Coronavirus Fire Hazard?

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Warning – disturbing graphics!

Some three years ago I wrote about the dangers of storing flammable liquids in the home when little ones are around.

Corona Virus Safety Measures a Hazard?

The safety measures we're all using to prevent the risk of being contaminated with the Corona Virus, can actually be hazardous if we have small children in the home.

Colourful alcohol-based hand sanitizers are seen everywhere, casually placed next to face masks etc and often within easy reach of children.
This of course poses serious safety hazards if parents do not take the necessary steps to minimize the risks.

Flammable Liquids

Any flammable liquid should be stored out of reach of little ones, inside a locked cupboard.
We further should avoid placing alcohol based sanitizers within easy reach of a small child.

It is much safer and healthier encouraging regular hand washing by keeping bottles of anti-bacterial hand wash at each tap in our homes and hand wipes in bedrooms or the tv room before resorting to alcohol based sanitizers which are fine for traveling or when in public places.

Children are very curious, and will want to squirt and squeeze when they see the bright coloured alcohol based sanitizers.

Fire Hazard in your own home

The danger of accidental fires cannot be over-emphasised, and this became very real when my niece’s son suffered second degree burns at a family barbeque about three years ago.

His father asked him to fetch firelighters from the kitchen cabinet as the charcoal was battling to ignite but the little boy instead picked up a bottle of highly flammable liquid that was stored in the same cupboard.

Disaster strikes

Needless to say, what happened next had dire consequences for the little boy and the entire family as he threw the liquid onto the smoldering charcoal.

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and as the liquid ignited, the bottle exploded in his hand; his arm, chest and face was on fire!

Dad immediately put him into the shower and let cool water run over his little body before rushing him to the nearest hospital.

Dad suffered minor burns in the process but the little boy was in trouble.

After being stabilsed, he was admitted to the burn unit; fortunately one of the best in our province.

He was treated by specialist surgeons who certainly saved his life, but spent four months in hospital undergoing skin grafts and missed a whole term at school.

He still has some scars that will never go away, both physical and mental!

Hand Sanitizers

Now that alcohol-based sanitizers are seen everywhere, parents really have to be careful about storing them in a safe place and out of reach of children.

That innocent looking bright coloured bottle of pleasant smelling sanitizer that we use every day, should not be within a small child’s reach as children are naturally curious.

Not only is it a fire hazard, but can also cause alcohol poisoning if a child has to ingest even a small amount.
Tell your children not to rub their eyes or pick up food while their hands are wet from the sanitizer; once it’s dry it cannot do any harm though.

A warning for all of us to be careful about storing harmful substances which certainly should not be in reach of small children, be it flammable or other substances which could be consumed by small inquisitive children.

Methanol-based Hand Sanitizer warning from the FDA

Methanol is a toxic alcohol that can have adverse effects, such as nausea, vomiting, or headache, when a significant amount is used on the skin. More serious effects, such as blindness, seizures, or damage to the nervous system, can occur if methanol is ingested. Drinking hand sanitizer containing methanol, either accidentally or purposely, can be fatal. See here for more information on how to spot safe hand sanitizers.
If you purchased any hand sanitizer containing methanol, you should stop using it immediately. Return it to the store where you purchased it, if possible. If you experienced any adverse effects from using it, you should call your healthcare provider. If your symptoms are life threatening, call emergency medical services immediately.

When it comes to preventing the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, nothing beats good old-fashioned handwashing.

The Burn Care Trust

One of the specialists treating my niece’s son, Dr Nikki Allorto who was deeply affected by the lack of good burn care facilities in South Africa, started an organisation called The Burn Care Trust in Kwazulu Natal, and had this to say:

Burn Care Hand.png

Burn injuries scar your body and without appropriate care,
scar your heart forever,
no matter if you are the patient, parent, grandparent or caregiver.

Heart page break.png
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Thank you so much @steemitbloggers!

As a mum of 4 my hart is racing just watching this blog and the graphic photos. I feel the pain

It was awful at the time, we live about an hour away so visited him in hospital as much as we could; there were some other burn cases that were even worse. Sadly some of the scarring is still there.
Thak you for your concern @brittandjosie.

This is really something that makes me cry, my little one is extremely curious so I have to have all those kinds of things hidden, and out of reach, because he still wants to put everything in his mouth, the best thing I do is as you indicate here encourage him to wash his hands very well and have bottles with soap gel in the sinks. I just hope your nephew is coming out of this bad time soon!

I totally agree with you, the gel based sanitizers are much safer. My nephew still has scarring, some quite bad and will always be there, but the others are fading. Accidents happen so fast! Thanks for your input @fmbs25, nice seeing you, hope you're feeling better now?

Accidents sometimes happen in fractions of a second, I've already lost count of the times I turn away for a second and hear my child hit because I trip and fall! You always have to have a thousand eyes on them! It's good that he's recovering, and yes, burns often leave indelible scars!

Oh man that poor child!!!! :( Yeah I have seen several people trying to warn others on ocial media of the dangers... but sadly that knowledge has not really stretched far and wide. !tip

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Thank you @jaynie, yes it is so sad as these kind of accidents happen too often and it really is alarming seeing how little ones have access to these chemicals especially now with the sanitizers everywhere!
It was awful at the time, the initial pain and then the risk of infection was very worrying. His Mom stayed with him all the time in hospital, only went home to change and wash; they were very good about that!

Oh dear, that was serious. You are right. The consequences of fumigating everyplace because covid are damaging nature. Here in my town we notice that we have been invaded by cockroaches, people are complaining because of the exagerated use of chlorine.

You're right @ladyfont, all these chemicals cannot be good for the environment; sometimes the fumes from those alcohol based sanitizers are so strong and we inhale it; not good at all!
Thank you for telling us about the effects in your town, take care.

Great reminder !

We all have to be careful, thanks for popping in!

Thank you for the warning Lizelle.
Great post as this is a very important message.

I just thought it's good to remind parents and anyone with little ones around to be extra careful, those bottles are seen all over people's homes these days!
Thanks for visiting @hope777.

I hope everything is okay

He's fine now but still has scarring, some are fading but the depper ones will probably never go away! Thanks for your concern.

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WOW... I hope soon all this ok. :(

He still has scars although some have faded, thank you for popping in.

Oh my gosh, that is so heartbreaking, @lizelle! I hope he is recovered and doing okay. What a frightening time for your family.

Thank you for the warning! It is so important to be vigilant and ensure that kids cannot get into flammables.