A bitter dose of Ayurvedic decoction in this crucial time.

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This is the time when our health is on stake. We are all concern about the pandemic corona. Till now there is no cure available for this pandemic, nor has any vaccine developed to prevent it.
So far, all the patients of Corona who are recovering are getting cured due to their immunity towards diseases.
Whose immunity is good, heals quickly but whose immunity is weak, has to struggle for a long time.
There are several factors affect our body's immunity like the food we eat, the lifestyle we live, our mental health etc.
Ancient medical science of India, Ayurveda mentions many such herbal formulations which help in increasing immunity of the body.

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Myself with my family every day have the decoction of the combination of some formulation made by mixing coarse powder of various herbs, boiled in water and reduced water up to 1/4th.
Here I am posting the combination of formulation which could be understood by Indians as all names in Hindi as mention in Ayurveda.
All are coarsely ground dry herbs.
Gojivhadi Quath (गोजिव्हादि क्वाथ)
Vatshleshmik jwarhar Quath (वातश्लेश्ष्मिक ज्वरहर क्वाथ)
Giloy (गिलोय)
Dashmool Quath (दशमूल क्वाथ)
Mahasudarshan Churna (महासुदर्शन चूर्ण)
Bhumyamlki Churna (भूम्यामलकी चूर्ण)

Each 25 gm
Mix all and take ½ tsp and boil with 200 ml water till it reduces to 50 ml.
This is very bitter in taste so Jaggery can be added to make it sweeter.

If you couldn't find all of the ingredients can start with whatever available maximum.

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Drink while it lukewarm every day in the morning

I hope you will find this herbal immunity booster useful

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A great combination to improve the Immunity, but if anyone could not find all, then I would suggest to go with GILOY which is most powerful among all these.

Great to see some ayurvedic information here!! Appreciated.