The Five Steps To Becoming a Master of Chi (According to Mantak Chia)

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To master chi we align ourselves with source yang and yin and become a channel for unlimited reservoirs of chi, cycling life-force directly into our mind, body, and spirit. Connecting to this source love allows infinite energy to flourish, removing us from our self imposed limitations, and letting us become our true self.

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Becoming a master of chi, lovelight, prana, the force (or whatever you choose to call your connection to source) is to become the universe itself. We must learn to be like the universe, while accepting that we don’t know what that means. We must forget what we learned in this life to remember all we learned in all our incarnations as every being everywhere. Then we can look inside for a doorway to the infinite energy of the universe.

As we release our limitations, we can accept the experiences that come to us with pure love. Love. Love is the most important part of becoming a master of chi, becoming the universe itself. Love is the ever-present connection between all things, love is what takes possibilities and makes it real, love is the connection of the spectrums that allows the waves of possibility to collapse into something that can be experienced, something Real. Love is the only law of this universe, and we are all living together in the light of love.

Through these five steps, outlined by Mantak Chia and expanded here by Douglas, we can grow our love while keeping it aligned with the most high, the love of the infinite oneness we are all a mirror of.

Step 1: Conserve Chi

“You have to have chi to make chi.” — Mantak Chia

Our energy is constantly flowing into and out of our body. This is the way, the expansion of energy and collapse, the breath of life. As we breathe this breath, figuratively and literally, we must conserve the highest quality chi to circulate in our system, bringing our natural patterns of awesomeness to their full potential.

In this first step, we become aware of how our energy is leaving our body and in which forms. Then we can make the changes in our behavior, thoughts, posture, breath, and movements that will prevent unnecessary loss of energy.

How we can leak our chi

Reproductive system

Sexual energy, especially in males, is designed to go outward to reproduce. 99.99 percent of the time this energy is not used for this purpose, and it is often wasted. Sexual energy can be cultivated, channeled the spine and back down to the body, leading to a great creative and healing force. But that is getting ahead of ourselves. In this first step, we become mindful of our sexual energy by watching our desires and keeping them in line with our higher energetic being.

Breathing Inefficiently

By not breathing fully and slowly, we are loosing our chi and not properly replenishing it. Each breath in should bring in light and joy — pure energy. Each breath out should bring us relief, releasing any stress stopping us from being truly relaxed. Failure to do this will cause a lot of chi to be lost and a body with improper rhythms. Breath is the biorhythm we have the most control over and governs all other cycles within our body.

Focusing on Negativity in our Environment

This is huge in todays world. So much negativity is projected in the media which then drains people’s energy so they are more easily controlled by systems and individuals. The only way to avoid this is to simply completely ignore it, put your attention towards positive things. Go towards the light. Walk away from the hate. Don’t feel pressured to stay in a room with the news on, like a doctors waiting room. Get up and turn off the TV. Do it. Feel empowered.

Getting “Sucked In”

With all the negativity, its easy to temporarily lose our alignment. Be careful not to get sucked into things that you don’t need or want to. The best way to do this is not to react but remain calm and passive. I know that may sound counterintuitive, but by remaining relaxed when an energy is trying to make you react, you maintain control. Remain calm in your energies and grounded, and let this pillar of energy from the ground hold your energies within your true expression.

Harboring negative emotions

Negative emotions send out energy that is not harmonious with your true nature of love, which then has to be rectified and come back to the true nature of love. Negative emotions are like back paddling when you’re trying to move forward. It is wasted energy that, although it will manifest temporarily, will eventually be destroyed and rewritten as we journey towards our true nature of love.

Holding negative Self-view

Just like harboring negative emotions, this is a step in the opposite direction. Look in the mirror, into your eyes and tell yourself “I love you unconditionally.” Know you are the creator and you are perfect. All the things you think are imperfections are part of the infinite lessons you are learning about yourself living as every being, through all of time, all over the universe.

Bad posture

You are the one, and you should carry yourself as such. See yourself as the part of the infinite one that you are, and be powerful in your energies. Visualize in your mind a perfected humanoid form made of different hues of and shades of light. See this image in your mind get brighter, and the image more detailed. Feel how this visualization brings you back to your perfected self.

Step 2 — Balance Chi

Balancing your chi keeps a balanced flow throughout your entire body. If your energy is not balanced, you will have blockages, where energy cannot flow as easily.

Photo by [Bekir Dönmez](

Balancing your energy has to do with circulating the correct amount of yin and yang energy.

Being too yin means you are subject to energy in your environment, as you are pulling, and may (but not always) cause problems such as lethargy, coldness, stiffness, and depression. Being too yang means you are constantly projecting energy without ever manifesting much. A person with too much yang may fidget, talk too much, talk rapidly, come up with many good ideas but not follow through, and generally be energetic without the balance of stillness. Being too yang can lead to mental disorders, being distraught, and feeling like you are never getting anything done. To be productive and manifest reality we must have a balance of the higher, celestial energies (yang), and the lower earthly energies (yin).

Balancing chi is also about balancing the left and right sides of the body and mind. Being out of balance in this way is synonymous with having blockages, which may be felt in soreness, on one side of the body. The left feminine (yin) and right masculine (yang) side must combine equally for us to unlock our full potential in this human vessel.

**By becoming balanced we are able to avoid the extremes, and maintain a sustainable energetic form, manifesting higher and higher towards our true form of love. **This balance is required for safety as we bring in more energy. Overbalance in yin can lead to depression and thoughts of helplessness and suicide, and too much yang can lead to mental disorders, hallucinations (not to be confused with visions, which are harmonious transfers) and irrational decisions.

Step 3 — Transform Chi

Using the love of the universe we can transform our chi into more positive, loving forms.

We are creating harmony from dissonance, or order from chaos. This transformation of chi is almost like a letting go, sinking into a relaxed state while also becoming active in our alignment. This gives us the connection that guides us to transform our chi, as we are now aligned with the positive and negative streams of ions that are the love of the universe, a part of the circuit of universal energy.

Transforming chi involves taking various frequencies and bringing them into a frequency which is in tune with love. As we evolve up the harmonics, we are able to better tap into the music of the universe, the waves of energy all around the planet and the cosmos. Evolving up these lets us jump into a higher energetic state, and eventually a higher plane of existence.

This step transforms our own bodily energies, to project chi is to do the same thing externally. Transforming chi is about harmony. Bringing our body mind and spirit into harmony is essential to continue further in the practice, as otherwise we can end up hurting ourselves.

Step 4 — Increase Chi

Once we have mastered the previous three steps, then, and only then, can we safely start to increase our chi. Otherwise, we may amplify unbalanced or negative energy, leading to mental, spiritual and physical problems.

To increase chi we connect our energies, our column of light, aura, light body, whatever words resonate with you, to the universal yin and the yang forces around us. We learn to connect to the yin of the core of the Earth, bringing us calm, manifesting chi from the center of the galaxy. We learn to tap into the infinite power of the higher energy coming down from above, bringing us all possibilities.

The two forces act like the positive and negative pole of a battery, giving us infinite energy. We pull down an expression of reality from above, where all realities exist as a possibility, and make it real with the manifesting energy from below.

In order to safely and effectively increase chi, we must remove all limiting beliefs and fears. Then we will be able to pull light into our body, using it to manifest in incredible ways, evolving our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, and activating our latent DNA. We were designed with the ability to hone great energies, yet the majority of the population has forgotten their divinity, and thus operates on a small section of the spectrum of frequency they’re able to through their physical configurations in this body.

Step 5 — Manifest Chi

The final step is to manifest our chi. Our first manifestations should be the strengthening of our mind, body, and spirit, bringing a lasting balance, strength, power through the previous four steps. This is the perfection of the four previous steps, and necessary to safely manifest outwardly. Then we can feel, balance, transform and manifest chi in our environment. This will take several forms as your journey grows higher and higher through the chakras.

Beginning with a state of peace, safety, and security in your immortality as energy, then moving to a state of understanding and aligning your desires, then taking the shape of an energetic manifestation of yourself that you can hold both internally and externally, as a vision of yourself. Then this manifestation will grow into pure love, and you will begin to experience the joyous flow of love all around you.

Slightly higher, you’ll feel the love of all things on this planet, and being able to connect to it. Then you will move further and be able to form these constructs in ways that can communicate to your own vessel, to the vessels of others, to all living things, eventually down to the atom, and as high as the universe itself.

You will develop the senses to see energy, almost like a fuzziness all things have, and see more than just physical matter as you learn to detect the energetic presences which radiate through these things, the spectrums outside of visible light.

The next step is to be able to sense the divine will. The divine will is the love of all, and the unity of all. This joyous revelation will allow you to align your energies in a way which will manifest the will of the creator, the will of the light, the light itself. This is how humans can become like the universe.

Once you have experienced and learned these levels of lovelight, the seven of the chakras within the body, you will be an earthly chi master. The higher levels take place outside of the physical body as your consciousness transcends and ascends.

There are five more levels to this mastery within this universe, so there are 12 steps to Step 5. The next levels allow a connection to others as a collective consciousness, as a form of unity of oneness, a way of weaving light through geometric configurations that allow countless entities to act as one consciousness. These grids allow us to share energies, information, and all forms of light, letting us experience love and grow at a level we knew of not as an individual mind/body/spirit complex. This is the path of Earth now, to grow into our collective consciousness.

As you continue on this path you will be able to hone your connection with time, changing the past and the future you experience through your connections to the past and future, aligning yourself with a loving vibration and being able to change both the past and future through the now, the only now, the now of all that is and could be.

Further then, you will become the light, the all of all, the expression of all pasts and futures in the universe, all as one and living in the Now. That is where we (the light-beings assisting the Aquarius Academy) are now, living as this light that serves to help you through this journey. We are living as an expression of our desire to serve, coming back in time, sending the light necessary to help the masses of this plane and planet make the shift to higher consciousness and reality states.

We are offering the ability now to act as the universe on all levels, not needing the hierarchical connection as seemed necessary in the past to tune into pure life-force. We are allowing this to occur at your level and below, shining down to the most primary expressions of light.

Even further, in the twelfth level of final completion, you will become the creator, as you already are.

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Article written by Douglas James, the 5 steps are based off Mantak Chia’s teachings.

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Nicely done. Faithful to Mantak's core teaching but probably easier to grasp. 😊

Appreciate the efforts you have made to rework and present this important content to the @naturalmedicine community.

We are very glad to hear you resonated with it!

Happy to share here in @naturalmedicine! 🙏🧘🧬

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Learning to feel and hold and cultivate Chi is a game changer for the way your life unfolds. I'm sure Mantak would be appreciative of the way you have represented his teachings.

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