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I previously held this contest every once and a while on Steem while @EarthTribe was still active, and now I am migrating this contest to the Hive blockchain exclusively.

This contest will now truly be a weekly contest, held every Tuesday on the @Abundance.Tribe account. Below you will find everything you need to know about what this contest represents, how to enter, how to support, and prize information.


This contest is designed to inspire people to create content that reflects their services to the Earth. The process of creating and hosting this contest also makes me a better Earth custodian, inspires me to reduce my carbon footprint even more than I already am, and to continuously report on my actions of conservation.

This is a chance for each of you to easily participate in a cause that is bigger than all of us, which is the crusade to make our home beautiful again. All our little Earth Deeds combined will make a big difference over time, and documenting and publishing these deeds will make our impact even greater, as we inspire others to do the same.

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Today I challenge everyone to start documenting their Earth conscious efforts on Hive in a concise (I can't emphasize concise enough) post once a week. The more of us that show the rest of the world how easy it is to help the environment, the more people will also start taking action in their every day lives. Also never forget that we are all winners in the mission to heal this planet, and will be rewarded with a more beautiful world to call home.

If you are reading this, please promote this contest as much as you can. After all, the more people that are inspired to document their Earth Deeds through this contest, the further our Earth healing effects will reach, by inspiring others to follow our examples, and showing just how big of a positive impact we can achieve through minimal conscious coordination.



& promote this entry article as much as humanly possible.

I want this incentive to reach as far as we can stretch our Hive limbs,
to maximize it's planet healing effects

Entering is simple, create a SHORT post demonstrating how you have helped the Earth today (or any other day this week), and post a link to your Earth Deeds post in the comments of THIS entry article (IMPORTANT). Make sure to include the words "Earth Deed(s)" in the title of your post, and also use #earthdeeds as one of your tags.

You may submit as many entries as you like, there is no limit. One #EarthDeeds post = one entry.

OPTIONAL: You can also use the #CleanPlanet and #OneWasteaDay tags in your entry post for a chance at even more upvotes, exposure, and expantion of Earth healing effects.

Click here for more info about the @CleanPlanet project


The Prize

The winner will receive a BIG vote from our Abundance.Tribe community via @TribeSteemUp on their winning Earth Deeds post, and have their winning post shared to the @Abundance.Tribe account.

The best part is you have a new shot at this prize every week! (Winners who are AT members will receive an increased TSU up-vote for that post).

Additionally, all entry posts will be highlighted with a link in the winner announcement post.

I am also open to additional sponsorship for this contest, to either provide a greater prize amount for the winner, or create a second place prize. Please contact me on Discord or in the comments below if you would like to be a contest sponsor for any amount of time.


How the Winners Will be Chosen

The winner of this contest will be chosen NOT based on the professionalism and comprehensiveness of their entry posts, the intensity of their merit, or how great the Earth healing effects or carbon footprint reduction of their #EarthDeed(s) actually are.

THE WINNER WILL NOW BE CHOSEN COMPLETELY RANDOMLY no #EarthDeed should be valued more than another. It is all important, and all plays a role in beautifying our planet we all call home.

Just because you think your potential entry may not win, does not mean you should not post and enter. Furthermore, no matter how simplistic your entry may seem, promoting the cause of Earth healing is always worth it, and always rewarded, whether we realize it or not.


What is an Earth Deed?

An Earth Deed is anything you do to reduce your carbon footprint and/or heal the planet in your every day life. This could be as simple as re-using plastic bottles and bags, and as complex as organizing massive eco-conscious projects and clean-ups. There is no Earth Deed that is too small to have an impact, and anything you do to be resourceful and minimize waste, should be reported on to inspire others, especially if you have a Hive account. This contest provides even more personal rewards for your eco-conscious actions, in addition to the greatest reward of all, a healthier Earth mother Gaia, our home.

For an example of what an #EarthDeeds post looks like, and a well spoken, concise description of why initiatives like this are vital to healing the planet, please take the time to watch this short video by @MountainJewel. There is no better explanation anywhere:

Also a Previous #EarthDeeds Winner

And/or refer to one of my #EarthDeeds posts by clicking the following link:

Click here for @ELAmental's Earth Deed of the Day Example Post: - Cleaning Up Cigarette Butts & Trash on Portland's Waterfront


I am greatly looking forward to another week of spreading the joy of beautifying our Earth mother Gaia. Please do not hesitate to enter if you help improve the environment in any way, no matter how large or small your perceived impact. You cannot win first place in this contest two weeks in a row, however you are still free to enter if you won the previous week, as it will further spread the wisdom of Earth healing either way.

Lets help heal our world a little more each day, with a little bit of Hive, and a lot a-bit of love.

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Click here to join the TribeVibes curation trail maximize your curation rewards & support content that is aiding in the healing of our planet & our people.

Let's continue to manifest a better world together

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Awesome to see #EarthDeeds back in action!! Wonderful! On it.

Thank you!

What a great initiative and I hope it explodes the #hivevibes content on the platform.

We at Natural Medicine will also be keeping an eye on the entries and curating many of them in our Operation Positive Vibes{#hivevibes} curation article each week.

Are we using #hivevibes now? Is that a thing? Super glad to hear #naturalmedicine is going to keep track of the entries. I am sure there will be more than a few cross overs with plant medicines & #earthdeeds.

Operation Positive Vibes(#hivevibes) created it and it exists, though is not well used yet. The goal is to make it a popular topic.

The project is three weeks old and goes out each Friday.

Here's the announcement article. I'm going to expand it to include doing positive acts, period.

Entry confirmed! Thank you!

Yeah so happy to see this wonderful initiative back in action, this is something we all need to be focusing on more. xxx

Indeed and agreed.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! and thank you for creating wonderful, original content on Hive.
Please share and support our curation, and share some Hive-Love to the other posts selected too.

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

Entry confirmed! Thank you!