My experience with psychedelic mushrooms



An amazing trip


I recently made a post where I explained that I was going to be micro dosing psilocybin mushrooms and I took one gram of shrooms. This post will detail my experiences and where I stand with psilocybin mushrooms for the future.

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I have been a cannabis user for a while now and I had zero experience with mushrooms, but I had heard that there are some amazing benefits to them and they have been used for treating depression and many other things. This is of course if dosed properly. Everything I had read said that 0.5 grams to 1 gram is considered a micro dose and there really aren't any "trippy" effects from that dose.

One of the things that I noticed from my first dose was that after about an hour or so, I began to feel pretty good and started to smile for no reason. It was a bit weird because I was thinking about stuff and then noticed that I was smiling, which made me smile more because I knew that the smiling and giggling was one of the effects from them.

My wife and daughter were still in the hospital at the time, and I was with my son and his girlfriend. I hung out with them for a few hours during the first part of this experience and it was great. My son and I do not have the closest relationship since I was deployed during a lot of his younger life and as he grew up, we grew a bit apart.

He has been doing a lot of research into the effects of psilocybin mushrooms and he was actually the one that had suggested that I try micro dosing them. It was nice to hang out with him during this experience and connect with him and talk about things because that is a bit out of the norm for us.

I didn't really get any visuals or psychedelic experiences from this dose, but the one thing that I did get was an extreme calm and peacefulness. It is a totally different type of a feeling from using cannabis because I did not get any real "high" from it and I felt perfectly capable of doing anything. I just felt great about being alive and life in general.

Second Trip


A few days later when my wife and daughter got home, I still had some of the mushrooms left and decided to do it again along with my wife. She took 1 gram and I took about 2.5 grams because I wanted to see what everyone was talking about with a psychedelic trip.



Well this experience was a lot different than the first one, that is for sure. About an hour or so after I took them, I was wondering if I was going to feel anything. We were watching a movie and I got up to go to the bathroom and while I was in the bathroom, it was like I was able to control the color temperature of the light and the light began to turn more yellow and warm. It also felt like my body was beginning to stretch and elongate as my head filled with helium and started to lift off. Now I knew I was in for a ride.

I started to get some different trippy visuals, but nothing that was overwhelming. My wife is a lot smaller than I am and she was beginning to experience some slight visuals as well, with colors being very vibrant.

Our son was there with us during the beginning of our trip and was there to answer any questions we had and we all just talked and connected. It was a very nice experience. We turned on some music videos and were just watching the different visuals while we talked. The video above looked so awesome during the trip.

The whole experience was pretty awesome. I didn't get any of the out of body experience or crazy visuals, but I did feel great during and after the whole thing.

I do plan on continuing to use psilocybin mushrooms in small doses. I have contacted the VA about weaning myself off of the medication I am on. I am sick of the different negative side effects that these medications have and I am looking forward to a more natural approach with my life. Pharmaceutical medication has too many side effects and doctors prescribe medication to counteract side effects of other meds and I am sick of it all.

I have been looking at different ways that I could grow my own mushrooms for micro dosing and have found a few different options and it actually looks fairly easy and cheap to do. I have been learning about the different strains of shrooms and the effects each one has and it is pretty awesome.

I am looking forward to continuing my research into the magic mushrooms and the different benefits that can come from their use.


Bravo to you for working towards getting off of your pharmaceutical medications. Psilocybin is a great alternative. I’ve down 3-4 rather large does. Usually ranging from 3.5G-5g. I’ve also microdosed once while I was visiting Puerto Rico by myself a few years ago.

The time in PR was mostly just an adventurous feeling. I was already feeling that way anyways, it just raised the bar a bit higher. I kept expecting more thanks to my other experiences with large dosage, but nothing near those times.

The time I did 5g I was by myself, like I was 2 of the 4 times. It got extremely intense and all I have to say is make sure you are in your own ideal environment if you go that route.

There was one time I did 3.5 with my girlfriend at the time. It got super interesting. It was her first fine and I guess she was expecting it to be a sexual experience, so I had to practically pull her claws from me for the first hour. Once I convinced her that it was about much more than sex, the ride really took off. We shared so many things and even I was shocked although I had done it multiple times previously.

The most unique thing about that trip with her was when at one point her and I accidentally became telepathic with one another. We both were blown away when things we weren’t not saying out loud were being communicated, things we normally wouldn’t have revealed to one another.

To this day I haven’t had an experience that inexplicable.

I think I will have to work up to 5 grams. I am planning on microdosing with 0.5 grams twice a week and then I will probably do a heavier dose once a month or so just to go to outer space or something.

Try them after a 24 hour fast ;). I had 1 gram recently and it was the absolute best trip ever.

beyond true

Nice. I love food too much though to go 24 hours without it.

hahaha it's worth it though ;D

Wow and the best bit is that you could do it as a family that really does give me hope for the world <3 Great re-telling ❤️

Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Hehe, the stories I could tell you while tripping.. not on mushrooms but ACID. It was all long ago in the 90's, bad trips and all..! I miss those times.

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Me too. Those were the days. The good old 90's hey?

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It didn't do my health much good, but I would do it all again given the opportunity to choose!

 2 months ago 

Yeah me too, and more of them and other stuff.... Fun times, those uber naughty days.

Acid is one of those that I want to try at least once. I have heard some awesome stories about it from friends.

It fell out of fashion once Ecstasy arrived. TBH, Ecstasy is much nicer (if it doesn't kill you), has no bad downer and lets you sleep. You may struggle to get it now. Mushrooms I never tried as we could never get any. Once got chased by a farmer trying though... bastard!

Oh mama! Your post is making me want to return to this world! What an amazing drug. In my younger days I took plenty of acid which I never had a bad trip from(but then again at that age you’re pretty care-free). In my early 20’s I lived in Holland and on 2 occasions I decided to buy a bag shrooms. The first experience was amazing, no visuals (I’ve never had any strong visuals from either shrooms or acid) but still everything I expected it to be. The 2nd experience was different... it all started fine but then a song came on the radio(ace of spades by Motörhead) and the drum solo just sent me into a mood which I couldn’t control. Fortunately the guy at the shop told me that if this did happen I should drink something with vit c in it. Man, I chugged that fruit juice like a man returning from the desert! No word of a lie I was back to earth in seconds(or it could have been hours, but it felt like seconds 😂). So, there’s a tip if you plan on upping your dose. Sellotape a carton of juice to one of your hands!

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Nothing worse though when someone forces Vitamin C on you when you don't ACTUALLY want to come down.. .:P

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Yes, that would certainly spoil the party 🤯 Good to know there’s an escape hatch if you need one.

They are a very interesting drug. I am looking forward to continuing my education of mushrooms and their benefits.

Hope it works out for you

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You're not the first HIVE user I know that ended up microdosing shrooms - I wonder if it's a side effect of HIVE, haha? I used to do a lot of them back in the day, but the last time I had (two years ago) I ended up stroking a possum fur for hours just to stay grounded (long story about the possum fur). I do believe microdosing is quite effective for somethings and I hope you can wean off what doesn't serve you!

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Thanks. There seem to be so many benefits to these and I am hoping that it can help me.

This post makes me want to call my guy.
Mushrooms are great! I love how it comes in waves.
I was micro dosing for a stretch last year.
In my opinion, stick with shrooms and forget the lsd.
I think it is really cool how you and your son can connect with this and bond. :)

Ya, acid would be probably just a one time thing anyways just so I can experience it. Mushrooms are a pretty awesome natural medicine as well and I am looking forward to the future with this in it.