🎵 Hive Open Mic Week 16 - "Dancing Constellation" (Original Song)

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Dancing Constellation

A Devotional Song, Calling Us To Be The Stars We Are


This song is a gem in my music book. In a way, it is inspired by a dear sister who shines in her humanness, brilliant and beautiful. I think of this song as her song, and it is also our song, for all of us. Bringing this song to life musically and lyrically was electrifying, like an immersion in a pillar of light, purifying and energizing. The song takes on different shapes for different occasions, and my current favorite is a duet between I and the lady I walk with: @wildfamily.

Dancing Constellation

A Song Of Encouragement For Warriors Of The Light

I send a ray of white
Through the diamond in my chest
In order to harness the rainbow inside
This is my high desire

I am a color wheel
In an arena of lights
I send the spectrum through myself as a prism
For I am crystalline

Just as the stars align
This child of light shines in beauty bright
And we are all stars together we aura
Dancing constellation

I am an open door
Hoping for you to explore
Your outer reaches and my Innermost
For I will share my aura

I share my dreams and trust
I have my pixie dust
For I am filled with the most mystical gift
This is my love

Just as the stars align
This child of light shines in beauty bright
And we are all stars together we aura
Dancing constellation

I give my vivid violet
You iridescent blue
Metallic sheen and mother of pearl
We marble swirl

Just as the stars align
This child of light shines in beauty bright
And we are all stars together we aura
Dancing constellation


Dancing Constellation

A Story Behind The Song

Anyone with an interest in indigenous cultures understands the common belief that certain people come from the stars. The Pleiades star cluster is one example of a specific "star nation" where people may have originated. It is often said that we come from the stars, temporarily visiting the planet earth, eventually returning home to the stars.

I sat in a tipi with an elder who told us a story about falling stars. Falling stars are believed to be the people who cling too tightly to their earthly possessions, after making their passage into the afterlife. They don't get to ascend into the heavens; they have to return to their "earth walk" to learn to share.

On another note, I attended a men's retreat in the desert, at a mystical place where thousands of tipis have stood. We ventured into a grotto, with enormous red stone walls on all sides, allowing us to see just a tiny section of the glorious stars. By some miracle, the Orion constellation appeared in the very center of our viewpoint. To me, this was a sign from the divine: We were exactly where the stars aligned for us to be.

What does it mean to be a warrior of the light? To me, this is a willingness to honor to a higher calling—the voices of the inner father, inner mother, and inner child. The inner father is like the sun, bearing light, invigorating life. The inner mother is like the moon, holding a gentle glow of loving kindness. The inner child is like the stars, playing harmoniously in the cosmos, sharing the open space. A warrior of the light aspires to radiate love.


Being a warrior of the light is a hero's journey, cycling through risks and rewards, all the while expanding. Sometimes a hero is a Jedi knight, like Luke Skywalker, defeating the Dark Side. Sometimes, a hero is a Sufi poet, like Hafiz, expressing fine artistry. Sometimes, a hero is a rad daddy, teaching the kids how to fish.

Searching further, I find myself wondering about the specific opposition that a warrior of the light is fighting against. In this work, I face the side of me that is dim, dull, numb, shameful, hopeless, useless, negative, dark, and heavy. Instead, I choose to be bright, pointed, attentive, respectful, faithful, purposeful, positive, and light (in more ways than one). I choose to respect and accept myself, just as I am, so I can carry my light in all its fullness.

Being a warrior of the light is not a solo mission, although it might occasionally feel that way. In truth, there are others like us, I feel, standing out and standing up for the virtues. It is written: "Those who are with us are more than those against us." These mighty star battalions where we belong are easily imagined when we see the clear night sky.

Naturally, we stand together with others like us. We warriors express and connect in harmony together. Stars dance together. This thought is the origin of the song presented here. We members of Hive are much like the stars, creatively expressing and genuinely connecting, together forming a dancing constellation.


Hive Open Mic - Week 16

Hive Open Mic - Week 16 is underway right now, with the current theme: "Dream On." All words and music are original. I am thankful for the spark of inspiration that led me to this moment, with this song for this occasion. I feel grateful for the opportunity to share my art. This song fits the current Hive Open Mic theme: "Dream On," with its starry-eyed message, hopeful, imaginative, and surreal.

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Howdy, I’m Cabe Lindsay, a rad daddy with three kids and a lovely wife: @wildfamily. Outside of family life, I’m a media maker, serving as the director of ARISE Video Studio. I'm a writer and illustrator of published books: Brave Spirit, Be Well Bee, WYLD, Big Idea Patterns... I'm a bandmate of Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear] with new music releases: Brave Spirit, Home, Colors Flying... And I'm delighted to be here on Hive!


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 6 months ago 

I think, in the last concert hosted at @theterminal, we all specially loved this one ❣️ You are two angels when you sing together! Thank you so much for expanding your light and growing this community with genuine love! I will take it as my song as well then. 💖

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 6 months ago 

And mine too @neyxirncn!

Thank you. We are learning that we shine exponentially brighter when we're together. Just as the saying goes, "When two or more are gathered..." And naturally this applies to all of us who bring our hearts and minds together for a common cause. 💛🌟

 6 months ago 

Sob - a joyful one. Your sentiments here are so perfect. I love you guys so much. xxx
I'll have this song on repeat all day now it's here.

You are pure delight, you know. Thank you. I / we love you right back. Your positive reception about this song feels like a rainbow to me this morning. I wonder if you might like to sing it? Feel free! It is written for a person much like you, a brilliant soul who brings her magic into everyday life. I think it would suit you well. For me, it's one that really calls me to stand in my strengths, bringing the best parts of myself into the world.

Bien fino cantar por aquí de nuevo.

What a beautiful song, harmony, and essence. You have brought me a beautiful tranquility that I urgently needed. I congratulate you and send you both a hug

PD: I invite you to be part of Hive Music Festival. We would love to have you on that stage. A hug for both of you xD

This post has been selected for the Top 5 of Music in the Hive ¡Bravo!


Thanks for your encouragement. Happy to hear you were able to feel the tranquility. And we'd love to learn about Hive Music Festival–sounds like a blast!