will be @bifbeans gear 💪


My first batch of seed will be some testers for community breeder Belenos, who is also creator of the famous strain, White Grape F2.


These testers are a F1 cross of Space Jam x Hardliquor. I’ll be starting them inside, and then moved outside after 10-15 days of growth. By that time there should be more sun, and then I will be cracking more White Grape, Ghost Toof, and the Cabernet. I also have some Crystal Candy Autos from @loonatic. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a male from those testers, and make me an Auto x too! I know one thing, it’s going to be fun!!






Very nice. Outdoors autos is the way to beat the climate :)

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Yeah after last year losing about a pound to bud rot, I’ll never do a photo again in my back. Oh man it was such a nice plant, and colas where the size of my arms!

I think auto's are the way to go if you don't wanna force flower.. the Ghost Toof looks and smells incredible during flowering.. the WG is just starting

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Letting nature do it naturally is called forced flower?

I can't agree more, I think I am doing autos this summer as well, Mines to beat the thieves tho 🤣🤣.

Ghost Toof I want to try one day
ps I 💚 the hat

That’s The Ganja Cowboy! Lol that pin with the wings was actually the first thing I ever have received from anybody here on the blockchain. I got that even before @canna-curate was started. It was a gift from @elamental. After that I really took off here! It truly made made fly to new heights:)

nice 🤗

I like their logo with the guy raising the flag / cannabis leaf :)

What are the pros and cons of autoflower strains?

There are a lot of pros to growing autos. They are fast, usually smaller so good for indoor grows and you don't need to worry about light cycles.

Cons could be that the yield is sometimes smaller, and they don't do well with stress.

Thanks. It sounds like the main difference is with their flowering. I've heard autos are made using ruderalis strains, which are native to Russia, and flower based on age, rather than time of year. I'm just guessing, but since Russia (like Canada) has a lot of light during the summer, these plants evolved to do their flowering whenever they reach maturity, rather than waiting for mid summer to trigger them. I can see how that would be convenient to some growers. Generally I don't have a use for autos but I foresee potential situations in which they would be handy.

I have only been growing autos. They are pretty easy to grow.

That is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing how your outdoor grow does. Hopefully I can live somewhere that I can grow outdoors. That would be a ton of fun.

Can't wait to see how these do outdoors!

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