True fact about scent leaf and the medicinal benefits.

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Hi folks,
Today I will be talking about the fact and medicinal benefits of scent leaf.
First of scent leaf is also known as efinri in my local language and it is used for different function in terms of health is mostly used in West Africa and accept by some traditional doctors to treat their patient.
It is usually found in on soil that are richly fertile and can also grow up to two metres tall in height.
The medicinal benefits of scent leaf are as follows: is used as pain killer for headache: scent is usually known for it effect as pain killer for head ache and it used by squeezing the leaf inorder to extract the water from the scent leaf and consumed by the user. is used as remedy for fever: scent leaf serve as a good remedy for any kind of fever.
3.insect repellent: scent leaf can also be used for repellent against insect such as mosquito,etc.
4.used for stomach pain: this woderful leaf is also used as medicine for stomach pain.It surpresses the pain and makes the stomach settle.
5.Inflammation of the throat: scent leaf is a medicinal remedy for throat inflammation,it is very effective andrw reliable.
These benefits are tip of the iceberg in what this leaf can do. so whenever you have one of those medical problems outline above you can use this scent leaf as a remedy.






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