Vegan double mushroom burger

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This is my contribution to plant based cooking challenge week 11 where I have chosen mushrooms, besan and carrots for the dish. Each week I am blown away by the mish mosh of choices. Fortunately I have most of these things available to me. Not soursop though. I wouldn't know what to do with one except just eat as is.

For this I am sticking to my vegan version of a big mac or a double burger of some kind. These were things I ate when I was younger after a late night of debauchery at the dance clubs.

I won't give you specific amounts but I will tell you approximately what went in. I kind of did it on the fly without giving much thought. This is my favorite way of doing things. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.


I took a pint of mini portobellos and a tray of king oyster stems. I grated them then added a grated carrot, a small piece of grated beet, and minced garlic. After mixing it together it was put in the food processor and ground up.


I started mixing the mushroom mixture with 1 cup besan(chickpea flour), 1 cup vital wheat gluten, 1 cup veggie broth, 1 teaspoon liquid smoke, 1/8 cup tamari,
1 tablespoon barbecue sauce(which I made from tomato paste, molasses, brown sugar, garlic, maple syrup, tamari, onion powder, wine vinegar, cider vinegar, lemon juice salt and pepper).


After mixing it together I added more besan and more vital wheat gluten until it was like a dough, keeping it as soft as possible but doughy enough to form patties. The flours will make the patties firmer with the cooking.

The great thing about cooking plant based is that you can taste as you go and add what you want. I added more seasonings such as smoked paprika, thyme salt and pepper.

In a hot non stick pan lightly oiled, I browned each side of the patties.


When they were browned on each side I added a little vegetable broth. On medium low heat I covered it and cooked until the moisture evaporated around twenty minutes. If the broth boils away too soon add a little more to make sure the patties are cooked properly. Don't add too much liquid or they will break apart.

I used my favorite buns that I bought made from kamut flour. It's low in gluten. Each one was carefully cut in three pieces.


I wanted to make a special sauce like they say is in the big mac but this is just a quick version. I simply mixed ketchup, relish and vegan mayo together with a little garlic and onion powder.


On the top layer I added mustard. I love mustard. On the other two layers I added the sauce, onion, tomato and the mushroom patty.


The final addition was some lettuce. The fast food places usually use iceberg or leaf lettuce but I used baby romaine.


After I put the monster together, I was not certain I would finish it. This was massive.


It made me think of when I was around six years old and my friend's mother took us for burgers. She bought one small burger and spit it in half. I could have eaten two whole ones. I had a big appetite as a child.


I was able to eat all but one large bite leaving room for my salad.


I must say it didn't make me feel the way I used to when I ate real meat ones. It's been a few hours and I think I could do it over again but I won't.

Have a good day folks and thanks for stopping in!

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Wow! Very convincing! One place for me! Please!

Oh looks so tasty this hurger I will try it if I have mushrooms someday. But I swallowed first 😆. Thank you very much my friend for share delicious food.

Thank you dear I hope you have mushrooms soon! 💚

Dam you always have the posts that me hungry 🤣

I think it's called munchies haha! But thank you @skylinebuds!

This hamburger really looks perfect @carolynstahl! 😋
I love mushrooms in any form, I would love to try your recipe.

Thank you @blackberryskunk! I know people that hate mushrooms. I don't understand it.😟

Looks nice but ...Where's the beef? You can't live on that stuff.. 🤣

Haha. I could fool you with this. Trust me! Oh and I am living on this stuff!

Yeah but your probably only about 100 lbs don't need much... 😋

118 to 120 no scale short midget

That is a healthy number 😊👍

Oh my this looks so damn yummmm, You've out done yourself with the images. Great work 👌

So nice of you to say. Thanks a million.

Oh I love the idea of using mushrooms for the bun. It is such a nice replacement of potatoes. I'm gonna try this very soon. Thanks for sharing.

Actually the mushroom is in the patty haha but thank you kindly!

Looks delicious. :)


Thank you vey much @juanvegetarian!

Welcome. :)



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That look absolutely delicious. I like the mushrooms. I make burgers with beans chickpeas. We have had lots of mushrooms lately (from the garden) and this is something I need to try next time we have a surfeit!

I make burgers with anything and everything sometimes. But mushrooms are some of my faves for sure. Thank you @fionasfavourites.

They look very delicious, those cetas are magnificent, and the sauce makes my mouth water! great recipe thanks for sharing it!

Oh thank you so much @cibersk8. I wish I could send you some haha.

You're a sweetheart! @carolynstahl 😊

I used to try to make a burger like that before but it doesn't work. Your food are always looks tasty.

Aww thank you @kidsisters I wish I could share. When you try it next time it will work I'm sure.

Well, if it required dislocating my jaw and eating this like an anaconda, I guess I would do it not to disturb this double-decker beauty while manhandling it. Another delicious recipe in this history books. Thanks chef!

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Believe it or not I didn't have to open so wide. It was very similar to a real big mac kind of soft and sloppy. I have to admit I didn't notice much difference but I haven't had one for almost twenty years.

Thank you @justinparke!

Wow, like always... luckily for all the sandwiteers on the contest you didn't enter this one. that would be an absolute winner. 😁

Oh true. there are so many contest and not enough time. I will try to get one in this month. Thanks for reminding me.

Yeah, i get that... no worries at all Carolyn. But you know, we always are looking forward to your delicious recipes.

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OMG... they look delicious! I love mushrooms, but don't use them very often as my hubby hates them. But he is going to the capital for a few days for work so I might try to make mushroom burgers. Thanks for the inspiration!

It's funny I remember you mentioning your husband hating mushrooms before. I know others that hate them too. Perhaps if you made a veggie burger and didn't tell him. Honestly no one would have known there was mushroom in my burger especially once it was smothered with the other things. Thanks Amy!

Haha... I just might try indeed. He doesn't hate the flavor but something about the squeaky texture between his teeth. He is going for a few days so I might make some without him seeing mushrooms in the fridge and going all suspicious 😂

I can smell it.😋
Seems very delicious.

Thank you it was a real treat.

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