Masturbation Cool or Not Cool?

in NaturalMedicine •  13 days ago  (edited)

Masturbation is an habit that helps to please humans. Little do we know that this habit that makes us feel could be harmful to the human body though research says it prevent prostrate cancer but it detriment is more than it benefit.

Going into the effect masturbation their are myths that it makes you go blind but it hasn't been proven but it commonly causes psychological effect but is masturbation totally cool or not as a matter of fact it is not cool, many may see it as a normal habit but it not over masturbation can lead to;

  • Groin pain
    This comes in place during excessive masturbation leading to pain of the groin even the penis
  • Loss of memory
    Yes, masturbation can lead to memory loss but not all your memories just secondary memories like were you dropped your keys or forget task
  • psychological damage
    This can lead to low self esteem or inability to perform task, lazy, mood swings etc
  • Bending of the penis
    Over masturbation can lead to bending of the penis
  • Vision deteriorating
    It can also lead to vision loss. It might not happen quickly but you will notice the change in your vision
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