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We must be familiar with soursop fruit. Soursop fruit is a fruit that is easy to find in tropical areas such as Indonesia. Soursop fruit is easy to make a variety of sweet dishes.
This time I chose soursop fruit as plantbased challenged by @justinparke in this week.

I chose soursop fruit because in my city of Medan it is now summer. So it is eager to eat a cold deesert and of course healthy and beneficial for the body.

In Indonesia in particular, soursop fruit is very cheap, for the price of 1kg 6000 IDR

This time I had the idea to make soursop pudding with vegan recipe.


  • Agar-agar
  • 150gr Sugar
  • Soursop
  • Water
  • Grape (for garnish)


How to cook Soursop Pudding:

  • Peel the soursop skin and remove the seed, then blend with 500ml water


  • Combine agar-agar, sugar and soursop juice
  • Cook until boiling


  • Mould the soursop pudding in a pot, then put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes


  • Remove the pudding from the refrigerator
  • Plating soursop pudding on a plate, soursop pudding can be served

Plate The Syrup

Style Grape Garnish

Cocoa Powder

Soursop Pudding

Soursop pudding can be enjoyed in the afternoon while relaxing. Enjoyed with afternoon tea is also very useful to relieve the stress of a full day of work.

Leave comment if you try this recipe.

Author: Aswita
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Thanks for Recipe. I should try to make it during summer in Taiwan

Simple but delicious, I miss soursop so much. We used to eat it every week in Cambodia, also very affordable there. Here in Suriname it is very rare and only for the rich people to eat.

This post is also beautifully formatted and the photography is stellar, love the grape garnish too. Way to go chef! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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This makes me go crazy. I would just love to have some but there is no sour sop in Canada. It's a lovely dish you made!

Omg, thankyou :)

I love soursop. Def my fav tropical fruit! I am not a fan of gelly dessert but I might give this one a try! Anything with soursop got my attention lol! I love How you cut the grape! So beautiful!

Beautiful, tasty and well presented, thanks for sharing