Another Happiness God Gave Me

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Introduce myself, my name Wita.
Born in Medan, February 7, 1994.
Now I'm 27 years old.
I've been married for 4 years and have a good husband.
There's been a lot of things we've been through in the last few years.
Especially when it comes want to have children.
Surely being a parent is the dream of every married couple.
Like me and my husband.
But it's a big thing that might be a problem in our little family.
Four years ago, God left a small fetus from my uterus, but that hope had to be destroyed because I miscarried when I was 24 weeks pregnant.
Likewise, when I got pregnant back two years ago, I had to give up my little baby when I was 24 weeks pregnant.



For 2 years I had to learn to be sincere and patient. Many people nearby gave me encourage, prayers and affection.
Alhamdulillah, it's a good blessing for my mentality right now.
For two years I've been rebuilding mentally, losing kids twice has been hard for me.
All the time I think, why?
Is God mad at me?
Can't I have kids?
Not to mention a lot of people I've just met asking,' which child is it?'
And I have to explain over and over with new people.
It makes me mentally fall as bad.

Wanted to end my life when I lost my second child. But I was saved by a lot of great support from the family, especially my husband.


For two years I reorganized my life, I prayed to God for the little things that made me happy.
Traveling to a simple place, eating the food I want, watching netflix series, working my best and doing the hobbies I love, here's what I do to improve my mentality.


A lot of things are going on so I feel strong right now. Staying away from the negatives that can damage my mental state is one of the natural medicine that can improve things. And I must be grateful for all the happiness that Exists today that God has


Be grateful..


Cerita pribadi anda sangat menarik.
Semoga kesabran dan ketabahan selalu hadir dalam jiwa anda. Terus berkiprah di lotus indonesia

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