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Welcome to Robin's kitchen. Please, have a seat, make yourself at home. Just relax, let's share a pot of tea.


Now that it's Friday, ah yeah, FOOD FIGHT!!

Let's go chefs, watcha got this week, I'm hungry.

Here's what I am thinking, @idig. Let's fill the sweet tooth first.
How about a slice of lemon cheesecake? It should go nicely with the tea.


Let's bake, shall we?

I woke up this morning at 5:10 am, it was still dark out, but to my joy, the coffee was already brewing.

I was so excited it was Friday, time to do some food flingin', my first response was, fire up the oven. The usual 350.
I can cook just about anything at that middle of the road temp. Any recipe that calls for 375
or above I can get into trouble.
When my family was growing up, I would make biscuits or dinner rolls to add to our meal. They were good filler-uppers. All four of my children loved food, how could you blame them, they had @thebigsweed to show them how it was done.🙄

Now biscuits require an oven temp of 375-400 degrees. Now back in the day, ovens didn't have timers, or maybe they did but mine was old and broken. Those years were lean. So once the food was on the table and hands were checked for dirt, we would sit down, say our prayers, and smell the burn. I would pop up, run to oven to yank out the biscuits. Dang!
I did it again. Not perfect, but edible none the less.
They were named "Mom's Bricks". To this day, whenever we share a meal together, and I pull out the rolls, I hear this echo...Mom's bricks, bricks, bricks, bricks. If I don't get around to making the biscuits, first thing I hear is "Mom where are the bricks"? I just smile.😉

So, here is what I did in the wee hours of the morning.

Lemon cheesecake. I started with a box mix, then frenzied it up with some of my own ingredients.


It was so good, I had to hide it from the sweed. I was hoping to have my second slice the next day. I like to spread my sweets around. My guy just can't help himself, I pray he doesn't fall into another food coma, it's not a pretty sight.😪

Preserving the herbs.

With the cold weather creeping in, it was time to harvest the remaining herbs on the #homestead.
These were the ones we dehydrated and jarred this week.


I borrowed a food dehydrator from my cousin Lauren, you know her as "The egg lady".



This method of preserving the herbs worked fantastic. This model had pre-set temperature settings, all I had to do was select "herbs " on the dial. Dehydrators force warm air into the chamber that holds trays with mesh bottoms.
The herbs are layered on the mesh surfaces.





The aroma in #farm house was almost intoxicating.

I am going to feature thyme today.If that's ok with @jlsplatts, I mean you're the host of this frikkin, fun, food fling about, that happens every Friday causing a kitchen katastrophe ,along with your co-horts @dandays and @idig . Am I right?

Our pot of tea was a raspberry infused with fresh thyme. Thyme is known as the blending herb because it pulls flavors together. Also known for it's antiseptic properties.


Internal use.
Leaf infusion can help with indigestion, coughs, colds , sore throat, hay fever, INSOMNIA and HANGOVERS.
Wow, glad I found this one. If I can't sleep at night I will pour myself a glass of red wine or two 😏 and it puts me to sleep. Now I know what the experts say, don't drink before bedtime. Fooey! What do they know? It works for me. But on occasion I will wake up with that silly, stupid thing called "The Hang-Over".
Now I know, I can have some tea with thyme at a certain time. Bedtime.
Insomnia put to sleep, no hang over had.

External use.
Use in baths to sooth sore muscles, rub on insect bites to stop the itching.

I wish I had more thyme.


Uses in the kitchen:

Thyme has a ton of uses in foods. It can be used in soups, salads, stews. Use it in marinades for fish, seafood, beef, chicken or pork.
Adds the perfect touch to a nice hot cup of tea.

Hope you enjoyed our visit, I sure did.
Be sure to drop by next Friday, we'll fling some lemon cheesecake around the kitchen.
That would be a blast!

Have a wonderful week my foo-foo friends. Eat well, be well! 🌮😊


Look who found herself a chair at the head of the table. You had me at the opening sentence, it’s “Spot’0 tea.”

Knuckles to the Sweed for me please, congratulations on the reward @farm-mom, enjoy your weekend.

Well good day to you @dandays. Funny you said “Spot’0 tea.” I almost used that, be was worried you come after me for stealing your line.😅
How's it going my friend? Getting ready for another move soon, right?
Greece this time. Man, you are the luckiest guy you know for sure.
Have a wonderful weekend. Howdy to @puravidaville.

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Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for the
Vote of confidence, really
Appreciate it.

                 - farm-mom

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Loving thyme even more after your article! Glad I bought some pots of herbs inside to keep the harvest going all winter long!
Lovely post - thanks for sharing!

Good morning @porters, I saved thyme, oregano and parsley in pots which I brought inside. Everything else was frozen, dehydrated or in the case of sweet basil, made into pesto and put into the freezer also.
I love having my freezer full of the all the veggies and berries from our harvest. Such a nice feeling to know we have our stash for the winter.
Enjoy your day, thanks so much for stopping by.

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Thanks so much!

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Oh wow, that's a super fancy dehydrator! The one I'm borrowing right now only has three settings. I just added hot peppers to my dried stores since we're having a nice little late season harvest. I need to add thyme to my next seed order. Somehow I don't think I've ever grown it! I have done all the other basics, but missed that awesome herb. Happy Friday!

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Hello there @plantstoplanks, nice to hear from you. I really liked the way the herbs came out of the dehydrator, so much more aroma left, compared to air drying.
You said you order seeds, I try to harvest my own seeds. I did well last year with it but you never know. We have to order seeds also sometimes if the seeds are not dried properly. I'm working on it.
Have a peaceful weekend, thanks for peeking in.😊

We do try to save as many of our seeds as we can! And I often save them from the great stuff I get from the farmers market, especially when it is something interesting and different. I usually only buy some when it's something we don't currently grow or like you, the seeds didn't dry properly. I do have to say I enjoy just looking through seed catalogs, too! Even if I don't buy anything it is just lovely to view all the varieties of plants out there.

Hi, Good Morning @plantsroplanks. I pretty much do the same thing, I dry out as many seeds as I can, then order. I love those catalogs too. They inspire me to try different things. The pictures are always so beautiful.
Have a wonderful day my friend.

Hey @farm-mom, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks @beerlover, how many beer tokens does it take to get drunk? Are they fattening ?😁

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Making your own dried herbal teas is awesome - and yes, thyme is lovely flavour for tea. Guess you got your Christmas gift-giving sorted already!! :)

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Well hello there @artemislives, thanks so much for checking my post out, appreciate it.
I really enjoy growing my own food, herbs and flowers. We had a bumper year here in Upstate NY, I guess mother nature was on our side. Just two weeks ago we harvested 105 lbs. of potatoes and in mid summer, we were able to pick 44lbs. of wild blueberries. Our freezer is packed to the max.
We are blessed. Have a wonderful evening.

Great article!
My parents have a couple of excaliburs. I keep hoping they'll let me have the small one they sent over to England with me so they could do their dehydrating when they visited...

I found a $10 one at a local thrift store a couple years ago - I didn't even have a car yet and it almost fit into the top of my little shopping cart that I used. But yes, I got it home!

Good afternoon @viking-ventures. It's great that my cousin has one for me to borrow, we live on the same road, so it's convenient. When you live in the woods like we do, neighbors are always trading goods, services and dehydrators. hehe

You hid that cheese cake pretty well. It took me several minutes to find it, but while you were at the store, bingo there it was on a shelf in the pantry. You maybe able to hid it from my eyes, but the nose knows. I'm glad you didn't get too mad when you saw the cake sitting on the stove with a piece missing.😊

I'll forgive you this time, but next time please take a pix before you hack it up😏

 last year 

Thyme is known as the blending herb because it pulls flavors together.

I didn't know that!! I can't wait for my herbs to grow this spring so that I can dry them for this winter's teas. I am drying thyme in the dehydrator right now! I do love lemon verbena the best - also a sedative.

Hey - you could have a red wine ANd a thyme tea, surely? :P

Hahaha, yes I am ambidextrous 😁