Fruits and Veggies Monday - A bowl of Gooseberry Papaya sunshine

The tropical fruit papaya is amazingly healthy; high in Vitamin A, C and fiber.
Loaded with antioxidants as well as carotenoids, papaya can reduce inflammation, fights disease, reduces the risk of cancer, helps the skin recover from sun damage and helps in keeping us young.
The high vitamin C and lycopene content can improve heart health and also possibly reduce the risk of heart disease.
It further aids in constipation and other symptoms of IBS. The seeds and other parts of the plant have been used to treat ulcers as well.
Papaya trees.png
We are blessed with the most magnificent Papaya trees; this tree flourishes here in our sub-tropical climate. We do share the fruit with our wildlife, the birds and the monkeys;)
Purple crested Loerie (Turaco) taking off and leader of the vervet monkey troop not wanting to share any of his loot!
Loerie Monkey.png

Our first crop of summer Papayas - during the winter months we leave it to the animals, but come summertime and the crop is more plentiful.

Our friend the artist Peter Wink painted this for us - Purple Crested Loerie
Papaya crop.png

Gooseberries are rich in antioxidants, low in calories, high in fiber, copper, manganese, potassium as well as vitamins B5, B6 and C; helps protect against obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.
It also may help protect the brain and fights aging.
It is rich in citric acid, phenols, and antioxidants, which are all linked to reduce the risk of age-related brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and stroke.


Nasturtium leaves and flowers are called a natural antibiotic by many; rightfully so as it contains high levels of Vitamin C; builds the immune system, relieves sore throats and coughs and helps heal bacterial and fungal infections.


Only fruit was used for this bowl of sunshine -

  • Ripe Papayas
  • Frozen Gooseberries
  • Orange wedges
  • Nasturtium flowers




A last quick look:

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A massive shout-out as well to that wonderfully talented artist @barbara-orenya for our gorgeous wonkies awards!

Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

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It looks like you live in the perfect climate Lizelle! You have tropical plants and animals but also garden with fruits and veggies just like we are having here. It must be really beautiful there! And this fresh and juicy bowl of fruit is calling my name, lol. What a marvelous creation, full of nutrients! YUM! @tipu curate 🌴🥭🌴
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Thank you so much 😊

Ah thank you so much Lena, I still have to try and grow gooseberries but not sure if they'll be suited to our climate. They grow very well in the Cape! I do hope your surgery went well and that you're managing the pain! Thanks for the tipu curate:)

What about raspberries and blueberries?

Anyway, thank you so much my Dear Lizelle, surgery went fine and I am okay, typing with two fingers, lol.

That's good news! Berries generally don't do well here except for strawberries which we have a small patch of but the other berries grow very well inland where they have colder winters. We have a very mild winter here. Take good care of that hand Lena!

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Oh I see! Thank you again Lizelle, I will. Have a wonderful weekend 😍

Did you know that I eat a bowl of papaya and sliced banana twice every day Lady Lizelle? We are going to plant two gooseberry bushes here, but although Marian insists that I should eat those nasturtium flowers, I just cannot get myself that far. My subconscious rebels at the thought of eating flowers even though I was a flower child in the 60 hippie days Lol.
According to me, I am a man's man and a man does not eat flowers or wear make up hahaha.

LOL, you always give me something to chuckle about Mr Papillon:):) A flower child but won't eat flowers, are you wearing them in your hair still?;);)
Nasturtium leaves and flowers are very good on the palate!Thanks for popping by:)

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Summer months end up being more or less any fruit into a fruit salad for lovely lunches @lizelle great presentation and photography of your fruit both grown and purchased to use for a healthy lifestyle.

When buying gooseberries next time try grow the pips, I have had success on the coast with one bush growing, lasted about five years bearing this delicious fruit.

@tipu curate .5

Thank you so much for that tip @joanstewart, I'm really keen to grow gooseberries, have never tried it here. I grew up in Port Elizabeth and there were plenty gooseberries growing there.
Many thanks for the tipu curate too:)

Per chance I threw some pips to the ground walking around the garden, next season I had a small bush it was fun eating freshly picked while it lasted, need to do that again in a more controlled manner and see if I am successful LOL....

I cannot remember the last time I ate papaya - and I have always loved it! Summer is upon us here in the Cape, so it will be the perfect time to revisit that love! haha!!! As for the nasturtiums... love, love, LOVE them! They are so incredibly nutritious but also so very versatile! My mom used to make me chew them as a kid when I had a sore throat lol... I hated her for that because they are so peppery! I do love adding the flowers to my salads these days though!

I wish you could taste these papayas, they are super sweet and full of flavour! I've planted nasturtiums all over my garden, we also enjoy them in salads and also on sandwiches of course. Thanks for stopping by @jaynie:)

Oh that looks like an ammmmmmmmmmazing salad @lizelle :) So bright and cheerful, makes my mouth water. Definitely a sweet bowl of sunshine, love it. Beautiful photos (love the vervet monkeys too, lol)

Thanks my friend, wish I could pass some of those papayas on to you, they're super sweet and flavourful!
Oh those monkeys are so full of mischief, we still have not put up monkey proofing for our veggies & they started helping themselves to lovely young peas!! We're going to have to move fast or they'll be feasting on it and not us!

 last year 

What a sunshine bowl. I used to have a gooseberry when I lived in England but I absolutely I have never had a pawpaw. Looking forward to summer and fresh fruit xx

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Thanks @riverflows, I want to try and grow my own gooseberries, these are from the Cape and were frozen, just love them!
Summer's here with a bang, we're already experiencing some really hot days!

That really does live up to its name of sunshine bowl! I needed my sunglasses to see that! 😎 thanks for sharing all the useful info on the fruit too, great to know some of the benefits they provide

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LOL will put a warning next time to protect the eyes;);)
I was very surprised to learn about all the benefits these simple fruits have, thanks for popping in @nickyhavey, much appreciated:)

Now that is definitely the sun in a bowl right there! Beautiful collection of healthy foods. I would love a bowl of that myself. I just loaded up on a bowl of oatmeal cooked with pureed pumpkin and topped with pumpkin butter, so I'm working the orange spectrum myself. :)

I would love to try that pumpkin butter of yours, looked amazing! Thanks for popping in @plantstoplanks:)

Oh! That looks so good! I have never seen such big gooseberries! The ones that grow in my woods are tiny by comparison.

These were frozen ones, they grow beautifully in the Cape, I have not tried growing them here, must look into it as I love the flavour. These were bursting with goodness and flavour despite being frozen! Thanks for popping in :)

For sure a sunny bowl, I had never heard of gooseberries thanks for the info

These are Cape Gooseberries, they were frozen but absolutely delicious! Funny a couple of people aren't familiar with them. We make jams with it as well. Thanks @tattoodjay!

thats cool to know always nice to learn of somehting new

It looks delicious with the Nastursums.

The nasturtiums gave a little bite to the fruitiness, thanks for bringing some sunshine as well @sunscape!

Your photos are amazing! The fruits look so yummy!!!

!giphy yummy

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Ah thank you so much also for the giphy :)

Wow so colorful and delicious. Great pictures!

Thank you very much:)


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Thanks @shuvo35:)

Lovely our groceryman with his fruitcake was just around I bought fresh

Nice, we have a fresh produce dealer that delivers every Friday. Thanks for stopping by:)


Wow thank you @lenasveganliving, you're too kind:) !tip .2

Well deserved my Dear Lizelle, you always put smile on my face 😍

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Excellent Papaya Bowl! Looks so tasty!

It was delicious indeed, thanks so much @joelai! Thank you also for your support on Twitter & FB, much appreciated:)
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The pleasure is all mine @lizelle!

That is heavenly, I'm in love :drool:

LOL in love with sunshiny fruit bowl; oh but it was delicious! Thanks @fenngen :)

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It is indeed a superb mix!!!=) loving the colour too!

Fortunately I had all sunshiny orangy fruits on hand to make a bowl of sunshine for dear @lenasveganliving:)
Thanks for stopping by!

First time I have heard of gooseberries. I wonder what they taste like. The flowers that you put in are they all edible?

Gooseberries pops a bunch of flavours in one's mouth, wish you could taste them, they're absolutely delicious! The Nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible, they're super healthy too. Thanks for stopping by @watersnake101!

That looks like a really tasty and colourful salad!

Lovely photos of the fruits. Sure looks yummy!

Love the colour of your bowl! Papaya is so common here, we never thought of using them that way, excellent idea.