Effective Overcome Stomach Pain And Various Other Diseases. These are the benefits of the Camara Lantana Leaf

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Staying at home also has great benefits, at times like this we can use it to find out traditional medicines that can be formulated simply. Because basically a lot of plants around us have the benefits and uses of each.

Lantana Camara Leaf or Chicken Feces (Aceh: On Seurune or On Manok Ek).

This plant grows wild or is used as a hedge, with a rather unpleasant odor. Single leaf, sitting opposite the oval-shaped tip of the jagged edge of the pinnate leaf bone, the upper surface of many hairs feels rough with the touch of the surface of the hairless bottom surface.


Mention for these leaves varies for each region. Some call it satek flower, saliyara, saliyere, chicken droppings, telek flower, obio, puyengan, clay, clay, tetapan (Javanese), kamanco, mainco, tamanjho (Madura), flower fence, singapur wood, chicken lai; (Sumatra), and Wu se mei (China).

To deal with stomach pain, you can take a few fresh leaves of this pungent plant smell.

The ingredients:

1. Lantana Camara Leaf.
2. red bottom / garlic.
3. kerosene.


The way to present these three ingredients is very easy.


Slice the bottom slice that we have provided earlier, this is done to make it easier later during the process of lubrication.


Then dissolve the three ingredients in a bowl or whatever you can find and soften them by hand to make them more efficacious until they become smoother.


Then apply this mixture on the stomach and waist evenly.

In addition to stomach pain, chicken droppings are also believed to be able to treat several other diseases. This chicken dung flower root can be used to treat influenza, glandular tuberculosis, rheumatic, fluor albus or vaginal discharge. The trick is to take 6-10 grams of dried root, then wash thoroughly. boil the ingredients in 4 cups of water to boiling and the remaining 2 cups. After a cold, strain the stew. drink 3 times a day each 2/3 glass.

Besides this chicken droppings flowers can also be used to treat tuberculosis with coughing up blood, asthmatic. The trick is to wash 9 grams of dried flowers, then boil in 3 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups. after cold, strain the nair stew. Drink the mixture 3 times a day, 2/3 cup each.

The leaves also function as a skin remedy, boils, swelling, itching, high heat, rheumatic, and bruising. The way is fresh leaves crushed to be attached to a place that is sick or boiled sufficiently to wash off skin diseases, boils, bleeding sores, bruises, and vaginal discharge.


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