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Mindfulness meditation allows us to get in touch with our being, Returning to center allow us to get in touch with our divinity.

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“I’m trying to meditate.”

The mind runs a mile a minute when you tell it to be quiet. This is the problem many people face when starting meditation. But that’s not what meditations is about, is it? Meditation has stillness at it’s core, but stillness is not the goal, but the means to reach the real core, the core of your being.

I Am Meditation

Meditation isn’t about leaving everything behind to become still, it’s about returning to center. Not getting there, not holding on to that, just returning, as an action. Returning to center means bringing all of the energy on your expression into your core, the column of light connecting your energy centers (the chakras).

There is no ‘messing up’ in meditation, as long as you pivot your energy toward returning to center.

There’s a reason we always have thoughts during meditation. These thoughts need to be integrated for us to become whole again. When we can being thoughts, sensations, feelings, and emotions into our center light, then we can understand and love them as part of our whole, and see past our programming to the new reality aligned with our higher self.

Steps to Return to Center

  1. Start in whatever is a normal meditative state for you. Think of RTC technique as an extension of any other meditative practice.

  2. Once you are entering a deep state begin to focus on your core connection. Do this by placing attention a few inches below the belly button, or at the heart, or the base of the spine, or the entire column of light running parallel to the spine.

  3. Breath in light to the core, the column of light running root to crown (or the heart, root, or abdomen, as you choose). Exhale all of your connections to thoughts, all of your “self”. Inhale again with your focus on the core light, now starting to extend through your limbs and organs. Exhale, surrender, release. Inhale, pack more light into all parts of the body, bones, skin, muscle. Exhale, let all that fall away, and return to the core. Repeat until you feel full of consciousness in all parts of the body. For transcendence, connect your core of light to your surroundings, both close, all of Earth, the solar system, and beyond. Surrender these things to the core just like you did your own thoughts and conscious experience.

  4. When you lose focus, notice and acknowledge it, and return to center once again. Ride waves of returning to center, getting deeper and deeper

  5. When it is time, your exhales will get slower as you release and surrender more to the center. On a particularly long exhale, when you feel more of the center column of light than your personal conscious experience, inhale big and bright through your nostrals and flex your neck while breathing.

  6. Hold in the breath as you continue to bring more air into your lungs, and flex all of your muscles, or the ones you can comfortably in your position.

  7. Return to normal breathing and continue your day.

The body as an energetic machine.

The body holds the geometry of the torus at it’s every point and whole. We can see this easily when looking at an intact nervous system detached from the rest of the body.

Torus Image by Robolution

When we look at the torus shape, we can see that there is a core and that is a n expanded form. This expanded form blooms out of the moving torus shape, then collapses to bloom again.

When we meditate, our goal is to be returning to center. Once we pass through this center, we bloom again.

We often feel cloudy because there are clouds of electromagnetic interference keeping us from being the being we are.

When we return to center, we surrender our current energetic state. All of our energy returns to the center of the torus, and in turn to the universal creator. Then, with the inertia of our (yang, push) energy going back into pure yin of the polarity, it is bloomed back out into our expression as pure yang. This pure yang is the lifeblood of universal creation, and will match all of our yin. Our yin is our pull on a new reality. It is our vibration that is not yet matched, the difference between the mind and what is already manifest.

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When we are able to remain aligned with our higher purpose, while simultaneously relaxing the mind enough to forgoe the programs we are constantly running, then we can fully embody the energy that comes back to us.

The better we can fully bring ourselves, including every aspect of our subconsciousness, physicality, and mental attention, into the center, the stronger will be the kickback from source.

Energy surrendered to center = Energy received

The energy available to you

( Energy you have available to surrender) X (% you are able to relinquish in meditation) = Available Energy Received by Universal

What you harvest

(Available Energy Received by Universal) X (clarity of connection with highest self, as 100% -%distortion) x (ability to receive the energy) = Benefit

Image Credit: [Rewired on Gaia by Dr. Joe Dispenza](

The Science behind Meditation is Evolving

Scientists and researchers like Dr. Joe Dispenza are breaking open meditation research into a science. I’m not here to list off the research, just to get to the essence of it.

We reach higher energy brainwaves in meditation. These brainwaves come because we are surrendering all of our lower vibrational energy to our core, where we can then receive the new energy that brings us into a state more in-tune with our true self.

What happens beyond

Mindfulness is being present without assigning meaning to what we are perceiving. Mindfulness is what allows us to first view our center, as we shut off our programming for long enough to feel the lifeblood in our every cell.

The next step is to step into our center. To always be moving toward the center. Then, we can be mindful with the all, as all is found through the center.

What happens beyond returning to center is magical. When we get in tune with our core, we find it is the most pure and energizing love. When we learn to balance and direct this love, we start to play with the higher creations of reality. And it all starts right here, now, in the center.

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