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###### <center>_“How do we bring back our long lost desire? How do we revive the resonating songs of hope that once were? Maybe if we put life on sedatives, we can shape our future without having to worry about the consequences of time.”_</center>






Dear self,

We all have loved ones that has at one point left us to go places we can’t possibly follow. We get sad, beat ourselves up and sometimes we feel overly responsible.

There’s this feeling, like we could have done something to stop the tragedy. For some of us, we can only express the pain felt with words inked on pages. We write poetry and we speak poetry.

I’ve come to realize no one has ever had it all. When you think your life’s so pleasant and desirable…bang! An abrupt intercession, and you wake up to realize the vanity.

You realize how so it is to live the moment and expect the unexpected, but what to do? I will tell you what not to do dude! Just don’t give up on hope no matter what the situation around you looks like.

Though inevitable, no friend deserves to witness the untimely death of his bestie. People attach and people detach, and the sooner you come to terms with it, the quicker you break away from unproductivity.

Hope isn’t something you should try to do without, and that’s the main reason why I deemed it very necessary to write to you. I should talk about that one demon that comes to haunt you, most especially when you are at your lowest.

Sometimes it’s just restlessness while you lay in bed, eyes wide open, and the down feeling coursing through the whole of your existence. Thoughts about not wanting to live, moments when you wish you could continue but wearied out, times you wish oxygen becomes lethal, that feeling of it’s just best to die.

I know about the ever-resilient sound in your head, those echoes of just not good enough, that killer vibe that’s draining your very existence.

Dude! I know about those laughter of yours that is for a while, those times when winning no longer seem like winning, when your loss became frequented and you completely lose sight of how to win.

What about that feeling of shattered mindset, which even when put together seems impossible to restore the lively vibes. How can I not know about times when you often get lost in-between those lines, hid your tears behind the all concealing figure of speech while feigning strength.

“Live your best life now because tomorrow isn’t promised,” used to be a quote that once found refuge in my heart until I realized we need not live forever in fear of the unknown as it can deter from attaining what’s fulfilling.

Your future is secure, I’m proof that your future is more than just a probability because where am from, you should come to see who you turned out to be. Come see how your writing cured humanity of the cancer called Society.

Oh, man! I wish you could see what your future holds. The new world as I like to call it, there you’d find creativity at its peak. Where people no longer hate each other.

There, every race and tribe lived in total harmony, no monsters as rulers and leaders, no need for the service of armed men to defend territories and nations, testing of nuclear war power is no longer in existence, imagine you could come and go to places as you like, no barriers, no visas, no I but We. If only you could see through my eyes a united world.

What if I tell you your passion really made waves in the heart of men? With persistence, doggedness and tenacity, a beautiful future lies ahead of you. You just have to look beyond the pandemic and wreckages, the many deaths and tragedies.

Wise decisions made today are what keeps a glorious future in shape. So, please don’t stop investing in yourself dude, feed your passion, grow stronger, become formidable, and just watch days roll into months, years and it shouldn’t surprise you after a decade you turn out to be me.

Your very best version of self

Erinkitola A. Aduragbemi




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