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mizo no oto  Copy.jpg
Image by @qwerrie

I know your purpose
tiny sun drenched forest:
ark of creation

This is my entry for

its journey:

habitat, biome
share, support, give, trust


tiny world
it takes so little
to create

sun kissed and thriving
sun kissed
a habitat
gives birth

sanctuary, shelter, place, home

a pop up
it's easy

dwell dwelling

can grow roots on death row
and thrive

sun nourishes
a tiny world
no stopping it

tiny world

tiny world
what is your secret?
tell us your secret

spunky world
like all the world
all is one

connected linked joined united

oh tiny world
show the rest of us
how to join
your secrets
promote life
Tao, suffering, mother of all life
germinate, arouse, take root.
not lethargic, vital, spirited
heart, courage, will, vigor, force, life force, potency

spunky little world
share your secret

come to the light
spunky little world
share your secret

rise to the sun
spunky little world
what is the key?

@dswigle Let the sun shine in on your life
So the joy may touch your soul

intention, purpose, aim, point

tiny, small, wee

tiny nation
you know your purpose
beings of light

tiny copse
sun drenched nation
joy filled ark

tiny sun drenched copse
spunky ark on a sea of rock

tiny spunky ark
sailing on a sea of rock
joyful purpose

propel, ship, cast, send
tiny sun drenched nation

I know your purpose
tiny sun drenched nation
ark of creation

I see your purpose
tiny sun drenched copse
ark of the future

I know your purpose
tiny sun drenched copse -
ark of creation

I know your purpose
tiny sun drenched forest:
ark of creation

I know your aim
tiny sun drenched forest:
ark of the world

Too many syllables for a haiku in English, I know. The last haiku has fewer, but it just does not work as well for me.

Thank you for your thoughts.


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a very impressive draft process!

I love your photo. It says so much. Perfect for haiku!

I cannot but agree with you. glad founders accepted it and added to the pool. I will try to find more good shots like this, for future rounds!

Honestly beautiful. Summarize what the essence of the forest. Receive my affections @owasco.

Thank you kind sir! I love this contest. The entries all found glory in @qwerry's photo this week. Such a small thing, but with grace and power.

Very very nice! Life will always find a way, and as long as there is sunshine there is hope.

Yes! I see the tiny forest as a kind of seed bank, a biblical ark, sailing on a sea of rock if it must, and yes as long as the sun still shines, life will continue on. Thank you for your understanding!

I have this feeling that if I ever met you I would feel totally at peace. Your words are always drenched in calm, like the sound of rain on the roof in the middle of the night.

Wow! I love the sound of rain, and walked in it today, hoping for surcease. But oh my goodness! I write to access the peaceful me. Thank you for finding that in my words. I sure hope we do meet someday. xo

It is very beautiful it seems that you were very excited about photography and you were still inspired to describe everything you feel from there, very nice @owasco

Thank you! I love that photograph, it's true. Very rich.


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I really have to get to work on my shots.

Haiku is lovely, @owasco. I enjoyed following your thinking on it.

Wow ... How impressive, I think it's a song to Mother Earth, along with the charm of everything that encompasses nature. Cool, @owasco!

To her resilience, back up plans, and immune system. Sending out seeds. It's hard not to count syllables when you're conversing with a writer of haiku. Resilience is a good word with only three syllables. Could be a line all its own. Thanks for your visit!


The poem perfectly encapsulates that hidden potential in every seed. The energy to create a forest, the potential for an ark of creation.

You write gr8 poetry owasco 👍🙂

I really appreciate you checking out my haiku posts also. Sry I haven't got back to all your comments yet. I'm slowly working through all my missed comments today and tomorrow.

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Thank you for seeing the seeds. Those were implied I thought, it's a tiny ark of seeds really, and I'm really glad you found them.

That is a pretty far journey! I am far too lazy to be a poet!

Only haiku does this to me. And it's very exciting when the story finally comes together. Try it! I love it.

Howdy owasco! Tremendous entry! That takes more skill and patience than I got. lol.

oh no, no patience required at all! Writing haiku is a rush! The contest is fantastic! Read the rules, you kind of have to go zen for this, but read the rules (which are just common sense for ineffable beauty, and every week there is a featured aspect that most people ignore) and go for it. My process is just what I do - I have no idea if that is right. I think you would like this. Your writing is spare - there is never an extra word, like in a good script. Haiku is the extreme. So much fun! .It's only every two weeks, so check it out in a week or so. @bananafish

Howdy owasco! Thanks so much for the explanation,information and encouragement!