Chanterelles - A Beautiful Fractal Pattern

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Here are a few chanterelles I found this weekend for #mushroommonday and the Fungi Lovers community.
They are growing everywhere in the forest right now and these ones were in particularly good condition. So I decided to do a macro photo shoot.
Look at their veiny gill pattern. Their gills start on the stem and eventually start branching out as they get towards the edge of the cap.
They have an amazing bright orange yellow color. They are fairly easy to spot growing under the hardwood forests.
You can see the cap start to warp from a nice round shape to an asymmetrical cap as they get older. Fortunately I found these at their prime, as they get older bugs tend to eat their way up the stems and they become hollow.
The top of the cap is usually concave and kind of rough.
The real beauty of the chanterelle is in their veiny gills.
They look amazing with backlighting.
As for taste these mushroom are one of my favorite wild edibles.
They have a slight rosy taste to them mixed with a normal mushroom taste. Their texture is nice and firm and they really go well in gravy or stir fried meals.

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surprisingly round-shaped mushrooms. We usually come across others

There are a few different species of chanterelle. The ones by me tend to be more round. In the mountains I've found the bigger less symmetrical kinds.

in our forests round ones are not found

I'm drying all the ones I've been finding and making a powder out of them.

I only make powder from chanterelles. When there are a lot of them

Many are out this year i have a full jar of powder now plus I ate the perfect ones.

Right You Are!
They look Very Dramatic with
Have an Awesome Upcoming Week!

Almost like a jackolantern. Maybe this fall I'll find some jackolantern mushrooms and do a timelapse of their bioluminescence.

That would be pretty wild!

Oh do that. It would be such a cool post!

How I just love the taste of these mushrooms. I can almost taste them thinking about adding them to certain dishes!!!

What sort of dishes have you had them in? They seem to work best with poultry or fish or by themselves with various vegetables.

What sort of dishes have you had them in? They seem to work best with poultry or fish or by themselves with various vegetables.

Tried with beef, but I think my best result was in a Chicken Asian Veggie stir fry with Cashews, yummy.

That sounds like a perfect combo.

These are beautiful photos! I love the color(s). The gills look like stylized flames in orange and yellow.

So is this the batch you dehydrated or are you finding more?

I found these ones today, perfect specimens, they got cooked in with italian beef sandwiches. Tomorrow I'll look for more to dehydrate.

What is this?

Chanterelle mushrooms, a wild edible mushroom I found.