An Eco Village I Could live in?

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In recent years the idea of eco villages seems to be gaining traction. Communes, or communities, have been around in various guises for a long time, but as we become more aware of how the way we're living is impacting the environment, and indeed ourselves, more people are turning towards thoughts of eco living. The natural path eventually leads to the eco village, because it’s hard to really become self sufficient and less reliant on consumerism without others with similar goals around you. Community becomes essential to unhook from the system.


So with this in mind, here are three things that I feel would be important in the eco village of the future.


In order to gain freedom from reliance on the system, ironically you'll need to find a new reliance on others as a community. A community can't function without the people contributing, so a certain amount of commitment is needed. However, many also need their own space and a certain amount of control over that space. So in order for true freedom to happen a compromise between personal space and communal space would need to be reached.

There would be your own house and personal garden to work as you chose to, then there would be the common land which the community would choose between them how to use and work. There would need to be a certain amount of commitment to working the common grounds, which could seem to some like being back in the rat race, except it's work of your choosing.

Closed loop systems

One of the things often mentioned with earthships is the closed loop water systems, where nothing gets wasted and everything is utilised, from rain water harvest, to household use through to returning back to the earth for the plants which will ultimately return it to the clouds in evaporation. Nature does not create waste and everything needed for life does not need currency. Everything should be able to be cycled around in some way so as not to need a constant stream of supplies from outside the village and not to end up with a waste dump in the village. Excesses can be traded out for what is needed to come in, as things inevitably will, but this in itself is a loop.

These closed loops systems have pretty much been lost in our current way of life, where resources are harvested and discarded at the end of their useful life to never have another use. We end up with a build up of toxic waste which won't return to nature for hundreds of years, when it shouldn't be produced in the first place, if it can't be fixed, reused, refurbished, recycled or composted.

Knowledge and Skills

In our modern world we're losing a lot of hands on knowledge and skills, so I feel it's important to teach and record these skills. There's no better way to learn these skills than by doing them with the guidance of experienced people and there's no better way to store knowledge long term than in books and passed down through the generations. As we are encouraged to swap over to digital storage of information, many don't realise that data storage doesn't last more than 5 years most of the time. Then if the power goes out, everything could be lost.

Before books existed, knowledge and history was passed down through stories told and song and dance. Some indigenous tribes tell of events from teens of thousands of years ago through their dances, which have now been verified by science. This can only be done through community connections, something we're losing in the modern world and it's what the modern world is losing that is turning people towards the idea of communities and eco living.


This is my response to the @ecotrain question of the week.

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I'm a little late to the party for writting a post but I've decided to read all the entries because this is something I am trying to do right now.... buildin community is probanly the hardest thing to do in this self rwliance movement!!!

I like all three of your reasons to have an ecovillages. Passing on the skills of old is very important, living around closed loops systems is a must if we want to start saving our human race... andnof course doing this thing as a group, in a tribal setting is of course, probably the only way we can do it!


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these are very important points indeed, finding ways to use and reuse everything is so important, we all really need to be cutting down on our waste xx

Closing the loop with production to waste systems is something that has been on my mind a lot of late. There are some great drives towards better production, but it's often still not quite managing to close that loop. In some cases I wonder if that loop can ever be closed; electric cars for example.

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I think I liked your post best of the ones I've seen. These are items I would consider, if I was considering an eco village.

Thank you. I've been finding bits from every post that I resonate with, but I think we all place different importance on different things.

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Love it! Thanks for this!

Closed looped systems, yes!!’

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Interesting question about recording and transferring the knoweldge. Yes, what if there is very limited electricity (as our friends in Venezuela are experiencing) - then how does digital and hi-tech stack up?

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Exactly, or what if we have a solar flare and the whole country gets knocked out?

As we get more and more turned over to everything being online and done digitally I worry just how things will be dealt with if we do have a blackout. They can barely get everything working properly even now (darn Centerlink trying to automate and people getting cut off). I'll shut up before I go into a rant...

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@minismallholding We think what most calls our attention is the amount of energy savings, water, light, among other things, is wonderful, is the system of maximum use of energy.

i'm way late to the party, had this on my dashboard for 4 days,,, but i want to answer if only to agree as these ideas intrigue me a lot. I'd like to think that the world is swinging back towards small communities and eco-friendly living, but in our current political climate theres an equally strong movement in the opposite direction which is scary.

I agree with all of your points. I think the real question is: how do we begin?

It is scary, the move towards globalism. The current young generation seems particularly leaning towards that. I really don't think they can see the consequences of it. I guess it seems ideal to have a benevolent, one world government that keeps everyone under the same rules and beliefs and makes sure everyone has as much as they need. Unfortunately, I see Mao's China on a global scale, worse even, because as much as we'd rather not talk about it, the population is way too high and those in charge aren't too timid to do something about it. Power corrupts and world rule is absolute power.

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agree with everything you said and more. the acceptance of the new normal is staggering. lack of educational and ethical standards, disregard for nature and shared human resources. the whole concept of a benevolent non discriminatory government is laughable.