I volunteered on a San Pedro retreat (medicinal psychedelic cactus)

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I ended up at the retreat through word if mouth. I never taken san pedro before so when I turned up at this retreat I was very intrigued. I heard it could be used for medicinal purposes aswell as recreational basically creating an acid trip since the cactus contains mescaline.

Growing san pedro is legal however preparing it for use is not, similar restrictions are places on other raising consciousness plants. For this reason I cant divulge any specific details.


I spent about a month on the retreat and during that time I learned alot about san pedro and even tried it myself one time, I will go into the details of the experience in a follow up posts.

In terms of the medicinal effects I did experience a cleansing, it's common people may puke when taking san pedro, i felt very close to be sick, instead I had a stomach ache for about 8 hours. That doesn't sound very enticing so definately treat this medicine with respect!


Traditionally it has supposedly been used to dispel bad vibes however it is said that these practices came off the back of the spanish Catholics who tried to suppress san pedro use. So we dont really know exactly how and why Peruvian shaman were using the san pedro prior to this time. But I've heard san pedro being used for all kinds of ailments from depression to cancer, however little scientific studies have been made on what san pedro can do. I've heard of some people experimenting with micro dosing so you do not experience a trip with vision as such but more the uplifting effects, like an anti depressant.

Another thing to note is growing cactus is alot more sustainable than say auyashcha which is only cultivated from jungle amazonian plants. Cactus of the San pedro variety can be grown pretty much anywhere, even on a windowsill in drizzly England.

When it comes to plant medicines of this kind as always treat with respect!


A friend gave us something like this, extolling that it was a psychedelic. I don't know enough about any psychedelics to even want to try and mess with it, though. We ended up gifting it to someone who was making a cactus garden, so I don't think it will be used medicinally now anyway.

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Its good to know it's a sustainable one - there's so much to be said for the abuse of native plants for western 'rituals' or medicines that are said to promote some kind of healing! We can assume with natural medicine that it's all good but that's not always the case - I've been researching vegan wax and was horrified to learn about the industry behind one plant being used in many vegan products, which we assume is good.

These cactus are SUCH classic story book cactus, aren't they?