The Ethical Empathic Herbalist's Challenge

It happened literally overnight.

I was simply too tired. Having worked all afternoon and well into the evening on an alcohol extraction of an expensive herb for someone else's healing journey, I barely had the energy left to clean up the sticky dark resin mess, let alone juice the turmeric and ginger roots that also needed to be done. So I left them out of the fridge, on the cutting board, where I knew I would be reminded and get to them tomorrow.

And they erupted. In one night and half a day.


When I came back to them this afternoon, I was floored. My 15 minute juicing job suddenly had an ethical edge to it. I have never understood people who go on about cruelty to animals alone. Can't they feel the plants too? Cos I felt them today bursting with growth and life and needing to go back into the ground. Something in me felt it would be wrong to kill that.

Yes, it's hot in Thailand right now. Very hot. And humid. Things grow 1 meter in a week in the garden, without exaggeration. Only someone who has lived in the tropics will truly be nodding at this point. 24 hours out of my fridge? These Plant Beings wanted to LIVE.

"Erupted" is not an understatement.



GingerTurmeric8 2.jpg

And so I paused and gave thanks for Life as it propels itself forward. Breathed into my need for the Turmeric-Ginger juice and no, it was not frivolous. And so I spent the next hour carefully dissecting the roots - cutting off the bits that will go back into the garden tomorrow.


and separating them from the juicy, non-sprouting bits:


When Life whispers to your soul, you need to hear Her.

And so the 15 minute herbal job became several hours. And I heard a part of myself saying, "See... there was a POINT to you not rushing through it yesterday!"

Despite the roots being a little dry and woody, they yielded some awesome juice.

GingerTurmeric9 2.jpg

The aroma is out of this world! I will blend it with honey, fresh lime and a decoction of liquorice root, more ginger, black pepper and thyme. An important lung clearing tonic as the rainy season starts to kick in. Decongestant Lung Tonic Recipe

The woody debris from the juicer? Makes a great natural garden pest deterrent. I just sprinkle it around my more sensitive leafy greens. The snails and slugs hate it.


My other herbal challenge? 🤣

GingerTurmeric4 2.jpg

10 days nail growth - LOL - they grow faster than tropical weeds. Off they come again! - it's faster than cleaning them.

So much of our journey as people, as healers, as therapists... is to FEEL. To observe, to listen, to hear and feel the language of the plants, the people who can't speak, the animals, the soil and the spirits. It starts small, like this, listening to and feeling the roots waiting to be juiced in your kitchen which simply GREW overnight, asking to be planted again.

Do YOU hear the plants and flowers talking to you?

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Woah, that is one AWESOME looking juice!

Way to stick with the grind!

@tipu curate

It smells DIVINE! Using fresh turmeric and ginger juice as healing tools is a standard in my Thai world. 😍

And thank you for the tip! 😊😘

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 13/28)

24H and that growth?! Amusing! Yup, they really want to live. Yesterday, as I plucked some stalks from my Little water spinach patch, I whispered a small "Thank you" to them for sharing themselves for our nourishment. They've been abundant so far, despite the desert summer, giving me fresh bunch in less than a week's time.

Water spinach is SUCH a giver too, right? Loved your Moon cup post, my dear. We need much more of that on Hive Natural Medicine - and the guys as fathers, lovers and partners to be need to read it too. 😊

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

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Ginger sprouts!!! Man, in Vicco they just shrivel. I wonder if our planned poly tunnel might support them...

Look at your nails! Goodness. Mine never get that long, I'm always tearing them gardening or slicing into them with kitchen knives haha..

Can't wait to make your tonic, do remind me in about a week. I got a care package in here with limes from my tree which are beautiful this year!!!

I loveeee this post! I love how things work out sometimes, and the chain reaction that happens. I love that you honoured the plant beings' desire to live, and the care and effort you put into making sure you and the plant could both get you wanted :D

Also I've never juiced turmeric, and I'm very curious to try! I also had no idea that the turmeric debris is a good pest deterrent, amazing <3

Loving the sound of your life in Thailand, have you always lived there?? Is there an older post maybe that tells the story? I'd love to know more :)

The natural way is the best one