I stopped smoking for 26 days - Saved 129€

in health •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hello Hivers,

I just wanted to share that I stopped for almost a month ! I saved almost 130€ !

Guess what I planned to do with these funds ?

Invest EVERY month in Cryptos and especially in Social Cryptos such as Hive and BAT.


Money saved


Here is a picture from a pack I found today in my jacket’s pocket.


To be honest, I feel so much better since I stopped. 🐵

I feel better about myself, more confident and healthier.

I have SO MUCH more energy ! 💪

This book 📚 helped me to reach my goal

With this book, I actually stopped easily with it. It just changed the narrative and showed me how useless cigarette 🚬 was !

And the fact that I did not need to smoke to relax, enjoy or being destress.


He does not try to make you feel bad but shows you how you have been brainwash to believe cigarette was needed.


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That's wonderful news my dear @vlemon, It is not at all easy to quit smoking and has so many side effects. It needs lot of will power.
But my dear please be little careful, if you have been smoking lots for a long time then the sudden quit may give some side effects to your body. Keep your body well hydrated and your vitamin D level high.
Do not succumb on the withdrawal symptoms which will continue for 2 to 3 months.
All the best and much will power for you

Dear @nainaztengra,

Thank you for these kind words and warning.

I don't think people believe me but I swear it has been SUPER easy for the past month now. I never wanted to smoke again, did not have a lot of symptoms of need and definitely no health impact as of yet.

Kind of crazy right? This book has been miraculous.

I have tried to stop before but was in need and edgy. This book as I stated BRAINWASHED my conception of smoking (pleasure, anti-stress, "I need it"...) and therefore I don't want to smoke.

Well, if you know a smoker who wants to stop, please buy him this book !


Your friend @vlemon

Kick ass my man, on my list of things to do too. Willpower is kind of low atm tho.

Read this book ! I tried by myself, but I failed. With this book it was so much easier ! I did not event felt deprived of something.
It just brainwashed me AGAINST cigaret ! Isn’t that crazy.
Buy it and read it for me. (You can smoke while reading it 😉

Deal. DM me a link so I can find it easier pretty please.

Just did ;)

Congratulations! It is really hard to quit and you have!!

Congratulations! This saving are more than 400 Hive! 😉

Good job!

This book made it so easy ! I swear it it a must read !

Thats amazing buddy! And yes, one does save a lot of money by not smoking! :D

Thank you 🙏 @cwow2, more than the money I believe it was making feel like a piece of shit.

Like a kind of drug addict.

So glad I am free now. This book is amazing !

I stopped smoking the 31th of August 2019, so I get it! Its an amazing feeling to be free from smoking :D

Amen 🙏

Félicitations Monsieur Crypto Citron! I used to smoke daily for many years but now that I live with my gf in Bali who hates smoking, I don't smoke anymore. It feels amazing to quit, right? I wish you the best of luck in continuing to not smoke!

Congrats to you too. Don't you feel we have much more energy hehe?

Have a great day !

Congratulations! You have made a very good decision for both your health and finances. Let's not forget about all the great people who faced health issues and even died because of the effects of smoking. You are getting rid of that risk while investing :-)

Hello @vimukthi,

Thank you for this kind comment, indeed more money for investments in Hive, Bitcoin or Crypto Gaming Cards right ?



Since you mentioned Crypto Gaming Cards, check out Essence Orbs on STEEM-Engine. You can save some good money there. More details: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@vimukthi/allow-me-to-save-yourself-some-crypto-money-steemmonsters-players-can-save-47-15-6-in-the-worst-case-following-this-arbitrage

Besides the savings I can admit that smoking is one of the worst addiction,and that is so good of you. All the Best.

Thank you !

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