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Sometimes we become cloudy, life falls apart and we do not decipher the reasons (or maybe it does), intolerance dominates us, we stop blooming internally and we ask the sky for the sun to disappear for a few days just because its brightness bothers us in our own darkness. It is understandable, the nature of man is cyclical and changing, our surroundings influence us even if we want to convince ourselves otherwise, sometimes our beliefs are far from our actions and our own resources. However we have discovered over the years and along with evolution, that talking is a tool to enlighten the soul again, that expressing even in a disorderly way about the little boxer that is inside our head, that ended up bringing us peace, which as time went by increased its brightness.

We have discovered that repressing emotions and thoughts, beyond benefiting the host, does make it worse, because yes, our soul is the host of our body. At what point did we believe that hiding that pile of pains was healthy for our own health? I do not know, nor do I want to find out because I disapprove of injustice and to impose on a being from an early age that he must keep his emotions and not express them is an act of cruelty.

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Through the works created by our hands we can realize that expressing is a natural art, if you don't believe me, observe how meditative and healing it is to have a garden and how you end up seeing that same garden once you feel calm. Beautiful, isn't it? That's where we understand that expressing ourselves or performing catharsis in activities creates great pictures and strong souls.

And, what is that which is closer to human expression? Writing, we have already entered into context after that opening. It is not superfluous to say that psychologists deeply recommend to the general public to have a diary, a space where you feel safe to empty the blackness that overloads your body when the boxer comes back to your head. Why do I call it boxer? Very simple, in these dark spaces what we usually do is to devalue ourselves as people and in turn, our work, basically mentally we are giving blows to everything we have built internally and externally.

When we write we open the door to that boxer to take a vacation or even start to be his competition when in fact we are the ones who diminish him greatly, hasn't it happened to you that when you write you correct your self-destructive behaviors and that's when they rest for a while? Of course, writing does not replace a treatment, but it does make it more bearable, and at the same time, it can be a healing means to not go so agitated to any therapeutic consult.

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Since I was a child I used to write diaries, lots of them, I loved to tell on paper the story of my life at that time, I never saw it as a channelizer because of that innocence of that time, in my pre-adolescent and adolescent stage I understood that thanks to it I it I left aside the self-destructive behaviors and it gave me more clarity. I gave it up for some years and I think that became a trigger, when I recovered the habit I noticed that the feeling was the same as when I rearranged the chess pieces.

And that's exactly how I want you to see it, as if you were rearranging the pieces of your board, I don't know about you but I feel a lot of satisfaction when I see the board complete and perfect (maybe it's because of the same perfectionism) but you get my drift. Writing is one of the best ways to heal the soul and I say it with total ownership, all those important people who you can admire perhaps for their cognitive ability had a diary, to give you some examples are Da Vinci, Einstein, Marie Curie, Charles Dariwn, Nicola Tesla...

Imagine that in front of you is a blackboard full of inconsistencies, something that generates visual noise and someone gives you an eraser, if that is generating noise you will immediately begin to clean that blackboard until you leave it perfectly blank. It is a very good analogy to tell you that exactly the same thing happens if you keep a diary, everything that keeps you scattered internally you capture it on paper and once the process is finished the feeling of calm that runs through your body is a sign that you have finished, you feel good, you come back to life, you turn on a light.

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Then write, for the love of yourself, write. Once on paper you will see the true height of those problems that we thought were monumental. Do not consider repressing your emotions nor pretend that ''everything is going well'' ignoring them is not healing. No one else can understand it better than yourself and, once you look at the problem in retrospect you will reconcile a better solution, if you do not believe me, ask anyone who writes a diary.

Nobody has to read it, not even you are forced to if you don't want to, just don't hold that lump in your throat any longer and let it go. Imagine that your hand has a life of its own and the movement is involuntary, you don't think carefully about what you write, it just happens, it is looking for order in your head.

Doesn't sound so bad, does it? If you are going through a difficult time remember that nothing is forever and I, from this corner, send you lots of light and love.

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Absolutely right! Sometimes, starting writing can also unlock a lot of emotions. it's important to just start, not thinking of the end game...