Esteban further demonstrates his psychic skills while I scramble to protect my baby plants from snow!

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For the last week Esteban has been begging me to make a sledge for him "because the snow is coming Sam" and I have been trying to explain how Winter is over and we should instead be building a boat to sail down our canal! He was not impressed by my suggestion and continued to insist we needed a sledge for the snow.

Moments ago I learned that snow is on its way tonight, despite the Summer feeling like it is here already. I apologised for doubting him and promised that today we would indeed build him a sledge! He wants one which looks like the image above but without tools this will not be an easy job. I will do my best with what I have.

Long have I known Esteban has special skills, demonstrated recently by his "Light Balls" encounter but now I am reminded to never doubt him when he continually pushes in a particular direction which might seem illogical to me.

He was born with a V shape on his forehead.

Screen Shot 20200325 at 12.00.28.png

Wise people in Bali's spiritual community told me it related to a heightened energy in his third eye.


He was about 6 months old when we moved to Bali, where we stayed for three years.


Here he is when we moved back to France. The V shape has become less and less visible due to his long hair, but as his T-shirt suggests, his "vision from beyond" remains :)


Luna also has special skills, but hers relate to the way she sees the world. Look closer and you will see the constantly dilated pupil of her right eye. We call it her magic eye.


I have no doubt she is able to see things others cannot.


What was i taking about again?

Ah yes, the coming snow!

By the way, snow at this time of year is completely unheard of here.

I shouldn't be surprised really. We are moving into the Grand Solar Minimum, meaning that growing seasons are getting shorter and winters getting longer. This will be the second 'impossibly rare' snow in the last month. My banana trees have only just recovered from the last one.

Screen Shot 20200325 at 11.50.27.png

Thinking about it I must also figure out how to protect this lot today!


As you can see, I have been having busy turning our courtyard into a food paradise.


You can just see the banana tree's new flower in the above shot. Everyone said banana trees don't produce fruit here, yet here we are with a flowering plant at the perfect time of year to see the fruit through to completion. The courtyard keeps them warm and my children keep them energised ;)

However, this beautiful developing flower (and all the rest) must be protected now from the snow.

What about draping old bedsheets over everything?

Does anyone have experience protecting young plants from snow?


Screen Shot 20200324 at 20.24.18.png

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Your kids sure are special. Love to see how your garden develops into someting more and more beautiful and sustainable. Hope it survives the coming cold. I just read that The Netherlands expects a cold front too. Recent days have been nice but the wind is freezing and the nights too.

Crazy times indeed.

Big parts of Europe going cold for a while now. I think the plants are okay... the ginger seems confused to be inside but I'm sure it will be fine.

The sweetcorn sprouted today! In a box in my office ;)

my brother in law used bin liners and big plastic bags to cover the plants, and tied them up at the base of the plant.

Good idea there. Cheap & simple. Thanks :)

Sam, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the father in you sees these magical aspects of his children. A GORGEOUS post, and some truly breath-taking images of your children, particularly the shot of Luna with her hands raised to the tree.

It is in LISTENING and showing them that they are BELIEVED that the gift is strengthened.

One love.

I see that and very much enjoy playing with them around this idea. Luna often uses her 'magic' to push me around the room and sometimes I see her trying to make other things move. And why not? It is good that she tries. I know that humans are currently only scratching the surface of their true abilities. But thankfully we are remembering now... :)

One love!