🎧[Podcast]🎀 The 7 Pillars Of Going Off Grid - Off Grid Series Part 1

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In today's episode, we go over what we have dubbed The 7 Pillars Of Going Off Grid. Being experienced off grid folk, we have formulated 7 epic systems of what you will need to set up and consider when going off grid. Consider this an introduction to going off grid, or off grid 101!

Each off grid experience is unique and we can only provide you foundational guidelines; it will be up to you to make the decisions in your life of how you want to go off grid.
This is Part 1 of our newly launched Off Grid Series that will occur every Friday.
Stay tuned for upcoming off grid living episodes!

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right on that sounds really cool and being off-grid is a big dream for me and we will eventually get there as soon as I get another puppy.

So the puppy is critical for you going off grid πŸ˜† thats funny lol

I just lost my service dog so yes it is pretty important.

Aww I am sorry to hear that! Will you be getting your new puppy soon? What breed will it be?

I'm looking at another German Shepherd service dog! Of course!!!!


AWWWWW! Hims so cute!!!

Yeah he was gorgeous. I'm sad to lose such an amazing and loyal companion.

Bit about to be getting a German Shepherd service dog puppy!