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RE: Parents Nap?

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Great work! Your post was selected for curation by one of @curangel's dedicated curators for its contribution to quality!

...unfortunately, it had to be excluded from curation because of the use of a service ( to liquify rewards.Our upvotes are reserved for content which is created with a commitment to long term growth and decentralization of Hive Power.

This exclusion only applies to this and eventually other future liquified posts and not all your publications in general.

Take care and hive five!


Thank you for the compliment I appreciate that.

I think my longevity (here since July of can call me a veteran), commitment to building and helping grow communities, sleepless and selfless nights spent here helping to support, reward and encourage other Hivers, and putting my heart into what I share is proof enough that I am committed to a long-term growth on this blockchain.

I appreciate what you and your team do for others and for under rewarded posts but the stipulations you put on others just to get rewarded by your initiative is quite steep. I have been here for a very long time and have worked hard to get where I am. It is my decision how I manage my earned funds and no one should make people feel bad about how they choose to receive their earned rewards.

You never know someone’s situation and why they are choosing to receive liquid, it’s really their personal business anyway. If anything the service helps to decrease the need of powering down which in turn is a benefit for the entire ecosystem.

I say all this in kindness and out of respect but it needed to be stated. It wouldn’t hurt relooking into how you run things because I’m not the only vet who feels this way and it feels like a slap in the face for those of us who have been here dedicated and committed to the growth of this platform.

Have a good day ~ 🙂

Finally! Someone said what needs to be said. Much better to just leave the post without commenting because it's really a slap on someone's face just for trying to have more options in managing one's own funds.

Thanks @ybanezkim26! I agree fully. I think the comment adds another layer that isn’t necessary.

Hi @crosheille and @ybanezkim26!

It's unfortunate that you felt personally targeted by our message. We might have to re-word it in order to make absolutely clear it's not meant to be taken personally at all. We respect those heart-pouring, sleepless, selfless nights more than you can know. We also don't want them to be in vain.

@curangel does take a few controversial stances it believes are in the best interest of Hive, and we do provide courtesy notices about them where directly applicable (when there is a rejection of curation the post would otherwise have received). These messages aren't meant to insult, judge, or embarrass anyone. They are a blanket effort to discourage the use of these services and raise awareness of why they're bad. Individual posters like yourselves aren't the real target because you're not the real problem. The real problem is that these services exist, and without disincentives to their use, they will continue to grow. Just because you may see your own use of them as responsible doesn't mean everyone will exercise the same restraint. Consider it a case of "the tragedy of the commons."

Liquidation services may provide a benefit to you, and of course you're as free to use them as we are to oppose their use. But the fact is that receiving 100% liquid rewards for posting activity was never the way the economy was designed, and we see their operation as an economic attack against the reward pool and the chain in general. They centralise powered-up stake, remove economic incentives for good behaviour, and if that weren't enough, they take a chunk out of your hard-earned rewards and redistribute them to the large stakeholders bankrolling these operations, who should really know better by now. If you've been around since 2016, this general business pattern may sound familiar to you. It keeps resurfacing under new disguises.

Please note that we use an extremely light touch with this stance already. We have never targeted liquidated posts specifically for downvotes, and we don't incessantly spam this sort of message under every liquidated post by every user. The message you're replying to was an automated message that you'll only ever see once per account; after that, we stand back and allow you to make an informed choice on a per-post basis whether to use liquidation services or not, which will determine their eligibility for @curangel accordingly. We'll never bother you about your use of these services again either way.

Take care and thanks for being an important part of the Hive community!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my reply.

I am pleased to hear you are considering re-wording your automated comment. If it's not going to be done manually I think that would be a good solution.

I took the comment personally (and felt targeted) because it was a response on my blog post. That is the risk when leaving your generalized comment on someone's post, they will take it as you are putting them in that category of not being a committed or supportive Hiver.

I appreciate you explaining in more detail why you are against these types of services. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you are entitled to run your initiative the way you see fit.

I agree that there will always be users that are not responsible when using these services but I don’t feel it’s right to try to rid them when the responsible users see them as a benefit.

I do see some of your points but I think any creator of a service has every right to be rewarded for what they have created. Also upvotes every post that uses the service which gives back to the users.

Thanks again for your reply and in-depth explanations. I really do appreciate that.

Take care ~

I feel like this is the kind of message that shouldn't be automated, if an account is constantly taking out rewards and has a long history of never keeping any stake then sure, it's warranted. Just throwing this message out to anyone daring to use a liquidation service is eventually going to backfire and get old and doesn't mean much for the message they want to convey.

Well said. If they want to convey this message it should be done manually and directed to relevant individuals and not just random.

This message holds an assumption that everyone who uses these types of services are not committed to the long-term growth of Hive and that’s not the case.

Thanks for sharing your input ~