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I grow my own Mint leaves in the garden.
I grow more herbs but mint I have two pots of. Mint tea is not only delicious because of the delicious fresh and pure taste! Fresh mint tea has many good properties so here are 10 good reasons why you should drink fresh mint tea more often:

1. It gives me a better memory

The mint tea improves your memory, I read there somewhere, so thats always a great thing for a blond. Research has shown that people who drank mint tea for a test score better! The working memory and your alertness improves considerably by drinking mint tea. That is also good for me.

2. Good for the digestion and the intestines

Do you suffer from blockages ( yes, that is also something I have )? Then mint tea can help aswell. It ensures flow in your body. And your intestines like that! Its helps a bit for that but this mint helps me a mofre for my headache.


3. Good against garlic air

You know it: you just had a good meal, but you realize that you now smell quite like garlic…. What is the best thing to do? Drink mint tea! A cup of mint tea after a meal with a lot of garlic will make you "stink" less. After dinner I order this mostly with dessert. rubbing a mint leave on your tongue is also a possibility against bad breath.




4. Helps against motion sickness or nausea

Do you suffer from motion sickness or are you quickly nauseous? Mint tea helps! Mint tea has been proven to take away nausea faster, making you feel much more comfortable when traveling. Take a cup of tea with you in the car, in a handy thermo cup. Or a bag of leaves to put in hot water everywhere available while travelling.


5. Satisfy the hunger

Many people , like me, enjoy putting honey through their mint tea. With a little bit of honey, you can prevent mint tea from eating something sweet after a meal. The strong scent of mint also ensures that you do not quickly reach for something sweet. Not working to much for me. I am a sugar addict.


6. Helps against stress

Do you suffer from stress? Then you can prevent this by drinking mint tea. Mint tea immediately reduces stress and reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. The fragrance of mint tea is also very soothing!




7. With a cold

Mint tea has an expectorant effect and therefore ensures that you get rid of your flu or cold more quickly. Sorry not covid.


8. Does not contain caffeine

Fresh mint tea contains no caffeine and theine, making it a healthier alternative to coffee or regular tea. You can therefore also drink fresh mint tea with a detox diet. I havent tried that if anyone of you has some tips i would love that in the comments.


9. Good for your skin

Drinking two cups of fresh mint tea a day gives your skin a boost and prevents excessive hair (this seems to be so ...). Mint can also help against oily skin.


10. Good for headaches
This for me is the most important one. I have those a lot. I wake up and have them and this is the only thing that helps. The headache will not disappear immediately if you take a sip of mint tea, but my experience has shown that drinking mint tea does indeed relieve headaches. So I go to my garden often for my britt-tea ! Here is my cup with also a bit of honey. And a aspirine on some days.


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Date : 30 may 2020

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Thanks! Have a great day!

-stop read and run for a mint plant-

I read the paper and when my drink was finished I looted another cup

I knew the digestive tract benefits but forgot about the memory stuff. Guess I have to drink more of it!

I have 3 kinds in the garden. Peppermint, spearmint and chocolate mint. Come to think of it, I also have cucumbers and a brewery in the basement so maybe I should brew cucumber peppermint ale!

Yes and make a blog dear friend I love to learn 😉

Thanks for sharing the benefits of mint to us. We often underestimate the beneficial effects of herbs to our body, especially the natural ones. I'm glad you know it and practice it. 🤗Have a great day

Same here I learned and tried it out and now it’s a keeper

That's interesting to know

Yes you get that being on a great platform like hive, how is your journey here so far?

It's being a good time so far. Fun, educative, have being meeting new people - just like you. I have came across a lot of posts about cultures, languages and foods that ordinarily I may not have seen if I was not here. It's been good so far.

Wow, this is very informative, thank you for sharing its health benefits. It can help a lot of poeple. 😊

Well if you got a splitting headache like me this is the best way to go

This is really interesting. I didn't know mint leave have so much health benefits. I think I need to dig deep into more of its benefits. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Yes well I didn’t know at first but with planting seads I read all I needed to know and mint was a keeper

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a great comment
Happy pentecost weekend

When I saw your post it remind me my Hoidays in Marocco.
I love the mint thea :)

I drink my morning tulsi tea for stress, but perhaps I could see if a mint tea would work instead. After all I don't grow tulsi, but I do grow mint.

There's nothing better than a homegrown tea! That mint looks really healthy. Well done!

Why does your plant label say "MUNT"?

That made me laugh.

Somebody told me eating a spoonful of honey every day for a week or two will help my pollen allergy stop. Might as well use all the fresh mint growing my garden to make honey tea, and see if it works.