Two smoothies for quick and long lasting nourishment for fruitsandveggiesmonday

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It's #fruitsandveggiesmonday thanks to @lenasveganliving


What do you do when you need nourishment fast and it will be impossible to make food in a kitchen that belongs to an agitated old lady who is exceptionally agitate?

You whiz up some smoothies while she runs to the post office. You want something that is full of nourishment. So you start with the kale that's in the garden. You pack the blender with as much kale as you can get in there along with a frozen banana and some raisins to give sweetness.Raisins are my current sweetener. The sweetness cuts the green taste from the kale and is so delicious that a new born baby would like it.





Then you realize that you have a little more time because she's not back yet. You get out the pineapple that you bought,and put that in the blender and whiz it up with a frozen banana and a clementine that was in the fridge along with a few raisins and water.


It's all consumed and cleaned up before she gets back. This is a good way to get nourishment super fast.

We left the house for a walk afterward and found a cherry tree with red sour cherries on it and we feasted. It was in a school yard which is closed and by the side of the road. There was a caretaker who didn't care that we were eating them. It was a vitamin C feast. We were happy to continue with the fruits after the smoothies. It can be addictive.

I realize that you can really stave off hunger with smoothies, especially the green ones, and it doesn't hurt to take a break from cooked food anyway.

I thought today about starving people in the world and how these drinks are like weeks worth of nourishment compared to what those that are hungry consume.
I guess we have it pretty good.

Anyway thanks for stopping by!

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Wow! Smoothies could be so useful and nourishing!! I will have to take this seriously. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am famished now!

It really is and it's a great way to have something quick that takes the edge off leaving you feeling energetic.Thank you @kamichan

I need to get my machine out of the box!

Green smoothies were my go to thing when I went on a mostly raw diet.
I had two favorites or three!

  1. Pineapple cucumber gazpacho, 2. lemon pear mint and also 3. nettle mango with prunes for sweetener.
    Good nutritious food, food that you can drink!

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Wow I have never had fresh nettle that sounds good thank you.It 's a good way to start the day.

They look great - nice combinations.

The pineapples are so sour you need to use raisins in that one too??!! 🤣 Here, we have trouble that they are sooooo sweet they are often crawling with ants. I have 2 pineapples in the fridge right now that were literally leaking sticky juice EVERYWHERE and had to be put in the ant proof cold zone. 🤣

Smoothies for the win!

I did not need raisins for this haha. It was on the sweet side, but it didn't hurt. I am envious of your leaky pineapples😏

I go in and out of smoothie phases, but that pineapple one sounds delicious. I made one last week with Swiss chard and bananas that really hit the spot. I love shoving as many greens as I can fit in the blender, too. That way I know I'm getting more of the leafy stuff than I could normally chew. :)

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Yes and nourishing too.🙂