The Ashwagandha Plant : Traditional ayurvedic medicine is naturally made from this plant (roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, pulses)

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"Ashwagandha Plant".

Ashwagandha Plant


It is a kind of plant. This plant is a very important plant. Traditional medicine is made naturally from this plant. This medicine is very beneficial for the body and is healthy. Medicines made from this plant are very common in India and have been used for many years.

This plant is known to us here as a local name and is also called, Ashwagandha. However, this plant has a scientific name, Withania somnifera, also known as a botanical name. I have learned that Ayurvedic medicine has been used for many centuries.

This herbaceous plant is a medicinal plant. I have learned that this plant has been given the name Ashwagandha because it smells like horse urine when the leaves of this plant are boiled.

Although this plant has a scientific name, it was called balda and bajikari in Ayurvedic medicine according to the name used many years ago. These names sound a little weird, but there are some names for this plant. This plant is a subject of botany.

The botanical book discusses various aspects of this plant. I have an M.Sc level book and can learn about this plant present in the book. Although I know the plant, I can learn about its benefits, uses, etc. after reading. Medicine is made from the whole part of this horse-scented plant.

This plant can grow up to two and a half cubits tall and branched. The flowers of this plant are very small, green and look like bell-shaped. The plant also bears a kind of fruit and when ripe, the fruit looks a bit red like an orange.

This fragrant plant is more common in our arid regions of India and is also cultivated in those places. What I have learned about the medicinal properties of this horse-scented plant is that the sap of this plant is very strong.

In addition, the roots and leaves of the plant provide quick relief from various neurological diseases. Then another great guna is that if the leaves of the plant are boiled with ghee or milk, then a lot more force is available in the body.

Even if you suffer from insomnia, its medicine is effective. One of the best ways to get a good night's sleep is to eat it with powdered sugar before bed. Moreover, if the root of the plant is eaten in powder, it can also get rid of problems like cold and cough.

Then if there is a problem of pain in the eyes, then horse odor is very useful. Medicines made from this herb are also very effective in treating diseases like chronic bronchitis. When the body is tired, this horse odor removes that feeling of fatigue and brings back the life-giving energy in the body.

Moreover, it is very effective both physically and mentally. Horse odor results in digestion. In addition, the fruit of horse odor is beneficial in stomach pain, flatulence, etc., including liver problems, and is able to cure problems quickly.

Some of the top health benefits of this herbaceous plant are e.g.

1. The plant helps to bring muscle strength and vitality.

2. The plant plays an important role in chronic diseases.

3. The plant plays a major role in reducing the drowsiness and tiredness of the muscles.

4. The plant makes the body's immune system very strong.

5. Helps to keep cholesterol levels in the body correct.

6 . The plant is effective in treating diabetes.

7 . The plant also plays a major role in the problem of high blood pressure.

8 . It is also effective in treating arthritis problems in the body.

9. Then it also helps in weight loss.

10. It is also effective in the case of the liver.

This herb may have several other health benefits, but for now I remember a few.




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