Two Natural Bath Treatments For Detoxing And Rejuvinating Health & Beauty

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First Treatment:

So, as I was having some skin difficulties in my life after living at Woodlawn Terrace Apartments in Moundsview MN, I had to try a regiment of treatments to get rid of the things I was dealing with. A lot of what I did helped me and I did it using some treatments I've found other then what they gave me going into the hospital or clinics to get help. Absolutely nothing that I ever got from the doctors helped me to heal and I found healing with a lengthy regiment of natural remedies as other people have mentioned online, so I went ahead to give them a try with nothing but success from going from where I was, to getting where I got. I felt healed! I felt whole! I felt like a complete human being again and still had a lot of trauma to get rid of. A lot of these remedies helped to get rid of a lot of the issues as well as helped with the trauma of dealing with skin issues.

If anyone knows what it's like to deal with skin issues, you know that they can be quite troublesome and fierce. So, these bath treatments might help those in need as well as those just looking for a way to calm themselves after a stressful day. There is a lot of toxicity that the world can throw at us, even in one day, so it's great to know that there are treatments that we can use to help us get back to ease and back to relaxation instead of going back from work and being in absolute misery within your own skin.

These will, and are meant to, help those in need of something to help heal and cleanse the body so one can be at ease when going to sleep at night. If you know what it's like not being able to sleep for days, months, or even in some cases years... these remedies are simply something that you're going to want to at least try for yourselves to help rejuvenate and heal your body.

First Remedy I would like to share is a mix of using Dead Sea Salt about a quarter of a cup, but you can use less if need be and adding some Bentonite Clay to the bath as well. This is going to help the skin in many ways. The Bentonite Clay will help remove toxins from the body, fight off any infections with the skin to help them heal and helps repair the damaged skin from any long-term damage that mites or poison ivy can leave. It also helps is adding to the struggle with weight loss and relieves constipation as well. On top of that Bentonite Clay is great for helping fight acne as well as any other breakouts as well, and the best part is that it's a natural healing agent that you can add to a bath. You want to add about 1-2 cups of this to a bath, and as it's not a cheap remedy, it's a well worth it remedy as it's going to take so much toxins out of your body and help you heal in innumerable ways that it makes it worth it. But you want to add at least a quarter of a cup to your bath to make it worthwhile. I say a perfect cup is enough.

As for the Dead Sea Salt, you want to use at least a quarter of a cup. There are enough minerals to nurture the body with that much, but I use two handfuls or so... So, about a 1/2 cup or more. But the benefits of using Dead Sea Salt are that it strengthens the skin tissue, helps with blood circulation, eliminates toxins from the body and helps to balance the skins natural pH levels. It's also a great remedy for helping with eczema by exfoliating the dead skin cells so that new cells can reform and rejuvenate the body. It can speed up that process as well so that you're not constantly itching. Also, it will help at replenishing the skin of well needed minerals. All in all, it has very majestic therapeutic properties that are going to make anyone's skin feel rejuvenated when added to a bath for healing and cleansing.


Another remedy to try for cleansing the spirit from the added stress of the days, are to use Essential Oils. When adding Essential Oils to a bath treatment, it’s always good to play around with how much you’re using as you don’t need that much. If you run a warm to hot bath, temperature wise, you’re going to find that these oils are easily being applied into the skin as your skin cells open while in a warm bath. You’ll also find that you will sweat quite a lot, or a lot more than a regular bath. On top of that, you’ll find that your blood pressure might raise just sitting there and relaxing, but that’s a good thing as it’s getting inside your body and helping your body heal and get rid of toxins. I’ve always just used mind over matter when that happens and tried not to make it an extremely long bath session, but you also want to go as long as you possibly can, or up to an hour because you want your body to get rid of the toxins as well as the fact that you don’t want to waste what you’re putting in the bath. But I also would advise if something doesn’t feel quite right to get out immediately and presume your treatments trying it a bit differently next time, you’re in the bath. Chances are you’re going to find a remedy that you love that works for you and your body, and one that can help you heal in many ways at the same time as getting rid of all that stress. Stress being the number one killer today, I highly advise finding one that will work for you and your body and doing this as much as possible. If it’s only once a month, at least you’re doing it once a month. I personally shoot for once a week, as they make me feel so much better and have much more energy while out and about doing my daily routine or working. You can really feel the difference right away.

The first Essential Oil I’d like to mention here is Rosemary Oil. It’s an herbaceous scent that will give you a boost when you’re feeling under the weather or congested with a cold. A Rosemary Bath helps after a long day of hard work and helps melt away body aches and pains. It’s got anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the daily stress of the day and highly recommend using it.


The Second Essential Oil I’d recommend using is Oregano. It’s very powerful, so you don’t want to use a lot of it, but you can add 1-2 drops into a bath tub depending on how much of the burn you can handle as this is a hot oil and you only want to use it as small as a 1% to whatever you are mixing it with, nothing more. You can add it to a carrier oil, but you do not want to over-do the use of Oregano Oil. Typically, you want to add about 10-15 drops of essential oils to a bath with a couple teaspoons of jojoba oil and a half-cup of bath salts or dead sea salts to the running water of your bath treatment. But, depending on where you are at and what you’re dealing with you can use a bit more depending on your conditions. I typically use quite a lot more, like 20-30 drops total, so that I know I’m getting a good amount of oil into the bath water so that it can soak into my skin and I can get a feeling from it.

Oregano Oil is a natural antibiotic, along with the fact that it helps to lower cholesterol, it’s a powerful antioxidant and can help with the treatment of yeast infections as well as other skin issues like bug bites or mites. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in relieving pains and aches. They claim it might even have anti-cancer like properties or help those in fighting cancer. I take that as a win for the Oregano Oil. I’d use it at least once every other bath treatment I do. I only use 1 drop though, maybe 2 if I’m feeling up for the challenge. I’ve done more before not knowing what it would do, and it was as if my skin was burning. That was once remedy bath treatment that I had to immediately get out of and it still probably took me 20 minutes before I actually did get out and I’m still alive, so I’d recommend adding a tiny bit of this oil to a bath for anyone just trying these out. Just use 1-2 drops and no more.


Thirdly, I’d mention Mint Oil, being it Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, or Pain Mint Oil. Bergamot of course is another one that I could recommend here for it’s minty like aroma and these all have similar benefits. Peppermint alone helps with mood uplifting so it can help ease depression and anxiety. It also helps with any mental fog or fatigue as well as improves mental clarity, alertness, concentration and memory. It’s simply reviving and refreshing to use as this one is cool on the skin. IT can also help with sunburn and other skin issues as well. I recommend any of the mint categories for an Essential Oil to use when doing Bath Treatments, or even Foot Soaks. After a long, hard day, it’s always a great go to for helping with sore and tired feet as well.

Fourth I’d recommend using is Clary Sage. It’s a wonderful remedy for stress and anxiety reduction and has historically been used for headaches as well as insomnia. Try combining Rose Oil with Chamomile, Sandalwood, or Clary Sage to a serene bath before bedtime. The scent alone of things like Sandalwood is out of this world. It’s also commonly known as its own perfume, so the smell alone is reviving in it of itself.

Also, Clary Sage has Antibacterial properties. It’s an excellent aid in cleansing the eyes and brightening the vision. Clary Sage is popularly called as Clear Eye, Eye of Christ and See Bright because of its abilities for healing and helping your vision. It’s an antidepressant, revitalizing, aphrodisiac and helps rejuvenate the female system specifically. Sage detoxifies, heats up the body, cleanses, balances and stimulates perspiration, especially during hot flashes. It’s specific for water retention problems, depression and hormonal imbalance. Also, this remedy helps to fight leukemia in patients, it’s great for the overall health of the skin and kills infections as well as aids in digestion.

The Fifth one that I’ll mention here is Burdock Root. Burdock Root Oil is a must have for infections of the skin. It helps in treating infections of the scalp or irritations caused by dry flakey scalp issues. It promotes hair growth and helps rid of soreness, redness or other symptoms that cause for it. Regular use of Burdock Root Oil helps restore and enrich the health and appearance of your scalp and hair. It’s great to mention here that you can make a tincture of burdock root as one of the main ingredients and it can help with restoring hair follicles from the root and help with hair loss as well as protecting the skin and hair for damage. It is filled with fatty acids and Vitamin A which is what helps strengthen the hair and promotes natural growth and a healthy scalp. For the diabetic however, it’s probably not the best oil to use as it can increase the blood sugar levels, so I would advise on not using it a lot or using it as minimal as possible for those with diabetes.

The sixth one I’d like to mention here is one of the best to help fight microbes and colds and coughs. Helichrysum Essential Oil is a must have for your natural remedies to help heal. It is an aid in helping to relieve inflammation as well as repair damaged skin from oxidative stress that mites and other microbes can cause. Helichrysum is also antifungal and antibacterial as well as it helps in fighting off allergy symptoms. It also helps wounds heal faster, so along with the oxidative stress that can occur when dealing with an infestation, this is a must have because it helps kill the mites.

Seventh Essential Oil is Yerba Mate Essential Oil. The fatty acids can help reduce the signs of aging and regulate oil production of the skin as well as help give the skin a lovely sheen lustre balance that helps with aging. Along with that it’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients that are great for the body. IT can boost energy and improve mental focus, physical performance and may protect against infections as well. It can also help in weight loss and belly fat, boost your immune system and lower blood sugar levels. It may lower your risk of having Heart Disease as well. So, I call that one a win for people with diabetes as it will help lower the blood sugar levels as well as help with your heart health. Yerba Mate is one that I would recommend for everyone to use as there is just far too many benefits to ignore.

The Eighth Essential Oil is Calendula Oil which is an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial oil that helps with healing wounds, soothing eczema and it can also be used as an antiseptic. Calendula Benefits are many; including rashes, stings, burns, abrasions, swellings, acne, insect bites, mites, scrapes, bruises, chicken pox, cold sores, yeast infections, and many more… It has an immunomodulating effect of the plant itself, but also to an antimicrobial effect. Microbes might not die from it, but they won’t tolerate it when added to your remedies.

The Ninth one I’d like to mention is Ginger, as Ginger Essential Oils facilitates in the elimination of toxins while boosting digestion, eases discomforts of the stomach and intestines and clears the respiratory tract. It soothes aches and pains and reduces inflammation as well as energizes the skin for healing. When you heal the skin, you heal the body, and when you heal the body, you heal the mind. Ginger Oil is known for being “The Oil of Empowerment” for the feeling of confidence that is known to inspire those who discover it. It can soothe and reduce the feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness and fatigue. It’s also used in hair care and topically to soothe away redness, eliminate bacteria and inhibits the signs of skin damage. For the scalp it combats itchiness while enhancing healthier hair growth by stimulating and improving circulation to the scalp. It’s an antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and an antiseptic as well as an insecticidal essential to add to your list of things to place in your medicine cabinet. This is another oil that helps combat allergies for having a constituent named B-Bisabolene. Be it a fragrance agent, it’s also a calming woodsy and fruity scent to the anti-inflammatory property within the Ginger Essential Oil.

Ginger also has a constituent to it called Curcumene that’s known to have hypotensive and analgesic effects. It also exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

The Tenth Essential Oil is Garlic. Although this one doesn’t smell the best, it’s great for the overall health. It treats acne, boosts the immune system, relieves ear infections and it’s a natural mosquito repellent. It relieves toothache, prevents hair loss and treats dandruff and repairs skin and treats itchy skin ailments. Garlic contains potent medicinal values and combats sickness. Some use this as well in a combination to make their own natural antibiotic as well. Garlic can help lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, help with cholesterol levels which may lower the risk of Heart Disease as well.

Lastly, but worth mentioning for the bath treatment, is Vodka. Washing with Vodka sounds like some Gypsy beauty remedy, but with that being said, it works! IT can cure almost all problems related wo the hair and scalp. Vodka leaves your hair smooth and lustrous and voluminous with added benefits like preventing drying and dandruff. It works by removing buildup from the stands and scalp and ultimately makes the hair shine. So, use vodka either as a rinse before a final rinse or allow for a little bit to drizzle over the top of your head and then rinse in a bath treatment so your skin also gets the benefits of the Vodka. I know it sounds like you’re trying to get your body drunk, but you’re not. Prepare the essential oils of choice into one tablespoon of Vodka and take a bath in it. Ass the diluted essential oil to a bath and stir well. Immerse yourself and enjoy!

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