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What on earth is an ecoVillage? My fantasy is of a group of people with an array of cultural backgrounds, interests, talents, skills, and views all living in proximity (but not too close!), sharing the tasks of communal needs, and jumping in to help if someone is floundering on a personal level. When I am reminded of the strife that exists in my extended family alone however, I wonder if it could ever work. Then I remember that people coming together for a common cause can do wondrous things.

I have no idea how an ecoVillage would be structured politically or socially, so I choose to answer this question with three tangible components that I feel are fast becoming things of the past but are absolutely necessary to provide us with any kind of future. These presuppose a whole lot of cooperation among the members of the community.

First, I would like to see an ecoVillage contain a library, maintained by a council of librarian-minded people. Especially important is an extensive medical library providing information from the broadest of possible medical modalities, including pharmacological. Hopefully most of the books would be either donated or purchased from thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and the like. Persons coming to join the community could donate books (I have so many books!), culled first by the librarians.

Another very important thing to me, and related to the first, is that the community would provide opportunities for education to its members, especially the young. Unfortunately, in order to protect the children from kidnapping by child "protective" services, any school would need to be readying the youngest of its students to pass any standardized tests and meet any requirements that either are mandated or could be mandated by law to be considered an allowable home school. The remaining curriculum would be up to the fancies of the community members who choose to be educators, with input from the community. This education would continue after "graduation" with healers training the next batch of healers, teachers teaching the next batch of teachers, cooks training cooks and so on. And I would love to teach math! I love math and I miss teaching it.

Third, I believe any successful community would need to provide a healing space, perhaps electricity-free, but definitely no cell phones or computers allowed on premises. A few of the aspects I would like to see in this healing space are a garden, a green house for the winter months, natural water for swimming, and some larger rooms for gatherings. It would be staffed by a council of healers who are either already versed in or willing to do research about treatments for all types of ailments. Their duties would include both purchasing and foraging for medicinal herbs, preparing these medicinal substances for use, and storing and dispensing them as needed to members of the community. We can and must start healing ourselves because modern "medicine" has made a terrible mess of things.

Those are the top three for me. I assume I would be able to continue to eat the way I eat, make music among friends, participate in theater, and live among some creatures that are non-human. I assume too that there would be some fierce and fabulous food production by and for the community. I myself would need my own personal and ample space!!! I hope there would be little need for laws and the meting out of justice.

I heard this somewhere today, and it floored me:
Do not believe predictions that do not empower you.
I kind of prefer it this way:
Believe only predictions that empower you.

This is my entry to

The image is mine, of a tiny ecovillage on my property.


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I love the healing space concept. So important in this modern world.
I also agree with the learning side. Passing on knowledge, skills and recording knowledge is so important.

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Thank you! We've been led to believe that any important knowledge requires hundreds of thousands of dollars in "higher" education, when we could be showing each other everything we need to know.

It sounds like a really good idea:)

Thanks for stopping by! This is just a small part though. I have no clue how to get humans to cooperate on something like this.

I think it would work in small communities. People always say how ancient Athens was the cradle of democracy and its true. But it worked beacause it was a small community of voters. When the community gets larger different interests come out and sides are created. Then its all a power play. I prefer the small communities of like minded people:)

I really like your little eco-village in the pic! :-)
As for your ideas, absolutely: teaching, healing, and councils of people who dedicate themselves to take responsibility for one aspect of the communal living.

Oh thank you for liking my ecoVillage pix.
That there be councils also presupposes a pretty large pool of people to choose from.


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Where would you put this fabulous place @owasco? 💕

Not in NYS or CA that's for sure. Tennessee is a possibility. Spain would be nice, but I don't want to be that far from my friends. I had a dear friend move to Spain and I never saw her again.

😁 Spain is beautiful @owasco, but hard to leave.

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Those are all great things! I really like it!

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It sure sounds good to me, living as I do now isolated and paying the big (huge) bucks for natural treatments and internet access. I don't like to read on electronic devices but of course I read all these posts for hours everyday. I really think it is hastening the demise of my aging eyes so I am limiting it to ONLY (only?!) two hours a day. The fork was good for me in that regard - if I'm going to make even less, why not just work less? I am so happy to have reconnected with you.

Same here!! You should set up some auto votes so you don't have to work as hard for the curation. I vote a few big players posts once a day and that worked okay in the past. I haven't checked after the fork though.

See maybe you're onto something. We could start a Steemit press and send out a newspaper version of the trending page 🤣🤣🤣 i would rather read a book, but i would hate to miss all this great content!

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Electronic devices... reading from them too many hours a day... destroying our aging eyes...
We have too much in common!!!!!!

I really do think my eyes are thanking me for the reduced exposure to blue light. I have an appt with an opthamologist (the only doctor I do to because it's the only real problem I have) next week.

Oh no!
Too late now, but they do sell annoying yellow plastic glasses to reduce the glare of the blue light. -_-

Totally agree with the 3 things you mentioned. Library, I literally shout YES!!
Education, double YES!!!

Healing space... Of course!!!!

Awesome writing. =)

Thank you! I love libraries and librarians, so more of both please! And healing, well, we have to work very very hard to get a good team together for ourselves. I've traveled hundreds of miles for appointments with good naturopaths. My preferred masseuse is an hour and a half drive away! Wouldn't it be nice to take a walk over to everything we need? Then stop off at the library to pick up a book and read it while watching the school kids come back from herping with @papa-pepper?

A library!!! Yes!! I always think I would dictate smaller houses but more public spaces.

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Agreed! I love libraries. When we first got our little two bed house together we dreamt of wall to wall bookshelves and reading together in our old age. If there was a library, you might have problems with a couple of squatters in there! 😆

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Yes shared public spaces and smaller homes - I would get out more! Right now I am a hermit of sorts, largely because there is so much to do at home. When my kids were also in public school, I would have to say life was a special kind of hell. How have we allowed things to come to this?
Something told me you would like the library idea.

You a hermit, a recluse, like me - you, the budding poet and actress - this MUST change one of these days. Maybe someday we'll live in the same ecovillage. With others from #homesteading and #thealliance and #freewrite.... I can see it! If we build it, they will come!

We're building it here. And they come. I like being a recluse, first time in my life. I have you to thank for that actually, and your recommendations of @abigail-dantes and @agmoore. It's good to be depressed! Who knew?!

Oh dear!
Have I helped to create a monster....?
Depression. It really *is under-rated sometimes, eh?
Sometimes I consider it a sign of intelligence.
Ignorance is bliss!
Sometimes I try to shut off the thoughts and live in the now. And that's not ignorance, that's DETACHMENT, an enlightened state!
Again: Ignorance is Nirvana!
Or something like that....
May you be well, and happy, or enlightened but not miserable, at least, for years to come!

I think the trick here would be to surround yourself with like minded people.
Your ideas are great and the closer to nature that ne can get the better.
We also have heaps of books but I am afraid that technology is doing its best to steal the paper from us.
Hope that your dream will come true one day my friend.

I'm a bit of an outlier politically, and am finding it difficult to surround myself with like-minded people. I can't even find any! lol. My abhorrence of the current medical/war/chemicals machine makes folks loyal to both of the two main political persuasions in the US mad. They want to talk about guns in the home, I want to talk about war worldwide. They want to talk about mandatory vaccines, I want to talk about war. They want to talk about immigration, I want to talk about war. They want to talk about climate change, I want to talk about war. I don't do that much on steem, because it alienates so many. This WAS my safe space until the small accounts got rounded up and put into a ghetto where our money is not worth as much as it used to be. Oh dear I am going on and on. My bad.

I presume that you are talking war against all of the ills of this world my friend? In that case you are sure both good and bad people, but there are many on steemit with your views and those are the ones that you want to share your views with.
I myself fly the kindness banner and our focus is to help the casualties that result from all of the ills that you have mentioned.
Keep on banging away and hope that somebody will start to listen.

H-m-m! When I was thinking of the eco-village and those things you mentioned about library, taking care of educating our youth and future educators, and healing places kind of slipped my mind, yet they are all so important!
We do not have that problem here about homeschooling, many of the children in our community were home schooled and we had a kids club where we did lots of activities with the kids - it was a wonderful place to raise our children!
I like the idea of the shared library with some wonderful resources of books and which would also include an internet connection for so much information is now available on the net.
Thanks for sharing and adding to the dream! Which with @eco-alex behind it is starting to become a reality!

To be honest, I answered this question too, a village sounds like a horror to me especially now I read the first part of your article.

"Sharing the tasks.." Sounds like a heavy pressure on my shoulders. People seldom share there are always 2-3 idiots doing all the work the community has the benefits from. Some will take the leadership and not work at all.

A heeling center would be great, one where you are not disturbed by other people, neverending chats, etc etc I think it is a must in a village just like a lock on the front door. I wonder if @myjob has one, she has no curtains and can provide in her needs. 🤔

I go live alone in my hut in the forest and if I really need something I might trade it for eggs or tomatoes, mushrooms or hazelnuts.

A market outside the evovillage would be good too.

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Fabulous idea about the library!
I personally have a few dozen books in my homesteading and gardening library. GREAT resources that I use daily.

Howdy owasco! I think that is very doable! We just need enough willing people but I like the concept!

You have an ecovillage on your property???
8 days ago, where was I, that I missed this post until now??
(It was a rough week, and then some. I suspect I've lost several weeks now.)
My friend Chrystie from an internet writing workshop has visited several ecovillages across the country, and she drove 8 hours out of her way to meet me in person a few years ago. Her novel is set in an ecovillage. I hope gets it polished and published soon.

I think often about the principles and lifestyle of ecovillages. I might hate the committees and meetings and the very word "intentional" community. Then again, I might like living in the wilderness with some of the amenities of civilization and some like-minded people around me. The kind who cannot bear to throw about glass jars, metal lids, string, and more packaging materials than i will ever confess to saving, with visions of creating miniature houses and villages... because... I never outgrew Barbie dolls....

honey bunch I do not have an ecovillage. That was an entry to a contest. I lost, didn't even get an upvote from the contest creator. It's all good though. I don't do any of this for the money, thanks for reading it.
Shit gets away from you, doesn't it?

Awww, I wish I'd found it in time to upvote that post.
I never did read the other contest entries.
I'm still nowhere near to catching up. Just dive in and read what's trending NOW, not more than seven days ago, eh?
I love your ecovillage post. :)