Have You Tried Gado-Gado?

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Gado-gado is traditional food or dish from Jakarta. It is made from vegetables and lontong. Lontong is toughened rice. Gado-gado is good for vegetarians. It has good nutritients because you can use most of vegetables. However in Jakarta Gado-gado is like this. Do you want to make it?


  1. Some Long beans

  2. A half of cabbage

  3. Some Sprouts

  4. 4 Potatoes

  5. 5 Tofus

  6. Tempe ( If there is no Tempe you don’t have to use it).

  7. 4 Boiled eggs.

  8. 2 Cucumbers

  9. Kerupuk Rambak ( crisps)

  10. 1 or 2 limes

Peanut Sauce

. 2 garlics ( 1 garlic if you like)

  1. 2 cm shrimp paste

  2. 4 red Chillies ( if you not like you can use only 1)

  3. Some Tamarind

  4. 2 pieces of Palm Sugar

  5. ¼ kg of peanut ( roasted peanut)

  6. 2 teaspoons of salt

  7. Some soy Ketchup

  8. Fried shallot

  9. Shred cabbage and cucumbers

  10. Boiled eggs and potatoes

  11. Steam long beans and sprouts.

  12. Fry tempe and Tofu

  13. Fry Kerupuk ( You can use crisps that available in your country)

  14. Gado

Step 2

  1. Grind all the ingredients

  2. Grind roasted peanut together

  3. Put tamarind in hot water and stir.

  4. Pour some liquid of tamarind to the mixture of ingredients and ground roasted peanut.

  5. Split all the vegetable into four portions

  6. Cut the tofu and tempe and share 4 portions

  7. Pour the peanut sauce on the vegetables

  8. Mix with spoons the sauce and vegetables

  9. Put the egg in the each portion

  10. Put some Kerupuk on each portion

  11. Pour some soy ketchup on the mixture

  12. Squeeze a slice of lime for the aroma

  13. Spread a little of fried shallot

  14. Now Your Gado- Gado is ready. Gado-gado is better served with lontong ( taughened rice).


I have eaten up a plate of Gado-gado. It's yummy and little bit hot. You can change the vegetables as available as in your country.
Do you want to try at home? It is simple recipe.. don't forget to follow me @lebah and upvote to support my account to grow up. Thanks for reading.

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