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I am more than happy to share some of my Herbal Concoction images here in the Hive Stock Images Community, an initiative started by @minismallholding and @naturalmedicine.

The idea is to share your own work for use by the Hive community only; and all that is asked is that you credit the photographer and if you wish and are able, possibly offer a percentage beneficiary every time someone uses that image, thus supporting our own content creators.

All images shared here are taken by me on my cell phone and are free to use by any of our bizzy bees, BUT, it is to stay inside the Hive, not for sharing on any other platform!

Herbal tea3.jpg
Spiced Herbal infused Wine


Herbal tea1.jpg
Herbs & Spices used - Orange Peel, Rosemary, Star Anise, Cloves, Cassia bark, Ginger, Peppercorns & Raisins added to a good red wine.
Herbal tea2.jpg

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Chamomile ginger lemon Tea1.jpg
Chamomile Tea. (Chamomile Flowers used as garnish)

Chamomile ginger lemon Tea.jpg
Chamomile, fresh Ginger Root & Lemon Tea

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Golden Milk.jpg
Golden Milk made with Organic Turmeric, fresh Ginger Root, crushed black Peppercorns, Vanilla pod, Cassia bark and Coconut Oil, and sweetened with Maple Syrup (or Honey for non vegans)

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Lemon/ Passionfruit Cocktail made with Lemon Juice & Lemon Slices, Passionfruit, Fresh Mint and a Fennel Flower Umbrella.

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nice stuff you've got out there!
its so teasing... that I momentarily considered that I want to make some shots of tea / spices again


Thanks @qwerrie, but your images are really lovely as well!

Oh my goodness @lizelle, your concoctions look absolutely delicious !
Your photos look so professional and the colors are so brilliant.
I can't believe these pix were taken from your phone.
Beautiful work!

Hey @farm-mom, it's lovely seeing you here:) Cell phones really have good cameras these days, just the zooming into objects a little far is not that good! Thank you for your lovely comments.

Proof of sharing on Twitter

really great pictures!

Thank you @tobetada!

Hey @lizelle, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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