Delete Negative People From Your Life

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I am sure you are diligent in cleaning up your cellphone gallery or the useless files on your laptop. You can do that as soon as possible, especially for photos that you don't want to see anymore. It will only take up storage memory. Then what about the negative people in your circle of life, or life on your social media?

The more we mature, the more people will dislike us. We are increasingly growing to be unique, and different from others. We cannot follow things that no longer serve our purpose. There will always be people who disagree with you and they will only bring negative energy to you. Will you allow people who are always negative to be in your circle of life?

Your happiness is Your Responsibility


Do you choose to stuck, or continue the journey if you are faced with people who do not respect you?

Your choices always carry your risks. Of course, your choices will determine happiness for yourself. Your life, your happiness is your responsibility. This means that your decisions to be in a negative environment have a big effect on your happiness. Only you can lead yourself to positive change, not someone else, not even your partner.

You can't control what other people say and treat you. But you can control your attitude, not to let these people into your life. Let them scold you, but don't let you fight them. It will only take up your time. People like that can not be stopped, except with your success later. They love to make you feel pressured.

Keep calm


The more you want to fight negative people in your life, the more they will become a part of your life. Calmness is the main key, you will be a person who will succeed through everything.

If negative people are already in your life, slowly shift your focus to only you. You just need to get used to focusing positive energy on you, not on them. You need to get in the habit of not listening to them instead of trying to figure out why they always hate you.

You have to focus on your goals. They will always be a distraction for you. With a great focus on your happiness, you will get used to letting them go out of your life and be erased from your life.

Remember, the more you care about what they do, and you ask them why they did that to you, the more attached they will become to your life. So, your calm in facing distraction is the key importance.

You can do removing negative people from your life by starting to focus on yourself. Not trying to fight them is your way to continue to be positive. Your attitude will make them lose by themselves, and will increasingly grow into an elegant, calm person.

Anyone can enter your life accidentally, but you can purposely remove people who don't respect you.

You will only appear valuable in the minds of positive people. So there you are. :)


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Great one!
I like the illustration and scenario you used to explain this.
You are right that we delete some files from our mobile and PC when we no more want them again or they have no use for us and photos we don't wanna see again.
The same should go for ourselves and our lives.
We should walk away or ignore the things or people that no more matter to us or add any value to us.
Those with negativity and bad energy.
We should focus more on ourselves and our happiness like you said.
Instead of wasting your energy trying to find out why someone hates you, try focusing more on yourself and happiness and every other thing will fall in place.
Thanks for this great message sent.

Focus on yourself, not others. Focus on your happiness instead trying to make everyone happy :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog :)

Yea dear. We should do just that.
I am glad I read your post.
Keep blogging

Wise words.
There are a lot of people who need to learn to remove toxicity from their lives, even when it's loved ones.
I know of a story of a child, who has to love the father from afar, because the dad seems to be a toxic person. When I heard the story, it made sense to me. The dad is still the father and he was a good father, but not so much a good partner. For everyone's own safety and health, they had to move on an stay away from toxic behavior

Some so many people can be toxic to our life. Most of them even come from those closest to us.

Stay blessed, Dear!

Whatever we do in life can be criticized by anyone. There is no hero in history that has not yet lived 100% approval rating and opinions of people can change throughout time. What is constant is the stream of criticism people receive before they set out to make records out there. Although delete is a strong word for me, I would like to use the term avoid, and at the minimum be selective of what to hear as some criticism can actually be constructive but most aren't.

Whether you're at your best or at your worst, there is always someone out there that will throw stones and wouldn't even care about the harm they do to you. Stay strong, keep your head high, and stay busy building yourself. :D

Avoiding is also a good choice of words. But sometimes they already enter my life, so I have to use the "delete" function :D

I like these words:

Stay strong, keep your head high, and stay busy building yourself.

Have a great day!

 2 months ago 

Some great advice in here, we do create our own happiness and we have to put our own health and well being first. Here's to a new year where we all learn to let of those things that no longer serve us, or indeed damage us xx

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Yes, we have to create own happiness, choosing to let go instead of hold on the things that can't longer fit in our life. :)

Happy new year, @trucklife-family

Sometimes for the sake of society, we can't do that. But I think we always can limit them/turn off communicating.
Thanks a lot for this shout out!

sometimes we just need to make "don't care" attitude, but still don't forget to evaluate ourselves.

Have a great day and happy new years!

Have a happy year, dear!

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