Do You Care About Yourself?

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Not only thinking about yourself, to care for fellow humans is a good thing for life. Caring for others does not mean you forget yourself. So, do you care about yourself?

Mental health is greatly influenced by how much you care about yourself. You have to be good at controlling yourself, and that requires caring a lot for yourself at first.

Yourself Deserves to be Happy


There are lots of people who think like "HERO" for others, but fail to become a hero for themselves.

As part of a community of life that must help each other, it does not mean we ignore ourselves.

Have you been honest with yourself all this time that you care about yourself, or do you care more about people's happiness?

It is a noble thing if you succeed in making other people happy. You have a good aim. But that kindness will only work if you also succeed in being happy. You don't ask for rewards for your actions to care for others.

Most people become disillusioned when their kindness and concern for others are not considered and are not rewarded with equal retribution. This will happen if you are caring and make other people happy so that you are also happy for others. These are thoughts that will torture you.

You have the right to be happy not because you have done good and care for others. It's only a bonus if they care about you too. You deserve to be happy because you should be happy.

So so that you can make other people happy and care for others without feeling disappointed later, you have to care and be happy first. A self filled with happiness and love will succeed in making others happy without expecting anything in return because they are already happy and full of love from the start.

You have the right to be happy, and to achieve that, you have to care about yourself, not ask other people to care about you.

Sorting the Good and Bad Things for You


Caring for yourself means trying to manage attitudes that will make you grow better. You have to sort the good things and the bad things.

Get rid of things that spoil your focus. Maybe all this time you have paid too much attention to people who just don't pay attention to you, and or that person doesn't want you to be in his life at all. You forget to focus on yourself and get busy getting other people to focus and care about you. It will be useless and will waste your energy.

Do lots of things that make you happy, even without other people. Do things that make you feel valuable and increase your self-worth. Train yourself to do new abilities that will make you better later.


You deserve to grow up to be worthy, with your utmost care for yourself. And only the people who respect you later deserve your care.

Don't waste energy thinking about things you don't want to care about.

You are valuable, you deserve the care of others too, but that will be later after you also care for yourself.

How will other people care about you, if you fail to care about yourself?


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I love this line!

There are lots of people who think like "HERO" for others, but fail to become a hero for themselves.

Yes, that's so true. And if we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of others properly, and we often hit burnout.

So yeah. Take care of yourself!

Take care 😘

Do you know what is the interesting part about me? I care about myself more than anything. People call me selfish in real life but I don't care. If you are weak people will take advantage and will remind you every time that you are weak but when you are strong, they will envy you. Stay happy sis because your happiness is important more than anything else...

I still in the process to be like you lol. Thank you for always support me, Sis! I love you!

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