Family Protection - Calm before the Storm - Are You Prepared for Enforced Vaccines?

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If what I’ve been hearing is true, this is the calm before the storm.

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It’s pretty clear by now that the world we once knew is no longer. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever awake from this twilight zone but it still remains. I knew there would be hard times ahead that we would face but never did I expect for them to happen so soon, especially while my children are so young.

We as parents have so many aspirations for our children and only want them to live as safe and comfortably as possible. When those hopes and goals began to dim we have to go back to the drawing board and try to make the best of what we can according to our current circumstances. Being proactive has always been one of the best measures we have taken in order to keep our family safe and together. Given our current social situation it calls for that even more now.


There has been talk about enforcing every household to be administered this new covid vaccine once it’s concocted.

In this video below the President states,

When the vaccine is ready the U.S. government will deploy every plane, truck and soldier required to help distribute it to the America people as quickly as possible.

YouTube - vaccine distribution by military (3:40)

These are really unfortunate and scary times.

Are you prepared to have the military knock at your door to have this vaccine administered to your entire family?

We are strongly against vaccinations and always will be. I have my own opinions about this pandemic and about the measures and protocols being taken. I’ll just say I don’t feel anyone should be forced to take a vaccine that could potentially cause more 𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖒 than 𝖌𝖔𝖔𝖉.

As always, I began researching to try to find proactive measures to prepare for what’s to come. If you are also a family that is against vaccinations you will have some tough decisions ahead to make. My husband and I have had several conversations about this and the final answer is:

We will do what we have to do to keep our family together.

I pray it doesn’t come down to this but if they threaten to remove our children from us, then we have no choice but to take the vaccine. It won’t be good if we try to fight with force and they take us away from our children. It certainly won’t be good if they try to remove our children with force. Let me share what I found that could be a possible solution...



I came across this website called FreedomTaker. On this site you will find many different downloadable documents that helps you fight your freedom by taking a stance and not just doing what we are “told” is rightful.

Most people are taken advantage of and treated unlawfully because they do not know their rights.

Just because someone may work for the government or whatever agency doesn’t mean they have your best interests in mind.

We need to start asking 𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 and digging for the 𝖙𝖗𝖚𝖙𝖍 instead of just being okay with doing what we’re told. If you feel something isn’t right make them uncomfortable by asking questions and getting to the bottom of what is really going on.

Click and download the VACCINE
form. This is basically an agreement between the administrators of the vaccine and the vaccinated parties. Here is a detailed description directly from their site:

Vaccinations have been proven to be extremely hazardous, unsafe, contaminated and often completely ineffective. They have even been used to fraudulently deliver sterility drugs under guise of "Malaria" vaccines!

Tens of thousands of people are killed every year by vaccines, millions are injured permanently worldwide. Correlation to autism is now scientifically confirmed, yet the same vaccine regimens are still prescribed!

Even after decades of tragedies and atrocities caused by vaccinations, pharmaceutical interests have been allowed to buy corrupt legislation to try and force literally every American to accept this invasive and dangerous treatment.

Vaccines have been scientifically proven to have caused a wordlwide Autism epidemic, Gardasil has been found to cause disability and death, and many other vaccines are known to cause host of crippling and life-threatening injuries, illnesses and unexpected consequences.

Pharmaceutical companies have even obtained legislation making themselves IMMUNE FROM LIABILTY for the harm they know vaccines cause! People only seek immunity when they KNOW THEY ARE GUILTY.

If you are being pressured to accept a vaccine for yourself or your children, DO NOT do so until you REQUIRE THE VACCINE PROVIDERS AND REGULATION ENFORCERS ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSE with the free download contract form above titled "Vaccination Notice".

THIS IS NOT A FORM YOU SIGN. This is a form you present to your healthcare providers and REQUIRE THEM TO SIGN to insure the safety of their vaccinations, or at least accept personal responsibility to pay for any damages caused by their vaccinations.

Before accepting vaccinations for you or your child it is critical to get the providers of those vaccines to sign this form accepting liability and admitting the hazards so that you will have recourse against the many serious injuries and illnesses which vaccines are known to cause.

Of course, the healthcare providers may resist taking responsibility for what they are doing, but if they refuse to sign this form, you have legal grounds to refuse the vaccination.

You are welcome to modify the form or have an attorney do so, it is a free template.

Vaccine providers and regulators may refuse to sign this form because they know they are peddling poison, but refusal to sign the form is ADMISSION that harm may result from the vaccination. If vaccinations were truly harmless, they would gladly sign the form and accept liability.

If the vaccination providers do not sign the form, and thereby infer that vaccinations are hazardous, they have no right to demand that you accept their dangerous and ineffective medical treatments.


Credit: @oks2crypto

So there you have it. I am not sure if this will trump Trump’s plans to administer a vaccine into every home but I do know it’s worth a try.

If our safety cannot be guaranteed or no one wants to take responsibility for the negative side effects that could occur - then keep it moving folks!

Don’t come to my door trying to shoot us up with chemicals if you’re not going to accept full liability of what you’re doing.

However, our main goal is to keep our family together. I don’t even want to think of the horrors of our children being taken away from us if we refuse this vaccine. So if this form doesn’t stop them from enforcing this we are
prepared to do what we must to keep our kids safe and with us.

It will be printed out and ready to go once they reach our doorstep in hopes it will deter them from trying to administer the chemicals to us.

It’s still so surreal to me that we even have to take these proactive measures but this is now our new reality. An underground home in the country sounds so nice right about now.

I hope I was able to shed some light and help get families prepared to protect their loved ones as best they can.

Do you think this form could help?

I’m sure there are other measures that could help families wanting to refuse these vaccines to be able to do so. If you have any more information that could help please do share.

Please support @familyprotection because...



Spreading Awareness to Protect Families from being Torn Apart by Child Protection Services or Social Services.

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I wouldn't trust a vaccine that's barely been tested for a year if that, and I'd be seriously questioning the motives and competency of any government that triued to panic push something like that through.

Well stated! This is one of our biggest concerns. We are headed into some pretty crazy times and tough decisions. In the end I think it will effect everyone in the U.S. and no one will be able to bypass this...especially with military involvement.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Absolutely and thank you!!

Thanks @crosheille good to see my picture is put in best use.....🤗

Of course!! I thank you for making such a beautiful picture available for us to use. 😊😉

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Perhaps we can demand that we have a choice of which vaccine to accept, instead of blindly accepting whichever version has been sent to our doctors. This would encourage people to investigate the different choices, and force the makers to produce better, safer products.

I worry that the vaccines can be easily tampered with to create different problems in certain locales. For instance, I suspect that Spain and Italy both administered the same flu vaccine to their populations, thus worsening the conditions in targeted populations. It would be so easy to do. Our willingness to just trust whichever vial has been chosen for us to receive presents a grave danger.

I got this idea from watching the Trump video, in which he stated (in may) that they've narrowed it down to 14 possible vaccines. We need to become informed about all 14 of them, and demand that we have a choice from among several. Or that our doctors at least have a choice of which one they will administer. If the military comes to our doors though, we will be sunk in a lot more ways than just the vaccine.

I feel the Democratic candidates are more likely to force this vaccine on us than Trump would be. Both are a crap shoot though.

I agree with everything you replied. It would be nice if we had a choice but it seems these measures they are taking are going to be more forceful. They will most likely not care what we feel or have to say about the vaccines. Even this form I shared may be pointless and not help us with our rights.

I definitely believe these vaccines are tampered with, I already don't trust them as it is. I honesty don't believe they would ever tell you the truth about every element that is in them. I've heard horrors about what is really put into these vaccines. 😣

Yes, with the military involved we will have more to be concerned with including these shots.

Thanks so much for your input on this.

It’s still so surreal to me that we even have to take these proactive measures but this is now our new reality.

This is just how I and, I suspect, many others are feeling right now. I do take some comfort in the large number of people gathering for recent UK protests about the lockdowns and the vaccines. Maybe, when it comes to this inevitable ultimatum that Governments are certainly going to give us they will find a much larger resistance than expected and we will find a much stronger support network too...

Yes, it seems more and more people are growing tired of it all. I really hope the resistance is high. It’s hard to say because most people would want to “do as they’re told” so they will avoid conflict and punishment.

We definitely need a strong support network in order to fight what’s to come.

Thanks so much for adding your thoughts and input ~