NO Payouts Until Next Week.

in #edenbuxx15 days ago (edited)


Obviously there will be no Weekly #Edenbuxx Payouts today; seeing as Hive-engine is down for a 24 hour replay which may or may not work {due to Hardfork issues}.

Therefore next week @teenagecrypto @oscarps @cmplxty and @battleaxe will receive 100% of my liquid lotus and weedcash instead of the usual 50%.

Let's hope things are back to normal by next week. Sorry for the delay. We will be lucky to even be able to post this update. Forks are difficult sometimes and the Witnesses made a huge mistake running two forks at once {didn't this happen already?}.

From our end, we will do our best to compensate our #edenbuxx Holders anytime something like this happens.

See you next week. 😀 👍🌲💰


No worries! I haven’t read up on what happened with with the fork stuff but I’ll get caught up. Two forks sounds like they ran into an issue with 24, sad to learn but that’s life. Until something is pushed to a production environment and used by all its hard to account for some things.

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