Launching Hive Powered Genetics!!



@a1-shroom-spores here! I'm starting a business to support my hive ecommerce site! For some reason my old business re-seller permit didn't go through ... The business tax account closed recently and I didn't renew it. I'm a little jealous @thelogicaldude listed cbd flower first: However it's better for me to wait for the proper paperwork than rush to list the best items when I'm not ready.
I wanted to start a new business with a new name and some other major changes. Basically I want to start a new Hive business for re-selling through my account and also selling seeds, growing hemp, picking and selling mushrooms locally!
My re-seller permit should register correctly with the changes im implementing into a new business/tax account. I also am going to register to sell seeds! Hopefully this isn't too difficult. I'm praying that I don't have to register a processing facility or anything wacky like that.


{LOL I'm registering as a seed "dealer".}


Of course there will be a cannabis aspect to the business if possible. I can at LEAST grow some new strains under the medical marijuana laws for my state. Maybe I can even sell the seeds somehow. At the very least I can create new strains to showcase and collect.
Right now I am growing a first generation diesel hybrid: Steam Engine.
When I mate a strain I will strive for complex pheno hunts and as many generations as possible. I WILL NOT MATE RANDOM HYBRIDS TO MAKE MONEY. I will only mate strains that I intend to work hard to perfect. Especially considering the company is named after Hive.


I have done a lot of research on local laws for selling mushrooms. There is a list of mushroom species I can sell WET at local farmers markets. I will also research how to sell dried mushrooms on hive ... although this is more complex than selling them wet locally.
I will also be selling mushroom spores.


Of course, i will also be selling vegetable seeds. I'm hoping this won't be too much of a hassle ... I'm applying for a "seed dealer" license. Hopefully there some law that protects me from having to get a processing facility and fee. Otherwise the seed sales could take time.


Some parts of the business will only take a week or so to set up. It is just a matter of paying license fees. Other areas may take much longer. I removed my listings on for now.

If anyone else wants to list there let me know.

My first goal will be listing re-sell items legally from the edenbuxx store. Then I will work on proper steps to sell my own seeds. Locally I will work on selling mushrooms: In the future I will sell them online.
We will grow several unique Cannabis strains: Strong and well crafted strains with unique terpines, strong genetics and great stability.
If legally possible: we will sell cannabis genetics {seeds} online.
Eventually we will buy/rent land to grow our own cbd {hemp plants}. Then we can finally hire employees! The hemp farm could be supported by the Hive blockchain! High quality, responsibly grown cbd flowers! We will also sell concentrates like cbd hash.


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Do you sell spores of those shrooms and what kinds?

I just figured out how to make substrate and want a cool variety

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I was wondering the same. Would love some oyster mushrooms spores

I actually pick oyster mushrooms. 👍 Ive got a nice spore print room here. 😃

That's awesome! I will definitely be getting some spores from you. I need some edible spores, I already have the good ones covered, haha.