Organic DIY Moisturizing & Detangling Hair Mask - Cos Post Pool Party Hair Disasters Happen!

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Hair disasters happen for the strangest of reasons. Mine? We had been to a Business Leadership Pool Party here in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Expecting a restrained, polite cultural affair, we ended up (with everyone else!) fully clad in the pool. We had a blast! You can read more about that here.

Got home around midnight from our late afternoon event - wet, bedraggled and a bit hyper. And so I sat quietly, as I like to do, with a single malt whiskey savouring the nice thoughts, the silence and listening to the cicadas on a hot tropical night. And then suddenly the fatigue hit and I fell into bed for 10 amazing hours of sleep. Only to wake to somewhat of a hair disaster. You see, I had not rinsed it out before we left and I didn't have the energy to wash it and shower at midnight when we got home.

Hmmmmm.... had the feel of steel wool and I couldn't get my fingers through it, let alone a comb. Ouch!!!

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Knowing how important it is to minimize chemicals which are EASILY absorbed into the bloodstream via the scalp with its rich blood supply, I decided to whiz up an Organic Hair Mask. And this is what I chose to use:


Rich in both protein to smooth the hair and lactic acids to help cleanse the hair and clear way old debris, yoghurt is an ages-old natural hair treatment. Make sure it's natural yoghurt with no added chemcials or flavours.


Bananas too, are well known in multiple cultures for adding shine and elasticity back to dull hair.

Coconut Oil:

This is an industrial level remedy for dry, damaged and lifeless hair!! Use it in small quantities, often, for amazingly healthy hair!!

Coconut milk:

Nourishing, promotes hair growth and makes your hair lovely shiny-soft - coconut milk is an Asian woman's beauty secret! Shhhh....!!!

Aloe Vera;

Again, a poorly-kept beauty secret in South America, the Caribbean and Asia, aloe vera gel not only nourishes the scalp but it smoothes and restores the shine to your hair quickly. Use NATURAL aloe vera from the garden and NOT stabilzed (plus chemicals!) aloe vera from a tube.



I put about 2 tablespoons of each in the blender, whizzed it for 1 minute till it looked and smelled like a great tropical smoothie.

The BEST test for natural hair and skin care? It you can't EAT IT, then don't.

I massaged it generously into my freshly washed hair from scalp to ends, and then wrapped it in a towel and left it in for about 30 mins to works its magic. Then I rinsed it out with the tiniest amount of shampoo possible (just a few drops) and my hair combed out easily.

The result? 😆 Much better!


Soft, fragrant (made me hungry!) and easy to comb.

Natural hair care not only takes brilliant care of our hair (and helps resolve occassional hair disasters) but it's also WONDERFUL for Mother Earth: no nasty chemicals or icky oils washing down drains and into the world's waterways.

So - what's YOUR go-to "fix it" for pool hair that's dry and tangled??

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This is definitely a recipe to try, I love these hair masks that make you eat them before applying them hahaha, I prepare one with a little cocoa, coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado and cayenne that gives a really spectacular shine and softness to the hair, I really have a good time without preparing it, so I will prepare this one and then I will tell you how it went, my hair needs love

 6 days ago 

Oh that's interesting. Wondering if my overdry blonde chlorine stripped hair would soak up the brown from the cocoa?? LOL. NOT gonna try that!! 😆

Avocado is REALLY great too!! The cayenne is new for me so I learned something from your comment - THANK you!!


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I am going to try this - I always like to use natural products as I suffer with very delicate skin - thank you

 6 days ago 

Great to hear you look after yourself and the environment with natural products!


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The joys of chlorine soaked hair! Its been a while since I had to contend with that, so not sure what I'd do. I usually rinse like crazy straight after. My daily hair care is just an ACV rinse, which helps me to brush my hair through (I really regret if I forget it) and removes some of the oil build up. I'm not sure if that would cut it for pool hair, though.

@tipu curate

 8 days ago 

Usually I go for the preventative care option, which is to massage the coconut oil in BEFORE I swim - works GREAT!! Being tossed into the pool fully clad & unprepared? 🤣 Glad I keep my cell phone in my handbag and never on my person!


Oh gosh. Phone in handbag is definitely a good habit in these circumstances!

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Wow! This works like magic!! Very good recipe!

 7 days ago 

It DID work like magic and was surprisingly easy and quick to do!


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I liked very much your post. 🙂

 7 days ago 

Glad to hear that, and thank you so much for stopping by to say so.


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 8 days ago 

Excellent information, I congratulate you on your post.