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Did you read my post yesterday about preparing a simple food.? If you didn't, you can check it here. I was talking there about how I got the food materials there but this time it's about how I cooked. Some ways that it's easy to understand. By the way, you can only cook tinuwang isda(bisayn word) or soup with fish if the fish is fresh. I doubt that even though you placed it in the refrigerator when it's still fresh. The taste of fish still different when you cook it right away from the fisherman.

The first thing to do is to put a water in the pot. It depends on how much you'll put water by the number of the fish. IMG_20200210_102942.jpg
Here's the ingredients when you place a pot with water in the fire.

Place it at the same time in the water the lemon grass and onion. It would also be nice if you'll add more spicy like ginger. There's no need to be specific about the measurement of spicy. If you want to make it really smells good add more, it's up to you.
1 pc - onion
1 pc - ginger
The purpose of onion and ginger is to make sure the smell of fish will be faded.
10 leaves - lemon grass.
The purpose of lemon grass is to make the soup smells delicious.

While waiting for the water to be boiled, let's prepare the materials or ingredients.

Fish - it's up to you how many
malunggay leaves or moringga - it's up to you how many
alugbati leaves - it's up to you how many
salt - it depends on how's your taste like.
seasoning - it depends on how's your taste like
The process in cooking this kind of meal is very easy. When the water is now boiling, that's the time you'll put the fish. IMG_20200210_104039.jpg
When the fish is being placed make sure to watch it over. We know how soft the flesh of the fish so you don't need to take so much time when the water is boiling again. Then when the water is boiling again you'll put the leaves.
Again watch your cooking because we're avoiding that the flesh of fish will be removed from it's bones. After putting the leaves it will only take a few minutes that it will boils again. When it start boiling, put the salt and seasoning to make it more delicious. You don't need to put big amount of seasoning because the fish is already delicious without it. IMG_20200210_104914.jpg
After putting the seasoning just wait for another boil so that the food is ready to serve. It's just so simple way of cooking right? But what I love on this is the taste of the fish because it's fresh. Although it's hard to do it in the cities because we have no assurance that the fish will be selling are fresh.

The good thing also about this kind of cooking are the benefits into your body. The fresh fish is good to our body. The onion and ginger are also like a medicine into a human's body. The lemon grass as well, they said it will make your blood low. If you keep on drinking water with lemon grass on it you'll end up having an anemic. While the leaves vegetables have vitamins, the moringga leaves has a vitamins from A to Z.

It's easy but I hope it will add up into your knowledge in cooking.

thank you for reading

images are mine
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d' dreamboy,

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