what's so fundamentally wrong at the heart of modern medicine?

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Hi beautiful people!

I'm extremely inspired after a weekend with old and new friends from different cultures, all talking deeeeply about life, spirituality, health, politics, etc!

Here's a podcast that I just made - this is a link directly to the podcast file, on what's so fundamentally wrong about modern medicine - and what it takes to step into our divine health sovereignty... And this link takes you to the blog itself.

What stops many beautiful humans from focussing on a Real Health path, is that the house-of-cards that is modern medicine is so aggressively uncompromising. We're literally hounded night and day into believing in a system that is e v e r y w h e r e - it's genuinely difficult to remove ourselves sufficiently to even think and feel clearly, what is happening in our body-mind-spirit.

Our lifestyles, dictated for the major part by economic concerns, don't allow us the space to even consider what being well is, never mind supporting us to develop practises for the vibrant health of our whole being.

This means that - by default - modern life is profoundly at odds with our true well-being. The norms, the structures and rhythms, the medical philosophy - all have an element of distortion-of-reality in them, in that they insist that we substitute our real priorities for artificial ones that are absolutely contrary to our actual happiness, fulfilment, healthfulness.
Once we realise this, it's relatively simple to step into a healthier dynamic, but this does involve stepping completely out of the majority of conventional norms, and taking what might be seen by mainstream as a 'radical' path.

Radical of course means 'of the root' or 'rooted', which is a vital aspect of being a human: being able to ground oneself, and take nutriment from the earth... In these times of increasingly distorted perception and manipulation, it is a sign of good health that more of us are becoming more radical!

In unfolding this incredibly complex and far-reaching subject of health sovereignty, I realised a whole other layer, which I'll be making a new podcast and/ or video around very soon... In following this inherently flawed approach to vitality and well-being, we blind ourselves - very literally - to what our health should and CAN be... Speak to you again about that!

Much love to you all!

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Looking forward to seeing your post about what's fundamentally wrong at the heart of modern medicine!

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I’ll check this out later but one thing I bet you talk abut in it: money! The system is designed to make money above all else.

Look forward to listening to it and seeing what you discuss.

Actually - no! ;-) - I'm talking about the fundamental energetic/ spiritual issue - which is that modern medicine requires the 'removal' or rather the disconnection from, our vital force and energetic body ... a self-fulfilling prophecy that precludes our being able to access the very flow that'll heal us. :-) The whole money discourse is a physical manifestation of a deeper wound and problem - that will resolve itself when we return to accessing our infinite internal source of healing power. 🙏

Oh, I'm going to listen to this one asap - maybe on my walk soon!!!! Tomorrow. I've been reading about that as well, and your'e so right !! It is a spiritual issue and disconnection from our subtle body. Couldn't agree more!