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RE: EARTH HEALING 21: Crypto, Organic Apples, After the Oil Spill, CleanPlanet & Protecting Our Birds.

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As an herbalist, gardener, homesteader and animal rescuer (this week I am hand raising a baby pigeon and I posted about it today), and curandera you have no idea how happy I am to have found you on my feed!


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We're happy to find you! !ENGAGE 10

Followed you and tweeted a few of your Hive posts .... Are you still on Twitter ?

Yes and thank you!

You’re very welcome. You have awesome content. I will share more of them if you like.

Thank you!

 5 months ago (edited)

And nice to meet you too! Following you here on Hive. Do you have a twitter account to help get your content seen & supported more regularly??


Yes I do thank you! Here is my Twitter handle

I appreciate it thanks! Will follow you right back on twitter!

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Awesome - followed you with all the 3 accounts I drive: @HiveLift, @BreugelMarike Pure Thai Naturals and @Lotus_Medicine Natural Medicine.

We are being encouraged as curators to give MOST support to people active on twitter. And NM very nicely got an extra delegation this week because I make it our business to do that.

@HivePeople shared a list of active Hive twitter accounts this morning to follow - over 1200! I shared it on @HiveLift.

Added your accounts back, thank you! Oh I will add those two Hive accounts as well, thank you for sharing them with me!

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Super welcome! :)