The Chill Out And The Colors

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The Chill Out And The Colors

We had the coldest April in 40 years.

Scientists have found that the warming around the North Pole can permanently weaken the jet stream, preventing the usual change in weather from rainy and friendly phases. Extreme weather such as heat waves and cold waves are possible due to blocking highs.

So no question I enjoyed the little bit of good weather we got yesterday hanging out in the garden. Joy did the same and made himself comfortable in our little Lounge area. While I was contemplating about certain things, I also took a little stroll through the garden to capture some colors.

Colors are said to have an influence on our mood and brain. Each color has a different effect and a typical wavelength and energy that is transmitted to the body.

Remembering this I will try to dig into that topic and adjust my apartment a little bit more. I already started to get some better energies flowing there but it is not enough lol.

Anyways, while I was strolling through the piece of land that surrounds our rental I discovered some spring colors.

Spring is always a good source for colors.

I found several colors but three of them I am going to show you now. Accompanying the beautiful pictures of mine I share some general information on the colors.

It is a self reminder that I need to pay more attention to myself.

Here we go.


Violet, is said to be the color of the mind and spirituality. It is supposed to promote mental equilibrium and determination. Violet has a strong meditative effect. It influences the subconscious.

It stands for introspection and spiritual absorption. It opens the awareness of non-material experiences and promotes the exchange of vibrations between the two halves of the brain.

It is the healing color of the mind and strengthens brain activity.

Violet is also the color used to initiate cleaning processes - both in the case of physical blockages and psychological uncertainties, to compensate for disharmonies and to mediate between opposites.

Violet can transform the energy involved in painful experiences into spiritual growth.

Its vibrations open us to hidden dimensions of life and awaken a willingness to give, love and to be idealistic.

It is said that the vibrations of the color violet can lead us to the experience of inner oneness with all life.


Red is said to increases our energy level and our mental strength.

All because red stimulates all processes in the body, like the metabolic activities and the vegetative nervous system.

It also has a positiv effect on emotions. On a mental level, the energy of the color red gives us a strong will, determination and perseverance.

It increases sensuality, conscious experience and passion.

The color red is considered the color of fire or blood.

In Hebrew, the words blood and red have the same origin. Red means "dm" and blood means "dom".

Due to its beneficial and warming effect, the color red is used for healing purposes.

It has a stimulating and appetizing effect.

Just to look at the color red increases the human metabolism by 13.4 percent (source: Theroux, 1998).


The meaning of the color pink is unconditional love and care.

It soothes our emotional energies and reduces feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment, and neglect.

Pink stands for hope, reassurance, sweetness, naivety, feminine and intuitive energy.

Too much pink can have a different meaning though.

We can appear physically weak, over-emotional and over-cautious, emotional needy and immature.

It symbols a lack of willpower and lack of self-esteem when being the dominant color.

Quite interesting this color-psychology isn't it?

It is said that all colors have a direct influence on us just by looking at them.
It is even said that touching colors is sending the vibrations and energies to our bodies.

So why not pay a little more attention to the colors.

I recently put up a wallpaper with all kinds of colors, wonder what that is doing with me lol. More colors will be included and so long I will keep and eye for the colors outside.

Yellow, white and green are present in flowers recently as well.

It may be my next posts topic because of the great pictures I take and you need to see lol.

You can let me know if you like the photographs, I don't mind.

After my little stroll I laid down again trying to sort my thoughts, which lately is rather hard. I get so distracted with all kinds of things and my mind feels like a washing machine.

I need to find a way to focus them more. I mean theoretically I know how to do so, but something is keeping me from doing what needs to be done.

Is it fear?

Have you felt like there is a blockage and something is hindering you from removing it?

A color might help to find some answers or some courage.

I cannot leave without a last cute picture of Joy sitting underneath his umbrella though.

He is a mood lifter as well because who is not smiling looking at him.

His leg, so cute lol.

I hope you enjoyed this little post of mine and maybe let me know what color you prefer.



Color therapy and light therapy a whole thing I studied for a while. Interesting how our moods and even physical changes can be affected by the color of our shirts, the color of the walls, or certain lights.

Wow how cool is that? Wanna become my therapist? 😄

Indeed it is amazing, but how often do we pay attention to it? Barely I would say.

You need to teach us here on what you have learned 🤓.

Lol, I let my psychotherapy license and insurance expire last year when I decided to re-focus on the IT work to earn more retirement monies sooner ;) As in more so I can retire sooner...

Teaching, not at this point. I love teaching, but it's been well over 10-15 years since I read up on the subject. Did a couple classes on Light therapy/healing and Sound therapy/healing as part of a non-accredited BS in parapsychology. (Got the real BS in psychology later).

Definitely a lot of books out there on the subjects for those interested in more research though!

But I wanted to hear it from you lol...Parapsychology?...even cooler 😃 . You would have a great student in me, I'm a believer in para-everything and ancient astronautics and all that stuff 😀 .

Color theory and its events on us is quite fascinating...

Painting a reddish picture right now to lose some pounds - lol

😂 That's quite an idea lol. Instead of going to the gym, paint a red pic lol.

Lovely photos and a great deal of useful information it's exactly how I feel as I absorb the energies from colors, it seems to bring out the best in people, colors do play a major roll in our lives as you say.

Subconsciously for sure, but do we really realize their effects? Most often not I'd say.

Who is really taking advantage of it is the industries, with their marketing and selling strategies.

If we become more aware of it we can take advantage of the positive effects for ourselves.


This is true it's not that we purposely go up to touch a purple flower in order to put us in the correct moods or frame of mind. I love looking at the beauty of flowers and that's about it, but give me a beautiful sunny blue sky on a tropical island and that will have a real effect on me 🤣

Makes two of us then, with the beach...and the flowers 😄

Don't worry about the downvote. People do it because they can.


Hey, yah, as long as it's just a random, non counting downvote I smile it away. If that makes them feel better, which will not, go ahead 🤷‍♀.

Appreciate you saying that 😊

I've seen others get big downvotes, but still make more than most of us and then complain. Isn't it enough to make something? Hive is a tiny experimental economy. We have to try and make it work so more can benefit.


A fair share for everyone is a good thing I would say, of course measured on the effort one is putting into this.

A downvote is never nice, given that you see a broken heart and no matter the amount, it says that someone is envious.

Especially when you have done nothing wrong it seems unfair.

But I feel sorry for those handing out downvotes for no reason. They are poor people after all, no matter if it's having an effect on the payout or not.

You cannot always know the motivation for a downvote. They used to be called flags in the old days, but that was considered too negative. Ultimately it is merely the inverse of an upvote, which may have nothing to do with the quality of your post. I have had loads, including some that wiped out all my posts for a week. It is all part of the game. If you still earn something then I would not worry about it.

Yah I am not worried. I've seen quite a lot here lately on all kinds of posts. I know that I have done nothing wrong and that the quality of my posts is not bad. I have seen worse 😂

Thanks for caring though 😊 🤗

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