Parents Nap?

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Mom but you’re not a preschooler. Why do you need to nap?


This is a question that used to ring in my head all the time when I was a young girl.

I just couldn’t put my head around why parents needed to nap.

I thought

They’ve had years of gaining all the strength they need. Isn’t sleeping at night enough? 💭

Most of the time I saw both of my parents full of energy, moving around all the time, working hard around the house etc. It was so confusing to me when they took time away during the daytime to get some rest.

My mom would say

one day you’ll understand and will do the same thing when you’re a parent.

Pshhhhhhh hahaha not me! 😂 Naps are so boring, why would I want to do that if I could choose not to?

She had me all wrong.

I was so selfish growing up. I wanted all my parent’s attention. Hey I was the baby in the family don’t act all surprised. 😁

There were times on Saturday when the sun was shining, the weather was right and outside was calling my name. We couldn’t walk to the park on our own, it was too far away. So I did what any young eager child would do...went into their room to wake them up.

Please get up before the sun goes to sleep!!!

They weren’t too happy about being disturbed. They wanted to wake up on their own time but what kid can wait for that?! It seemed like days went by while waiting. 😒

I mean come on they have a choice to stay awake. No one is making them take a nap but yet they are choosing to? 🤨 I just didn’t get it.


I think a big part of it was because my parents didn’t show the tired side to us often. Or was it because I was so focused on what I wanted and didn’t pay attention?

They were constantly trying to make us happy and make the best of every moment.

Wow looking back, it makes sense to me now why they did take naps. They were exhausted from taking care of all the necessities while raising us at the same time. It’s not easy managing a household and making sure everyone has what they need and even some of the things they want.

It seemed as though their jobs were so easy. Well at least they made it look that way. Maybe they cried and complained behind closed doors so we couldn’t see. Or then again they might have did that right in front of us but I was too young to catch on or understand.

All I knew was when my parents took naps I dreaded it. I knew it would be hours, days, years later before we would have some family fun away from the house.

Kids huh? 😕 So emotional and dramatic.

Me 30ish years later...


Hi 👋🏽! My name is Cynthia and I Love Naps!

Yea my mom nailed it. She knew I would one day understand all about parent naps. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I tell my kids

do not disturb me unless it’s an emergency.

Taking a nap refreshes me and helps me to withstand the demands that await the rest of my day. It gives me a boost of energy when I can relax my brain and body for a couple of hours after teaching.

Studies have shown that taking a nap is good for your heart health. Naps also boosts memory and alertness, eases stress and improves mood and emotional regulation. It’s also a second chance to make up for those sleepless nights we may have from time to time.

I usually take a 1-2 hour nap at least three times a week after we finish school. That takes me right to around the time my husband gets home from work.

Most days it’s brain exhaustion that overtakes my energy. Teaching multiple age groups is very taxing on my mind. Especially when you feel you are learning all over again from forgetting what you’ve previously learned in school. 😧

Sometimes it is fun and I appreciate learning with them but other times I’m like

I need my pillow and blanket.

It’s funny because my younger kids react the same way I did to my parents when I take naps. They are concerned if I will sleep until it’s dark and how long it will be lol.

The older I get I am realizing just how much I appreciate nap time. I have no shame whatsoever in taking daily naps. Naps have no age limit.

I make sure my kids are occupied, don’t disturb me unless it’s an emergency (I’m a light sleeper and hear nearly everything anyway) and set my alarm so I won’t sleep till dark. 😬😅

As a middle-aged mother I have high respects for my parents (and all parents) and all they have ever done for us. Parenting is not’s a lot of hard work.

I understand what exhaustion is and why my parents needed a nap. If I could go back I would have gladly tucked them in and said

rest up for tomorrow’s exhaustion. 😁

кι∂ѕ ∂ση’т αρρяє¢ιαтє тнє ναℓυє σƒ α ηαρ ℓιкє α ραяєηт ~

Thanks for Reading ♡


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Thank you for the compliment I appreciate that.

I think my longevity (here since July of can call me a veteran), commitment to building and helping grow communities, sleepless and selfless nights spent here helping to support, reward and encourage other Hivers, and putting my heart into what I share is proof enough that I am committed to a long-term growth on this blockchain.

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Thanks @ybanezkim26! I agree fully. I think the comment adds another layer that isn’t necessary.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond to my reply.

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I took the comment personally (and felt targeted) because it was a response on my blog post. That is the risk when leaving your generalized comment on someone's post, they will take it as you are putting them in that category of not being a committed or supportive Hiver.

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Take care ~

I feel like this is the kind of message that shouldn't be automated, if an account is constantly taking out rewards and has a long history of never keeping any stake then sure, it's warranted. Just throwing this message out to anyone daring to use a liquidation service is eventually going to backfire and get old and doesn't mean much for the message they want to convey.

Well said. If they want to convey this message it should be done manually and directed to relevant individuals and not just random.

This message holds an assumption that everyone who uses these types of services are not committed to the long-term growth of Hive and that’s not the case.

Thanks for sharing your input ~

Haha. You're not alone. Now my children's energy far exceed mine that they no longer want to take a nap while I could immediately doze off the moment I lay my back on the bed. Just earlier today, I told my kids, "Children, I just need to take a nap". Well they know that it had that other meaning, "please be quiet". 😅

Haha that's so funny! I only have two left that still take naps (ages 2 and 4).

Lol me too! I can literally doze off in a matter of seconds. 😂

Isn’t the quiet magical? 😄

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting ~

Can't say parent naps are known to me. I thought it was just grandparents who occasionally did that. Mind you, my parents and myself only had two children to raise, so that might have helped. 😆

😂 Yes I think the number of children have a lot to do with it.

I didn't take as many naps when I only had 2 children compared to now with 5 I actually look forward to my daily naps. 😰😆

right when i had my boys. 2 of them under 3 years old I always and we all took naps. there ones one time we somewhere and they tolds us to leave and we had to sit outside in hot sun in a place I was not familar with in middle of big park and it hard to keep the kids together. as I was exhausted. Nap is so important to the parent and child

Agreed! Napping is very important for both :)

Thanks so much for commenting ~

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Oh man, a nap was the best! I absolutely needed it. Now I realise I needed the mental break too. Can I recommend a yoga nidra to you? In my opinion, they work even better at clearing that tiredness and giving you mental clarity. You have to search around for one that you like but I like jennifer piercy or The Still Point yoga nidra. There's lots on the app Insight Timer.

And YES to all you said about the Curangel comment. A perfectly rational, calm and well supported response.

Yes, we all need a mental break from time to time.

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s just I don’t do yoga (spiritual reasons). Usually when I have my essential oils going while napping it adds even more relaxation and mental clarity for me ;)

Thank you for your feedback and support on the comment I left above, I really appreciate that ~

napping is life ! all my cats agree, and their shefuness isn't to be discussed, my little autonomous killing "machines" meeow :D.

napping is life

Haha right?! I never knew I’d love them so much! 😆

Ah delightful! A nap is always welcomed! Sleep is so important and I think that parent or no parent, everybody would love to have a short nap every day. For me I usually get a bit sleepy around 1 in the afternoon at work. Bummer😴😂

Absolutely! Naps are for everyone. 😃

Haha that is a bummer. I get sleepy right before we finish school around 2 in the afternoon. 😁

Heheheh :d SO much truth in here!
I miss sleeping!
I want my sleep back!
I want to sleep 2 days in a row!
I want to sleep at least 8 hours without being interrupted!

I do appreciate nap time myself! I don't do it daily, but when it happens, its a blessing, really ! :x

Oh my gosh if I could sleep 2 days in a row! 😲😲😲 I would think I'm dreaming! 🤣🤣🤣

I hear ya. After becoming a mother I can’t even remember the last time I was able to get a full nights sleep without having to get up or with no interruptions.

So glad you chimed in, thank you ~

In 2 years, I didnt have 1 night without no interruptions. :(

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